Ideal 2-3 star team for special events

Sooo, I had built a little 3-star team to participate in special events. My idea was have 2 healers, so not a lot of choice there, Hawkmoon (red) and Belith (green). My other slots were filled by Bane (yellow) , Balthazar (purple) and Gunnar (blue) for his damage-spreading ability.

They have faired OK in previous events, but I find my team doesn’t hit hard enough.

Fast forward some pulls later, and I got an Arman ( 3* yellow) and Hisan (3 * green) from the sand empire event, and a Squire Wabbit (3* red) from last easter. I also have an unleveled Brienne (3* green) because I’m told she’s incredible and a Sha-Ji (2* yellow) because he’s the only other healer in that category.

Here’s my question : what’s my ideal team?

Can I possibly replace one of my actual healers (I’m thinking Hawkmoon because she only heals, while Belith debuffs as well) with the 2* yellow Sha-Ji, leaving room for Squire Wabbit? Or should I use my Arman and Hisan, keeping only Hawkmoon as a healer?

Do you guys see any other relevant combination in what I’ve got?

Is there another 3* healer somewhere that I’ve missed?

Thanks for any input :slight_smile:

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No: there only are two 3* healer

You can find some advices here.
Squire Rabbit and Hisan could act well as striker (fast special and high damage)


I will (slowly) level up Hisan and the Wabbit and see if I can get by with only one healer (which I doubt).

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Trust me, you will make it :wink:

For special events, you will want at minimum a different team set up per event and potentially a different team set up per level. There is no single ideal 3* team for events.

First consider the reflect color of the event. Heroes of that color will be severely disadvantaged. Next consider the mob/boss colors for each stage.

For top scores, you won’t want more than one healer (if any). You can use potions for that. You need to kill and fast.

If you are just looking to complete the event, then a solid team where you swap out the reflected color with a color that is strong against that color is sufficient.

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