Flanks for Boss Wolf

As the title says, flanks for boss wolf? I dont have Guin or any of the awsome hotm’s for boss wolf but I do have Gadeirus and just got leonidas from a single epic hero token. I like h leonidas stats and think he would make a great flank, so here is what I’m thinking? Master lepus, Gadeirus, boss wolf, leonidas, Kiril. Any thoughts? Let me add that I have wu Kong at 3/60 but now that I have leonidas, I’ll just put wu kong aside for now. Wu Kong’s special seems nerfed a bit to me since only 30% of my attacks actually hit when it should be 70% hit and 30% miss and no I will not do 100 battles to test it. That makes no sense. Each battle should be separate at 70% success and 30$ miss. Sorry I went off subject. Any ways leonidas as a flank? Any thoughts?

You want to replace a 3/60 Wu Kong with an unleveled Leo? Wu is one of the best in the game and Leo is just ok, and that’s if he’s maxed out. And Kiril shouldn’t be on the wings. Your team will be dead before he can charge his special to heal. Kiril should be one of the flank heroes.

Thanks. I would not put Leo til he is fully leveled. I’m asking for the future when he is at 4/80? As for Wu I’d say out of 50 battles I’ve lost a solid 38+ battles! Not even kidding! Wu has been less than average. I have him on 2 accounts and on both he is pathetic at best!

Nah literally everybody worth their salt thinks Wu is incredible. Even top 100 players with every 5* fully maxed out uses Wu against titans and especially in events. You can’t even hope to compete in an event and place well if you aren’t using Wu. Yes some of your attacks will miss but it doesn’t even matter because of how hard your attacks hit when they connect. Wu has won me so many raids against teams I had no business trying to raid in the first place. I’ve beaten maxed out 5* teams with my maxed out 4* team solely because of Wu. He’s literally one of the best in the game. And on defense your team gets a flat +20% attack bonus. Add WuKong, maybe boldtusk or Kiril, everything stacks and then your NORMAL attacks are hitting for 700 or higher. That’s better than the snipers like Sonya, Caedmon etc. And if you had a debuffer as well, lower your opponents defense with tiburtus or Grimm etc, it’s insane. 100% you should max out Wu Kong before leonidas.


I also really enjoy the interaction when I’m up against a Justice tank and he blinds my team for 35%. I don’t even care, I was gonna blind myself anyways for 32%. At that point it’s a 3% buff xD

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Lol I get it. Wu kong is now at 4/1 but I have enoight mats for Leo too. I’ll max both out. Guess I’ll experiment a little more with wu. Yes he’s good with titan battles but so far he hasn’t hit the mark for me. I’ll experiment more and see. Thanks.

Just to add my 5* that are currently benched are elana, Thorne, elkanen and quintus. You can see why I asked about flanks!? I have all the worst 5*'s possible. Sometimes i think about just feeding them lol.

Hey @FullMetal2
I figured I should help you out through your frustrations with Boss Wolf. I had mentioned something very important in the other thread.

The surprising and frustrating fact many of us have to face is the illusion that a 5* is stronger than a 4* of “equal” level. Your level 3^70 Boss Wolf is weaker than a 4^70 Gadeirus stat wise. So until you can bring a 5* into the last expensive ascension- Use a 4* team, they are more effective.

Also, the blind doesn’t work like this. They are under separate effects, you are getting double-blinded. I don’t know how SG works out that math but your miss rate will be through the roof.

I just finished a raid. My team on revenge raid, sabrina maxed, master lepus 3/70, boss wolf 3/70, kiril maxed and Grimm maxed. Other team on defense gregorian maxed, scarlett maxed, aeron maxed, wu kong maxed and melandor maxed. It was the longest raid revenge I ever had both teams down to last 3 standing. Gregorian, aeron and melandor vs my 3 sabrina, boss wolf and kiril. Boss wolf at 3/70 would not go down. Last almost 4 minutes. Game system had to up the damage to 300% to a victor and I won! Board was a little in my favor but I had no snipers left. I was able to win stacking tiles with the extra damage percentage. I can understand 5* heros not effective if not at 4/80 but boss wolf at 3/70 stood his ground solid!

I flanked Boss Wolf with Guardian Owl and Alasie.

There were 2 defensive records yesterday.

There were heavy losses too of course but this is quite something.


Wu is not that great for defense. They AI will play him just about as stupidly as he can be played.


nice i have 1 teammate that is absolutely convinced boss wolf is a viable tank if he hwas the right pieces behind him. and even with my strong arguments to convince him otherwise, he maxed him anyways. it keeps him at over 2500 cups and worked well in last 2 wars as a tank


If I ever get the mats, I might try one of the following.


Guin - BW - Guin will give you a lot of meat shield, but lacks offensive hits. The longer the fight, the more advantage your enemy got if they got healer(s).

I would stack Blues for these line-ups.

You’d probably need two heroes with 800+ hit at the corners. So far there are only Elena, Tarlak (which I use), and Lady Locke. I use crit troops for critical chance.

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This is my defense



this is his. currently at 2503 cups


I am very happy I have boss wolf. I will flank him with Azlar and Natalya and see what happens. B 4 any one says it, I know he is slow mana but I have a feeling it will work out.

I’d suggest mixing the colours on either side (unless you went double yellows) as a strategy. I always scan the flanks to arrange my strike force and if I saw two reds then I’d be feeding you blues to make a huge gap down the centre.

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I see your point.
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