3 star dream team

Many of these tournaments do not allow anything higher that 3 star heroes. So who is your dream team of maxed out 3 star heroes? In a rainbow I have had the best luck with Bane, Valen, Nashgar, brienne and Balthazar. It helps that they all have different talents for me to max out.

I typically like to use 3-2 teams, not rainbow, so I pick based on the specific defense team, as well as the Special Rule and Color Restriction of each Tournament.

But I’m also closing in on 44 maxed 3* and counting, so I have a lot to choose from. And none have Emblems. So I might change up my teams more than someone else with fewer options or Emblemed 3* might.

When applicable and possible, I usually like having 2 healers, which means one each of Hawkmoon and Belith, or two of one of them depending on color restrictions and usefulness for stacking. I obviously don’t use either in Bloody Battle Raid Tournaments.


Bane, Cochin, Valen or Gato, Berden or Mnesseus and Namahage.


Last 3* tournament I did really well with Bane, Melia, Brienne, Balthazar and Tyrum.

That depends on if we’re talking normal, deadly, or “rush” (very fast mana for all).

Gilra- melina -belith-gato - namage

Chocin-mnessen- hawkmoon- valen-bane

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Gill-Ra, Chochin, Gan Ju, Namahage, Ulmer.

Ulmer, Brienne, Berden, Belith, Namahage.

Bane, Gan Ju, Mnesseus, Friar Tuck, Ulmer.

Valen, Ulmer, Brienne, Berden, Tyrum.

Gill-Ra, Tyrum, Belith, Mnesseus, Brienne.

All the teams I listed are ones that I have had success with, be it in wars, tourneys, or PvE stuff.


No love for Friar Tuck? It seems his mana speed increase would be very useful.

Melia, Belith, Gunnar, Brienne, Ulmer?

They would be an interesting combo in a Rush tourney.


The most fun I had was a team that became Rainbow Muggy. Amazingly the real Muggy didn’t die, just the other 4 heroes did. It worked well.


I still haven’t leveled him, he’s actually next up in my green 3* queue after I finish Carver, who’s currently at 3-8.

He’s likely to see use in Buff Booster, and perhaps Rush Attack.


These raidT made me discover a 3* i had, at first, put on the bench.

She is a beast in any 3* tournament for me.
No matter the rules, she has her left wing spot ready for her and nothing can take her out.
The crit chance coupled with a 3-stack make so much tile damage!


My Melia has that same spot. She is my favourite too.

I had to restart due to lost account, now when the tournament raids have the 1% players on top recieving the top rewards rather than just the 1 single player as it’s been for the other events.

The rewards for reaching top 1% are mad. Rather than saving my emblems I believe it’s an investment to dedicate myself to the 3* tournaments.

The dream team however doesn’t really exist. Because every tournament has one of the 3 different modifiers that completely changes the value of otherwise solid 3* heroes.
Also tournaments completely excludes a random colour each time from participating.

I believe the question is which 3s are the dream heroes to have in possession rather than 3 dream team.

So here’s my opinions of the must have 3*s

To start off with each class most valuable asset.

Sorcerer; Gill-Ra(Purple) = Ailment Cleanse, Attack+Defense reduction.

Barbarian; Nashgar(Red) = Nuke with DoT,.

Druid; Melia(Yellow) = AoE + Massive Buff with crit increase it’s even a Fast Skill.
and Belith(Green) = Heal, Dispel.

Paladin; Tyrum(Purple) = Nuke Dispel
and Gunnar(Blue) = Defense Split Buff

Cleric; Mnessus(Green) = Nuke Dispel
and Kailani(Yellow) = Defense Split Buff

Fighter; Gato(Blue) = Nuke, Ailment Immunity

Ranger; Berden(Green) Nuke, Attack Reduction

Monk; Bane(Yellow) Nuke, Accuracy Reduction

Rogue; Carver (Green) AoE, Mana Reduction.

Wizard; Balthazar (Purple) Nuke.

Equals in colour diversity;
x4 Green
x3 Purple
x3 Yellow
x2 Blue
x1 Red

A rainbow team is rarely useful since you should take advantage of the banned color when you apply your defense team. That’s why dispels, ailment cleanse and defense splits in different colours are lethal to build a solid defense team without being limited and missing out on these vital applications yourself.

Buff bonus - You’d be better of dispelling and nuking rather than stacking attack bonuses that gets dispelled like any other buff.

Very fast skills - You’d be better off with just Gunnar/Kailani/Gil-Ra as slow skill tanks (trying to take advantage the excluded color) rest may aswell be fast skill heroes because most effective ones are fast skill already.

These are my own observations and opinions so keep that in mind.
I think the key in 3* tournaments are the anti ailments heroes, dispellers and defense splits in different colours so that you can focus on color bans in any situation without being limited by them like others may be is the key to garuanteed progress.


Muggy is awesome indeed. Paper thin but awesome.

I use Balthazar a lot and if its a rush tournament either Gunnar or Kailani but thats really as far as my opinions go lol

3* dream team = Every 3* hero maxed, with at least 1 emblem node on all of them.

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That’s great advice. The 3* dream team is having all the 3*'s maxed in your roster and emblemed to have all their class talent applied.

Stripes how did you loose account???

have you tried to go into options, sign out, sign in,then at the bottom use another account and sign in with your lost info. see if old account comes back there, it has worked for me.

I never saved it and during a paranoid episode I destroyed the sim-card, the phone and deleted emails etc so I don’t think there’s any chance to recover it. ;p
Thanks for the advice though

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