Is Wu Kong worth it?

I was gonna use Wu Kong to build up another hero but I was told he was one to build up. Is he really worth building up?

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Yes. Yes. 20 characters of Yes. He’s trans-formative for titan damage


Wu Kong, a Hero that gives +attack, one that lowers target Defence, and two or three of the strong element, and your tiles will be hitting for 2k+ each hit.

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Disclaimer: Be ready to yell at him in rage when he causes you a match or you miss when you really needed him the most…And it WILL happen…Having said that. He still the backbone of some of the best teams out there and 100% one of the most valuable heroes. Period. —End of Disclaimer–:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll reference an old proverb written by @Dante2377:



I believe I have fed him to heros a while back before I joined the forum. Guess that was a bad idea. But hey you live and you learn.

The vexing position Wu has put me in is what to do with three untouched WuKong cards when I have one at 3^60.

To feed or not to feed blah blah blah. Just tell me what to do Horatio.

Sorry for jacking, but felt right

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Wu Kong is one of the better heroes.

And don’t feed 4 :star: heroes unless you have a better copy of it, it isnt worth to become cattle.
You can even work on unmaxed teams for Alliance Wars with them.

When I first got Wu my finger was hovering over the ‘consume’ button… thinking ‘what’s the point if you’re going to miss all the time’?

Glad I didn’t… he made a good difference to my average Titan scores. I tend not to use him on Raid Attack or Maps - he has this habit of letting you down when you REALLY need that special to land. But Titan damage is more about Tiles than specials, so he’s a great fit there. (Oh and a major annoyance on middle-level (1800 to 2600 cup) Raid defence teams.

Also, Wu is just fun. He will fail you at times, but at other times you get a cascade that simply wipes away the other side like snow on a Sahara dune.

To do some maths: the average attack goes from 100% to 285% * (1 - 32%) = 194%. Yes, it always seems that those special attacks fail, but you’re roughly doubling your damage done. That’s huge.

I just did 82k and 90k damage on an 8* purple titan without using any battle items. Those kind of numbers are really only possible with Wukong. His real benefit is tripling up with the color the titan is weak against since he works best with tile damage and the tile damage stacks.

No need to feed 4* heroes unless you have like 50 of them and you have more than 3 copies of the one you are feeding. But some 4* are just so useful that i wouldn’t mind having 6 of them and Wu Kong is one of them.

Wu is on my List of Heroes I’ll Someday Have, I totally didn’t like him at first but that’s just bc I misunderstood his special.

But he is greeeeaaaaat and if Im not mistaken some other +attack specials stack with his (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a yt vid with Wu Kong’s & Brienne’s specials going at the same time).

Gamblers Stance stacks with anything—it’s its own thing.

One word: AW teams.

Okay that’s actually three but at least the forum won’t nag me about 20 characters now, right?

Well, honestly I HATE Wu Kong … he is from my point of view only usable against Titans … if one of my opponent has it in his team I let Wu Kong live as long as possible, high chance that Wu Kong will make his best attackers useless against me :blush:

When wu hits, he hits, but you can can bust out a diamond and miss everyone

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Haha yes, the amount of times he has screwed me over, I hate him.
However, with that said, I used him for a fair good amount of floors in this recent Ninja Tower, and he did really good, albeit, he did what he typically does, and missed important tiles (And I mean, literally missed 5 or 6 tiles that would have otherwise killed a ninja, but instead it just made the ninja angry and wiped my team out, so I had to use Miracle Scrolls on about 5 or 6 floors lol)

Luckily I have Miki and ratatoskr so don’t need Wu Kong on titans.

Been using wu on titans forever. Recently, like last week or so, more than ever, the dude is screwing me over. I mean like 80% miss rates regularly

Last Titan hit, 4-1 red and wu. Horrible board. So few red tiles, never filled mana other than wu

I know I’m going to be told it’s RNGesus, but last week or so, Titan boards have been horrible and/or wu screwing me over. If it was mixed bag, I’d get it but practically every Titan hit has been dreadful. It’s not just me either. We had a rare Titan and saw terrible boards consistently as an alliance. That’s hard to believe random.

Best thing I ever did for titans was feed my leveled wu Kong to Miki.