Best rainbow 3* tournament team?

What would you say is the best 3* rainbow attack and/or defense team is for each of the special rules in the raid tournaments? If you could choose from every 3* hero in the game

For the current very fast rule set I would think

Ulmer Carver Kailani Hawkmoon Oberon

You could sub Jahangir for Hawkmoon for even more damage, but I like having a healer


For no healing wars

Bane Balthazar Gunnar Carver Nashgar


For buff wars maybe

Melia Belith Gunnar Namahage Tyrum

Just my ideas, I reckon those defenses would be very nasty in each of those environments

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Based on this tournament, I’m feeding all my 3*s … So none are good :upside_down_face:

Gunnar doesn’t stand a chance against the fast 3 * heroes. Emblem is an exception though.

Gato or Valen, Balthazar or Chochin, Bane, Belith and Namahage or Nashgar / Azar

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Agreed, Gunnar would really only be helpful on a defense team and that would depend on the make up of attacking team.

My guess (and team i used for defense) was Ulmer, Belith, Kaliani (tankier than Gunnar IMO), Tyrum, and Jahngir. Healer, 2 dispellers, and spirit link.

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So to clarify. Was meaning defense teams above. My ascended 3s aren’t that deep but on attack I wouldn’t use rainbow, and I always select based on what I’m facing, with at least two on the tank where viable.

To me if you are not choosing your attackers based on defenders in raids, wars or tourneys, you are making a mistake

And Gunnar was very handy on attack to keep team alive. Often in my raids for this tourney I was using Gunnar Hawkmoon and three hitters, and I made it through with only three losses, which is good when I don’t put emblems on 3 stars and was facing quite a few emblemed heroes

I use Hawkmoon - Belith - Gill-Ra - Bane - Ulmer. Would have to like Gato instead, but he’s on the bench at 1/1 waiting for a chance, and same with Valen.

Gill-Ra seems to be an upper hand in this tournament, as the 3 times I lost were when I did color stack without bringing her