Who would you level for 3-star heroes

Gato & Squire Rabbit

fire Gato 1st before SR then he wont be affected by his def down :slight_smile:

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I have the following 3* maxed:

Belith, Berden, Brienne, Mnesseus, Hisan
Bane, Melia, Kailani, Gan Ju, Arman
Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin, Gill ra, and a second Balthazar
Nashgar, Hawkmoon, Azar, Namahage, Rudolph, Wabbit, and Jahangir
Valen, Gunnar, Ulmer, Gato, and another Gato.


Red: Hawkmoon and Nashgar
Blue: Valen and Ulmer
Green: Belith and Brienne
Yellow: Bane and Melia
Purple: Tyrum and Balthazar


Y: Melia and Bane
D: Tyrum and Chochin
B: Gato and Valen
R: Hawkmoon and Azar
G: Belith and Brienne

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All Atlantis 3stars + Bane, Belith, Hawkmoon, Balthasar and the Wabbit.

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this thread could be helpful: Best 3* heroes?

it really depends on who else you have… I would personally make two “rainbow” teams of heroes though.

  • Red: Hawkmoon (because there are few good healers among 3*s), Namahage (fast and skill greatly increases attack). Nashgar, Azar and Jahangir are also decent.
  • Yellow: Bane (one of the best 3* because fast/good skill), Melia (Fast, hits all, skill helps with tile damage). Gan Ju and Kailani are solid choices depending on situation.
  • Green: Belith (heal + dispel, like mini Melendor or Sabina); Mnesseus (one of the best 3* because fast/good skill) OR Brienne (great, unique skill that’s great for offense). Berden is also good.
  • Blue: Valen (one of the best 3* because fast/good skill). Gunnar for defense, Ulmer for offense. Have not tried Gato but seems OK.
  • Purple: Balthazar (one of the best 3* because fast/good skill), Chochin (also a great skill). Gill-Ra or Tyrum are also good choices.

I have all of them but all unleveled.

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Who are you going with @AirHawk?

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A rainbow team of Belith, Azar, Bane, Chochin and Gato


Still undecided. Will decide once I see more suggestions.

I think Chochin is a must. A mana control to target and nearby enemies is good.
With him around, probably can replace Azar with Namahage.

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Rudolph - Square Wabbit
Belith - Hissan
Valen - Gato
Bane - Melia
Balthazar - Tyrum

Personally, I will level every unique 3*.

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Good thread!!

I am currently in the process of selecting a few 3* to level. Am having a bit of problem in Rare Challenge due to the lack of 3* heroes to level.

This thread tremendously helped me made my decision.

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I have so many it’s tempting to feed some of them to make space for 4s and 5s but then a 3 star tournament comes along and I can make a team to take down any opponent. This must be what it’s like for the whales who have 30 or more fully leveled 5 stars. I get to be a whale for 5 days which is nice. Having said that I’ve still never made it to day 5 in a raid tournament.
I have tons of dupes (Bane, Balthazar, Berden and Namahage) for challenge events too but haven’t managed better than 500th in rare as I don’t spend so can’t take flask after flask.


Old topic but here’s my 2 choices for each color:

  • Balthazar + Chochin
  • Melia + Bane
  • Valen + Gato
  • Brienne + Mnesseus
  • Namahage + Hawkmoon

Of course there’s also the seasonal ones like Sq. Wabbit and Hisan, ditto the event ones – but those are hard to get.

My above picks give 1 dispeller, 1 healer, 1 defense dropper, 1 attack buffer, 1 crit boost. And damage.

Personally though I level one of each 3* I get. Duplicates of the strongest snipers too for challenge events. Multiple 3*s of each color means I can stack in raid tournaments – very helpful in taking out the emblemed Bauchan, Gunnar, Gill-Ra, Arman and Shrubear, all very powerful tanks for this rarity.


Kinda actual though because of the costumes.

I would like to level all heroes that have costume: Gunnar, Brienne, Bane, Tyrum and Hawkmoon. Hawkmoon’s alt in particular makes her so much more useful, and Brienne’s turns her into poor man’s Athena, which is useful in events. From other S1 it would be Belith (healer and dispeller), Balthazar and Azar. Ulmer/Jahangir for very fast tournaments like the one that is currently running. From S2, it would be Melia, Mnesseus, Muggy, Chochin, Namahage and Gato. Also anyone from events such as Rudolph now.

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This is my 3* Bench

I accidentally cut off my costumed Gunnar not sure if I will keep the second.

Same with Brienne. Im not sure if I am going to keep both.

Nashgar will get eaten as soon as I level another Rabbit or if I get another Rudolph.

I also have Vlad, but I never use him (he is broken IMO). If you dont see a 3* in my list, I dont think they are worth it.


Default Defense: Mel, Bri, Gunnar, Num, Balt

  • Color Ban: Add second Balt
  • Rule Change: Speed - Jah for Num.

Offense: Mono Red VS All. Jah, 2x Sniper (Rudolph, Bunny or Num), 2x Hawkmoon (1 new and 1 old Skin

^^ 1% x All

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Here are my 3 star roster:

Reds: Baucham (tank, if blue is prohibited) and choices of Namahage (I have 2), Rudolph (I have 3), and Squire Wabbit (I have 3), plus Zahangir (I have 1, very useful for rush attack) and Hawkmoon (I have 1 and waiting to get her costume for the added effect).

Blues: Vodnik (tank, if green is prohibited) and choices of Gato (I have 4 maxed) and Valen (I have none as Gato is more powerful), plus Ulmer and Gunner (I have 1 each, very useful for rush events).

Greens: Shrubbear (tank, if red is prohibited) and choices of Hisan (I have 3 maxed), Mnesseus, Muggy and Berden (I believe Hisan is the strongest). Support may include Belith and Brienne.

Purples: Prisca or Tyrum (tank, if yellow is prohibited) and choices of Balthazars (I have 2 maxed). I also have 2 maxed Vlads and a Gill-Ra.

Yellows: Kailani (tank, if purple is prohibited and amazing during rush attack) and Bane (I have 2 maxed) and Arman (2 maxed) and Melia (1 maxed).

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Melia and Bane for Holy.
Brienne and Mnesseus for Nature.
Gill-Ra and Chochin for Dark (with Tyrum coming in a close third).
Gato and Ulmer for Blue.
Rudolph and Namahage for Red.

@JonahTheBard Mnesseus is awesome at +20. I went the attack route.


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