Best 3* heroes?

What about Melia?

I think she’s good…fast mana adds crit to team and AOE hitter? She’s the only FAST 3 star that hits everyone and considering every other color has a fast 3* sniper (Balthazar/Tyrum, Bane, Valen/Gato, Mnesseus/Berden, Namahage/Nashgar) do y’all think having 2 snipers/ one AOE hitter that are all fast mana, healer, attack boost, defense debuff, crit and dispeller possibly?

Of course there’s also Ulmer and Janghir that hit everyone but their mana is slow, so instead of Bane where you could easily add 2 snipers in another color why not her?

So maybe Hawkmoon/Brienne/Melia/Valen/Tyrum or Balthazar (Bal higher att but Tyrum has dispeller), or Belith/Valen/Melia/Bal (since Belith has dispell)/Nashgar or Namahage?

So I can’t seem to find this anywhere else. There is lots of information on 4 and 5 stars. Are there any reviews on the 3 star Atlantis heroes and the challenge 3 star heroes. How do they compare to your classic heroes. Gato vs valen, Melia vs bane, namahage vs nashgar, Berden vs Mnesseus, and gill ra vs Balthazar. What about squire rabbit, Hussain, Rudolph. What are your thoughts on the ranking order


I like both of the blue 3*s and have 2 of each leveled up. In terms of damage Gato is better than Valen, but in terms of status effects I like Valen’s fast defense down more. Their synergy is great in a blue stack; Valen -> Gato fired in that order KOs pretty much any enemy in the rarity, and heavily damages bosses of Rare challenge events.

Melia is awesome for her tile damage and crit boost, but she’s mostly a support hero in that sense to me. Bane’s special skill damage and blindness is much better to have. I still use both myself in a yellow stack.

Mnesseus and Berden are both interchangeable. I use 2 of each in a mono green stack with Brienne supporting them. Mnesseus has slightly higher tile damage, while Berden has slightly higher skill damage. Hisan has slightly lower skill damage but he has much better tile damage than the other two, so overall I think he’s the best one of them.

Namahage is easily better than Nashgar, there’s no contest there. Higher attack stat, harder hitting skill, and self-attack boost that becomes very destructive quickly. Sq. Wabbit is on par with Namahage IMO – harder hitting skill without attack boost – while Rudolph is slightly worse than those two, as his skill isn’t as damaging as Namahage’s or Sq. Wabbit’s.

Gill-Ra is purely support, so comparing her to Balthazar isn’t really productive. She’s valuable to have since she’s the only 3* cleanser, and her defense down is great in a purple stack for the Teltoc challenge event. But just having 1 of her is enough imo, whereas duplicates of Balthazar are good to have. You didn’t mention him, but I think Chochin is good too as he’s the only average speed purple hero that hits three for fairly decent damage, along with lowering mana generation. That again synergizes well with Gill-Ra, and can be particularly useful in challenge events against three bosses.


I think this is the best 3* guy at the moment,no one can beat him


He’s looking like a great support hero for red stacks, and is arguably the strongest 3* tank currently :slight_smile: for raid tourneys players who have him are not going to regret maxing him


Wow thanks for the awesome reply. Very detailed. I want to start doing well in the 3* challenge events (I’m F2P) and placed 660 in Avalon Rare. So want to find the best team to try and sneak into the top 500 (maybe 100 one day). I think I will add more emblems to my 3* heroes but only the important ones that will make a difference.


Minimizing the amount of moves you make is the best way to get a high score in challenge events. It’s all about color stacking the strong color against the minions, and farming the best possible board. Then using battle items and special skills to get the best possible score from there.

So having the right heroes definitely helps for challenge events in the sense that their special skills cut down the amount of moves you make, and also in the sense of tile damage helping you clear enemy waves when you get that nice board.

Totally doable, though it requires heavy stock of battle items; I went in with 300 arrows, 200 axes, and ran out of them all by the time I placed in Avalon.

Competition up there gets very fierce but it’s fun to compete.


Time to bump this topic. For the Wonderland tournament most of the top people would have a mono blue team. I see most people prefer Gato (high attack and quick special). In the later levels who do you think would be more worthwhile having Costume Gunnar to reduce defense or Ulmer. And probably 4 Gato’s if you have them. So the question is, who is the better option Ulmer or Costume Gunnar?

Quick correction: It will be Pirates of Corellia.

Costumed Gunnar brings a great solution to the lone survivor monster on the corner. But bring Ulmer as well. fire Gunnar first and Ulmer packs the biggest punch of all after that def down.

My team will be Ulmer / Gato / Gunnar-C / Gato / Karil


Costume gunnar, without a doubt.

In the future, it will be costume gunnar, Gato, Gato, Gato, Nordri* (an absolute MUST), and this team will wipe the floor with all other teams, except avalon.

footnote: It might also potentially end up being costume gunnar, Nordri, Nordri, Nordri, Nordri. Not sure which.


Gunnar costume damage share & -44% defense > Ulmer -34% defense

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Thanks Dave. Next question, I have Friar Tuck maxed. Is there absolutely any use for him now that I have a deep bench everywhere. Is he good for any type of tournament at all? I’m not the sentimental type so if he has no use, I’m feeding him away

Same here. Was one of my first maxed 3*s now he’s kinda gathering dust.

I guess I’ll use him for some events, especially because Hawkmoon is my only other 3* healer but as soon as I get Belith again I don’t think I ever pick him up again. Maybe for very fast tournaments as with his mana boost heroes will be almost permanently charged.

In my opinion.

Reds :fire:

Costumed Hawkmoon
Squire rabbit

Blue :snowflake:

Costumed Gunnar

Green :leaves:

Brienne with and without costume

Purple :skull:


Yellow :sun_with_face::



Tuck is an okay support hero for buff booster and rush attack – for the latter, his mana boost is the only thing that can make heroes charge in 6 tiles (due to a lack of mana troops allowed in this rarity)

That’s pretty much it though.

Any updates on this with regard to the new Season III heroes?

Kvasir is really good as far as 3* Valhalla heroes. As is Bjorn. I have both maxed with a few emblems. I also use Gato, Melia, and Mnesseus. All seem to be good choices.

As far as S1 heroes, Bane, Nashgar, Brienne, Belith are my favorites. with Isshtaks costume making him a 3* pulverizer like Grimm et all, I will use him more.


I love the new version of Issh.


Agree. I have him at +20. Damage isnt amazing, but the defense down is!


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