Team-building Best Practice (1st post)

THIS!! Keep THIS in mind. When I began I’d be leveling a hero, get what I thought was a better hero so would stop and start leveling, soon I had a useless roster of partially leveled hero’s.

Pick 5 hero’s of each element. Stick with leveling them until they are completed. Even if you pull what you assume may be a better hero.

Disclaimer: If you are leveling Gobbler and pull Caedmon, depending on how far Gobbler is and you ascension material situation, you may seriously consider switching to Caedmon.

But for the most part work on 3-4 solid teams of rainbow 3*, then you can consider moving on to 4*. Whatever you do, do NOT immediately begin working on a 5*. You will waste time, materials, food that would give you 3 fully maxed 4*. So until you have several (I’d suggest 4-5 fully leveled teams of 4*) don’t start those 5*. They will patiently wait in your roster for their time.

Your 3&4* will help you gather the necessary AM’s to level the 5*. Plus the 4* are really the core of E&P, some are very strong and will be with you for a very long time, like Rigard, BoldTusk, Kiril, Proteus, Wilbur, etc

Good Luck on your quest for power!! May RNGesus smile upon you!!


Okay so there’s 3 of us now! I figure we can use the information here and pass it along to our other teammates. Also, we can recruit from here to replace some of the dead weight out of our alliance. :space_invader: @YCT @BAD

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@Rohn & @PapaHeavy is this better?

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Yeah great idea! Many people in the alliance don’t do anything. I am not sure if they are playing the game anymore.

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So can anyone help me with team building too?
I am on lvl 24 and I am not sure whom to level up first for the main team

A great start on Rainbow teams, although there are 3* heros that you keep and then there is 3* fast food. Some great info on the forum


That’s my team 4 and 5

I’m going to draft up a couple recruitment posts to run by y’all and then we can see who turns up. Also, I’m going to start recruiting on the game forum here in a few days. I’ll run the messages by y’all before I post anything public though. @BAD @YCT

@DrCasey, work on your 3* 1st. You have several good ones, Bane, Hawkmoon, Valen, Nashgar, Balthazar, Gunnar, Bergen, Gan Ju, I’m gonna regret saying this but even Friar Tuck since you are light on Healers. So you are about a Quarter of the way there.
Finish Gunnar and Bane, make Hawkmoon a priority unless you have the Ascension Materials (AM’s) to max BT ( one of the Top 4* in the game). Carver is close and could be of use in war so finish him. I’m not a fan of Prisca and would honestly take your 2nd Balthazar over her. She’ll just smack your hand with a ruler and tell you that you’re “BAD”
But for a Stronghold defense team maybe consider
Hawkmoon, Valen, Bane, Balthazar, Bergen.

I also highly recommend your alliance read this. It explains elemental damage and what elements are weak/Strong against what elements.


@YCT, as tempting as it is let Magni alone. He will be quite happy at 1/1 while you get the ground under your feet. This game is a LONG walk as opposed to walking up the drive to get the mail.

Now with that out of the way. You will need to work on your 3* but have already progressed some of your 4* to near max. Kash is a great Tank or Flank, BT is going to be your healer of choice for just about everything for now.

Work on Gunnar and Ulmer, you need some ice hero’s and Magni will take you forever. I hate saying this but finish Li and Scarlett if you are able. They are extremely solid 4* hero’s. Also Muggy and Namahage will serve you VERY well as 3* hero’s. Here I can probably say that Melendor is much better than Friar but depending on your AM’s you may want to max Friar for the time being.

3* can be maxed with all farmable ascension materials while 4/5* cannot. 5* right now will just slow your progression to a crawl. Nice looking roster BTW, took me forever to get more than 1-4* hero.

So for a Defense why not Ulmer, BT, Kash, Bane, Oberon.

Not the best positioning but it should be pretty sturdy for your level. You’ve had some lucky summons.

Seriously LEAVE MAGNI BE, you will only waste time, food and materials that could have leveled 3-4* or a whole slew of 3* (yes I’m not doing any math it’s New Years Day and I’m still looking for my right leg)

Good Luck and please stop by and let us know how your progress goes.

Also I’m sure others will show up, take their advice, chances are they are much smarter than I

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Also @DrCasey, @YCT and @BAD if your search for additional alliance members turns out to be in vain. Take a look at some of the teaching alliances. There’s a pretty terrible on, Voidbringers, that I may or may not be the leader of. Feel free to stop in if you ever need any help. The doors alway open…but it may cost you your soul

P.S We do give your soul back, rather grudgingly, possibly slightly gnawed on, but you DO get it back.

Thanks a lot for your help. I will follow your advice

Btw these are rest of my heroes Should I lvl up any one these?

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Do you take part in 3* tournaments?

Kailani, Hawkmoon, Belith, Tyrium, Brienne – any of those would be useful.

Kailani is a yellow Gunnar for when he’s not available.
Brienne as attack booster shines in tournaments (especially buff booster).

Hawkmoon and Belith will also come in handy as 3* healers for wars.


Oh yes @YCT, Belith, Brienne, Kailani, Ulmer, Hawkmoon and Tyrum. Not in any specific order but I’d suggest Belith and a Hawkmoon 1st as healers are important.

Or what @nevarmaor said. Sorry bro didn’t see your response before throwing out all that verbal vomit


@PapaHeavy and @nevarmaor thnx a lot!


Great minds and all that …

Besides I kinda butted in there when you were the one who was asked :rofl:

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You normally give better more concise information than I. Plus you don’t start discussing the values of napalm in the middle of hero talk either :+1:

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I believe napalm is a Puzzle Combat special …

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Btw @DrCasey and @BAD I won’t be playing the game sometime bcos I have accidentally deleted the game and forgot to connect to game centre. So I am having a tough time recovering the account. I have no idea what to do? I have the account ID. If anyone has any idea about how to recover the account please let me know.

Have you contacted the chatbot on here? Let it know what happened.

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