[Guide, Wiki, Tactics] Placement of heroes when attacking - titans, bosses, raids, Jabberwocky, Gato

[Guide, Wiki, Tactics] Placement of heroes when attacking - titans, bosses, raids, Jabberwocky, Gato

Normal titans






For normal titans no. They are attack all special skills.

Rare titans

Some rare titans have special skill, effect mana generation, target and nearby. So placing heroes in the corner protects them from RNG ( see notes ). Spreading out important heroes keeps all from being effected by the target and nearby reduced mana generation ( see notes ).

I use the same placement for normal titans so I do not forget when facing rare titans.

Raids and Bosses

Usually attacking hero team placement is more important in

  • raids / tourney / war

  • triple bosses ( Class quests, Challenge events, Masquerade quest, Seasonal events )

  • Season 2 Bosses.

See notes for tips.


Jabberwocky boss for Wonderland attacks edge heroes. In this case putting your toughest attacking heroes in the corner may help.

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Rare tier Jabberwocky

For rare tier Jabberwocky, one tactic is to place a blue 3* Gato in each of the attacking flanks to prevent Jabberwocky’s non dispellable poison.

Rare Tourney Gato

Blue 3* Gato is useful in Rare Tourneys.

If attacking a defense team with many special skills debuffs ( accuracy debuff, mana debuff, defense debuff, etc. ) place your two most important heroes on either side of blue 3* Gato for best results.

Rare Tourney 2x Gato

Sometimes you will use two blue 3* Gato in a tourney. Placing your two Gato as flanks on your attacking team can help protect all your heroes.

You must balance using two Gato’s protection from enemy debuffs versus using your defense debuff heroes ( Valen, Ulmer ) and your ally buff heroes ( Gunnar ).

Defense debuff heroes ( Valen, Ulmer ) are useful when attacking stronger teams, but not as helpful if enemy Ulmer has fired during a Rush Attack tourney.

Ally defense buff heroes ( Gunnar ) during a Rush Attack tourney can overwrite defense debuff on your allies from a enemy hero ( Valen, Ulmer ) replacing it with a defense buff.

Color stacking

Color stacking, Empires hidden buff


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Thanks for the write up. Glad there is someone who is a supporter of 2,1,1,1 teams out there too.

Thanks for this timely topic. Alliance was chatting on this subject yesterday.