Wu what' the point?

@Wolf9, I initially had the same thought as you but I leveled him to max. He’s a staple on my Titan team, I use mana pots to power him up right at the beginning, yes some will miss but the cascade crew hits for +185% of their normal damage.
Stick with him, just keep in mind he is squishy so put him in a corner, use a healer (or 2) and bring mana pots to charge him up. You will see how powerful he really is in a short time. You’ll also notice your Titan scores increase exponentially.
Good Luck my Friend!! Trust in WU!!


Hello,another Wu failure
New titan, 2 set of tiles ready to go, load Wu with 2 manas, fired, tiles 5 misses!
Can’t really like those odds.
Disappointed again

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Noob question: does the placement of heroes whilst facing a titan matter? Does the middle one protect the flanks, and the flanks protect the wings in an overlapping manner?

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I don’t believe it matter much, titans tend to hit every body, but they do have lighter single attacks to.
I still set up the team the same just in case.
Have fun.

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Like @Wolf9 said, with Titans it may not matter but it’s good to get in the habit of protecting Wu.
Titans will Target Wu on occasion and totally ignore him also.
It’s always better to stick your Weaker heroes to the sides so I just roll with it fighting titans too.
Funnily enough I just was fighting a Titan that pretty much ignored Wu for the 1st 2 rounds then took him out in 3 shots immediately on the 3rd.

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Trust me @Wolf9, he’s 100% worth those occasional misses, remember everything doesn’t miss. You’ll fire him up one day and get an awesome cascade and net yourself a solid 50k Titan run and understand.
It took me awhile too. I kept putting him in, and taking him out. Once I got him to his 4th ascension he’s slightly tougher so you get his special an extra time or three. Titans don’t really like him at all :wink:


Ok, now it’s stuck in my head too!! :joy:


For normal titans no. They are attack all special skills.

Some rare titans have special skill, effect mana generation, target and nearby. So placing heroes in the corner protects them from RNG ( see notes ). Spreading out important heroes keeps all from being effected by the target and nearby reduced mana generation ( see notes ).

I use the same placement for normal titans so I do not forget when facing rare titans.

Usually more important in raids or against Season 2 Bosses.


Click for notes



Thank you @Gryphonknight!! Muchly appreciated.

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As @Gryphonknight said, no. That said, you may find it convenient to line them up in order so that, if they all charged at the same time, you’d want to fire them from left to right.

A common lineup would be something like: buffer goes first, then elemental defense down, then defense down, then big hitter.

Wu Kong: you can decide where Wu goes - before or after the specials. I prefer to stash him at the far right. That way he goes after any specials (which I do NOT want to miss as their primary value lies in their effect), but before any tile attacks (which is what I want the Wu buff for).


What’s Wu Whut’s Wo?

Wu’s the titan damage maximizer, if you don’t have Ranvir or the mighty Tarlak.

He’s on every titan team far right. Wilbur goes left. The three free slots in the middle will be filled by a strong stack against the titans element.

  5. WU

Sometimes Wu will also pump my yellow stack, especially when I’m dependent on tile damage attacking with a highly defensive team.


Nothing but love here but I’m surprised how much effort has gone into this, I thought the math from @Finmirage and link from @FraVit93 in the beginning would’ve put this one to bed. Wu is a very interesting social experiment to highlight how people only notice the misses but never notice the average damage improvement, anybody writing their dissertation on this??

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todays war:

my mono yellow 3000 (w/o healer) vs 3800 emblemed Aeron tank

quiet good board, at the end Wu + Hua Tao vs Colen and Skittle, both almost ready to fire, Gambler Stance lanuched, there is the chance to kill Skittle with one tile, bum! yes ! didnt miss, Skittle dead :sweat_smile:,
then Hua Tao active, last shot against Colen :grimacing:, bummm YES :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:, Colen is dead, battle won

after that, some chillout with Dark Lord, the same team, yellow diamond (cross formation) directly into weak spot, buuum!, 4 misses :rofl:

this is Wu, love him or hate him

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Wolf I usually fire Wu’s skill last when I can, before other special skills. That means any skills that lower titan defense will not miss for sure. It’s given me more damage on average; missed skills are the usual problem imo, missed tiles are whatever :smiley:

I try to hit the weak point with “hero missing” tiles, since they won’t miss. Best case scenario I try to make a combo with the strong color boosted by WU and the other colors not boosted so that the titan can get stunned and damaged.


Actually a substantial percentage of humanity is incapable of understanding propability mathematics. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but its a proven fact. I think its safe to assume a lot of ppl with this particular incapacity are playing this game as well.

I made the mistake only once, by accident, was a miss, still im not impressed so far.
I did do some experiments, setting, combo, diamonds, only to see them fizzled.
Did it on monster runs, easy levels, on titans, no matters, still 5 misses out of 6 tiles, 2 out of 3, rarely do i see no misses, or only 1 out of 3, on cascades all i see is 6,7 missed, can’t tell how many connected
Only once did i break my records so far, out of 4 titans. My average, recently without Wu run in the mid to upper 30’s on 3 flags, with 4* partially ascended (in the 3s), their specials are maxed in general, sometime some 3*'s maxed.
Still I’ll keep at it until i decide if he is wothy, for me, or not. Right now not so much.
Sorry, but that is what im dealing with.
I’ll be the first one to praise him if he ever get more on target, i do expect misses, but not 60 to 80%.
Have fun.

Wu never misses more than he wants, and never misses less than he wants. Wu misses precisely as much as he wants.


Are you suggesting that in my case, i may as well feed him to Aife? Lol :laughing:
Maybe this Wu is blind?
Have fun

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Do not try and bend the Wu. That’s impossible. Instead, only realize the truth… THERE IS NO WU .


I think this post is in the wrong place. There is a thread titled “Unpopular opinions”, I believe it belongs there. Here is the link:

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