Wu what' the point?

After trying Wu Kong (2/21) for a few days, i don’t think he is all that great.
Good hits points, granted, but then nobody can hit broad side of a titan, without missing it a few times.
Feel like i wasted my resources on a 2*.
BT, Kiril, Gormek, others, even Ulmer, are more effective i think.( 0% misses, def down, atk up, decent hits points )
My 2 cents.
Have fun.

Totally…disagree! :wink:


maxed wu kong special:
+185% damage
32% chance to miss


→ His special multiplies all damage done by allies by 1.938

I like it, do you?


Hi Wolf9, this is a praise-thread for Wu Kong: Wu Kong for titan - great advice - Thank You!

He will be great, you just need to keep your team alive with some potions when you’ll miss the weak spot :slight_smile:


Naw, he’s a beast Bro! He can be the reason you beat a 4000 team with your 2500 team. There can be a lot of misses but he can be the greatest asset especially color stacking


All hail the mighty Wu!!! He single handedly carried me through S2 Hard. You need to max him though to make him usable.

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Well you tried a minimally leveled hero for a few days that has been a staple of high Titan scores since the game began, so it’s most likely you’ve discovered the real truth of WuKong that veteran players have all got wrong. That’s brilliant! Well done!!

Or, keep trying. Risk/reward.

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there ya have the facts of Wu.


Gonna have that stuck in my head now. Thanks for that. :crazy_face:


One, two, three, miss, five, six, miss, miss
Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated
Wu’s gonna do it!

Give Wu any chance - he’ll take it
Read Wu any rule - he’ll break it
Wu’s gonna make our dreams come true…
Doin’ it Wu’s way!


It takes a while to get used to using Wu. He needs to be maxed in order to survive against higher titans. He also needs to be timed carefully to get the most benefit from him. Set up your board with a lot of strong color tiles and a diamond in that color. Fire all your other specials (attack buff, defense debuff, crit buff, etc.) first, so they don’t miss. Then fire Wu. He stacks with all those other specials. Then pop the diamond and watch each tile do 2000+ points of damage. Not 2000+ total. 2000+ per tile. Even if a few tiles miss, your titan damage will be about twice as high with Wu than without him.


Wu is king of the board combos ( see link ).

Wu is very squishy ( see link ).

I try and run Wu with two healers, all three being different colors.

Wu also works well with fast , attack all enemies like Zimkitha. We need more fast, attack all enemies now that we have Wu and Ranvir.


At a certain point Wu will become a titan hero.

But early on he helped me win a lot of raids on my offensive team. Sure he has his good days and his bad days but so do I. :slight_smile:


Main problem with Wu for me is that defense debuffers can miss too. This hurts the damage much more than just ~200% attack increase Wu gives. So I stopped using Wu entirely and now my damage is quite stable, around ~50k for 7-8* titans. It was like 10k-120k with Wu, but the average damage is the same.

From what i experienced it more like miss, miss, hit, miss, miss and miss again.
I haven’t had a problem keeping him alive.
Even against titan, with decent boards, i still only did my average.
Maybe because he is only at 2 something?
I’ll keep levelling to 3/60, then decide if he is worth more.
My main battle team is:
Bt, Jackal, Sonia, caedmon(misspelled), Rigard.
Plus i have some more decent 4*, all at or nearing 3/60, Gormeck 4/35 is my main def. tank,with Frida in the 2s Margareth, just started, Borril 3/50+ and some varable others to check them out.
Wu does not seem to make my teams all that more deadly.
That my experience so far.
Love ruffled feathers.
Have fun.

Are you sure you’re using him right? For titans you want to stack as many of the strong color possible against the titan + Wu Kong.

If you use him in raids also stack against some of the problematic heroes you see, Wu’s boost makes their tiles deadly.

Fire any special skills before using his boost imo, unless you want to play risky and chance missing the special skill for higher damage.

Also you don’t have to choose him over Boldtusk or Kiril because he can combine his buff with theirs to make each hit hurt more :wink:

His high damage is also a lifesaver in the last few stages of Atlantis hard mode, the risk is fully worth it imo especially if your bench doesn’t include the luxury of many 5* heroes. Regular enemies can wipe out emblemed 4* heroes in a few hits… you really want to wipe them out ASAP before they do that to you.


Last purple i had Jackal, Li,
Bt, Sonia, Wu. Score 14000.( average about 12000, hights usually18 to 22000)
Fired the specials all together, wu last.(didn’t want miss, like the time before).
Most of the tiles missed.
My experience , don’t like it so far.
Have fun.

You need more yellow heroes or another better support hero there imo.

It’s good to have Boldtusk there, but I’d try to get my hands on either Wilbur or Grimm if I were you, and replace Sonya with one of them. Def- is what you’re missing here to get those nice 30k average scores.

Sonya isn’t very strong against titans, she’s more of a raiding hero than anything with her dispel. Dispelling isn’t really that good against titans, except the rare ones.

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I do have Gorme.at 4/35, i use him sometime, his hits are not that impressive, plus unlike Bt, he affect only 3, don’t matter on titans, i know, sometime i forget.
Also I’m not comfortable using more than3 at the time, i do have Chao, plus 2 3* maxed
I try to use my best hitters on titans usually.
Trying but no luck so far, getting closer to tc20, maybe Grimm might show up at some point.
Have fun.


Wu 4 Life, yo.

20 Wu’s. And 20 more after that.


Wu Kong is definitely one of the best heroes in the game, no doubt.

There is a reason for the -32% precision, and it’s called trade off… you have to take something off when you give such a power boost.

Wu’s special stacks with BT’s, or Brienne’s, that combined with a def down (like your Ulmer), means you should be doing enough damage on the tiles that hit to compensate the ones who don’t.

Also, titans are not about specials, but about tiles, with the right combination of heroes, you will be dealing more damage PER TILE than any hitter with its special, even outside of the weak spot.

And that is only possible with heroes like Wu Kong or Tarlak (who is way harder to get), unless you have a complete stock of def downers and elemental def downers (even harder to accomplish).

My 2 cents: level up one hero at a time, it will be more effective and will lead you to easier victories, and if you choose the right heroes, to bigger scores on titans.