Best 3* heros for Raid tournaments, why?

Whether it’s Rush? Buff? Bloody?
Some heros stand out more.

Which heros do you take into each type raid?
Why? Or state something about hero’s abilities.


Thank you for participating.

Kvasir and Grevle. Also Gill-Ra if it’s rush tournament.

Kvasir is the best 3* by overall. He is 3* Bera and is powerful in all Rush, Buff and Bloody. I think he is only hero that is in top list in all tournament rule for both offense and defense.

C.brienne + kvasir/frosty

Gill-Ra :purple_heart: is one of my favorite Rush 3* heros :star:
As long as no purple exclusions like the upcoming tournament which begins tomorrow.

On consideration of healers in 3* Rush.
What’s your viewpoint?
On defense & offense?

Grevie is great!
Kva is too!
3 excellent heros you like :sun_with_face:

In addition to those mentioned I love cRenfeld especially for rush tournaments

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Few threads on the 3*…

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I too nod and applaud Gill-Ra!

Rush w purple

Gill-Ra exceptional Slow
Costumed Reinfeld crushes it Avg
Bjorn :purple_heart: Avg
is always an effective dark HERO BCOZ he hits 2x for a ttl of 550 damage or more dealt damageif he is attacking yellow

After those 3 dark heros, in general utility comes these purple ones
Depending on other heros, & need

Many say these 3 are great too*
Guardian Bat hits up to 3, damage multiplied 50% for each dead hero Avg
Chochin hits up to 3, & reduces mana Avg

Some also like Prisca due to her self heal Avg
Tyrum, hits hard & dispels F
Baltshazzar F Sniper

2 more SLOW DARK good for any 3* Rush tournament consideration w purple heros:

Ad-Wynter, attack ALL hits w HIGH % attack & increases over 3 turns if he or allies are struck in duration as does his dealt damage therefore increases Slow

Oberon who some say is a 3* type of Gravemaker except he is Slow

Bloody battle consideration
Vlad VF :clap::clap:

Edd some like. Avg
Jack saa F

… purple certainly has an army of good 3*s
:purple_heart: :sun_behind_small_cloud:

I think By Ulf is annoying as a tank in rush tourneys because when he goes off once, he’ll never get the status ailments from his boast because his mana is very fast, so he’ll always recharge and heal and give his attack and defense buffs to himself and nearby heroes.

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