Wu Kong, what do you think of him?

I juste got a wu Kong is it a good or a bad hero do I start levling him or rely on my bane and keep levelling him better

Best 4* hero in the game. Not joking, you cannot compete in challenge events without the monkey and he can help with some amazing hits on titans. I use him in 100% of the things I do in the game. Allowed my 3400-something team to defeat 4100 teams on regular basis given a decent board.

Hitting for 20-40k on 10* titans with a team of 4* heroes thanks to him.


Ellilea is right. How ever it is good to note that the monkey does tend to bite the hand that feeds hims. He can ruin your battles also. That is why he usually need pretty good team to go with him to titans and other stuff. Also item usage is recommended as the misses lead to titan stunning less.
Also you need to be careful when to activate his special, as the misses sometimes can hurt more than help.

All in all, really great hero (I’d say one of the best 4* heroes), but does require getting used to. :slight_smile:


Basically whichever hero has some useful active - mainly defense reduction - should go before Wukong :slight_smile:

I don’t get the missing thing is that his special skill doesn’t activate or my other team heroes ‘s special skill doesn’t activate?

Perfect explanation.

Just get used to this spoiled kid and Wu is really great.

Everything activates, but skills that target enemies can miss - that includes stuff like Sonya/Caedmon’s dispel.

For instance, if you have Wukong active, and you use Ulmer’s special, Ulmer may hit only 3 people. Or 2. or 4. Or all 5 or nobody at all. But those that he hits will be hit harder. But he will cast the spell, even if it does nothing, and so he will use the mana.

Tiles can miss as well as special skills, but they will still get matched and removed from the board as normally. If you match 4/5 tiles and some miss you will still get the bomb/diamond.

Hope that helps!


Wu Kong is stupid useful. Amazing in challenge and titans. He is super unique and unbelievably useful. I have a full roster of maxed 5*s and use him ALL the time.

I am willing to say he is the #1 MUST have hero. No one else is close.


Nerf him

20 characters

What items do you use with him for Titans?

How bout we nerf your hero pool instead? :joy:

You will need mana potions, dragon banners, bear banners (if no Kiril, Boldtusk).

General idea is to have attack buff from heroes/items activated first, armor debuff skill used on titan, wu kong activates, you have good board set up and a massacre ensues.

Of course Wu Kong can miss 5/5 tiles and your plan goes to the dustbin real fast.

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You use Wu with all titans. His attack stacks with all other specials. I typically use 4 of the same color, the strong one against the Titan. The 5th is Wu. Even yellow titans.

I used to use Wu for everything, but now that I have more heroes to choose from, I use him on all titans and on challenge events. And in the war, but definitely not my favourite there. I think for raiding he is too much of a gamble when you don’t try to punch above your weight. And with farming and normal levels I find him too annoying.

But he is very useful, by far the very best holy 4*.


The fact that you NEED Wu Kong to compete in Titans and Events is a pretty bad design IMO.

Either nerf him or add other heroes that add similar gain.


FYI - For events it’s not generally true. At least not for all events. I made some screenshots of the winning teams of the guardian event and none of them had Wu in it. But last event, yes, most had Wu… Idk the reason, but for guardian event he seems to be not the best choice to reach the leaderboard (?)

Edit: was still halfway sleeping. Of course the reason is because yellow is the reflecting color of the guardian event :smiley:

I only use him against titans, he does not work so well for me in events or raids

I just couldn’t do events without him. The mobs from last event seemed so hard to kill that I only did damage with him activated. 70% of my mana potions were spent on him BEFORE meeting the bosses. Actually not considering stage 10 (3 5* bosses) all my trouble were on the first rounds with mobs and not the boss round

You only need him if you are punching above your weight class on titans or raids (and half the time you’re gonna lose anyways with him) or going for top scores. I cleared events on all levels long before I had Wu. Now it’s just easier to get into the top scores with him than before.

In AW I use him on ‘team 6’ which is 4 4* at 3/60 with high attack stats and slow mana and him at 4/70 and I usually go after a team 300-500 more power above me and hope for the best.

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I personally think Wu Kong is the best 4-star hero in the game and like many others I bring him to about anything. But you have to adjust your gameplay to his ability to get the most out of him or you’ll just be off a lot worse than you think. And that is why he doesn’t need a nerf.

The Good:
Activate Wu Kong and your tiles do so much more damage it’s amazing. The more tiles the merrier. With Wu it’s all about getting that avalanche of tiles to drop right after you activated him. Not before! After! Timing is of the essence.

The Bad:
Wu Kong may be your best support hero but he dies so easily. Watch his health closely. Keep him alive if you can and know what to do next if you can’t. In raids this means you need 2 healers minimum and hope a healer is active before he’s dead. Against titans healers may be replace by heal pots but those are expensive. One of your healers would well be Rigard because the increased hit chance of Wu’s ability and a blind of your heroes are not the best combo, ahem.

The Ugly:
Wu Kong has taken me to great heights and has also made me end up with <8k damage vs a 7-star titan and losing raids against teams 200+ weaker in strength than mine. Expect your results to be a lot streakier when bringing Wu Kong along.

The Secret:
The more tiles the merrier, did I already mention that? Stop caring about missing silly specials, your tiles have just become your specials. Bring Boldtusk along, and a hero like Grimm for extra tile hitting fun. If you manage to time their specials well, and time your tile avalanche well, you’ll be looking at a Perfect Storm. And if you don’t, it could all topple in on top of you :star_struck:


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