Wu Kong vs Stacking colors

Hello guys. The point of the thread is compare wu kong performance against stacking color performance.
Im missing him and im doing around 25k max of damage to 7* star titan by stacking colors.
What do you think about this topic? cutting a 4* star hero for wu kong is going to pump my score?

I know that wu kong is very useful not only for titans but also for last levels of trials and challanges and events.

He’s great, but at a cost. His gamble. You get pretty much a 2/3 chance to hit and 1/3 of miss. Big odds, but when he works, he works great. So it’s kind of comparing apples to oranges. If you don’t use him and color stack, your team will hit the titan (unless a hero has a “miss chance”) 100% of the time their specials are ready. So, while your quest for stats is not pointless, it will have a significant difference in data. 100% vs 66% (at most) each time, but then when his special is over, you go back to 100% until he gains his special again. All within a short time frame too. Personally, right now my highest Titan damage is 72,890 using Wu, BT, Hansel, Lianna and Kingston on a blue Titan. Luck vs. good team.

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He (and his brethren Titan Damage Boosters: Miki vs. Tarlak vs. Ranvir vs. Wu Kong vs. Guardian Gazelle - #7 by Math-Teacher) will only improve your scores.

Yeah, there will be ups and downs but overall, you’ll see higher scores.


We kill 6 , 7* Titans after I maxed Wu 3 weeks back I started stacking two strong colors with him , almost all Titans I am ranked A category and couple of times with A+ when I used the red banners and long with good tiles :grin:.

I think you would find (based on my experience when i finally drew him) with using Wu that you will sometimes double your score and sometimes halve it but on average it will improve by at least 50%.


@Lexxtarc, you could increase your titan damage by including a defense up/down hero like Wilbur and colour stacking too, btw. 25k seems on the low side, so it may help to get advice on your titan team as you currently don’t have Wu :thinking:.

Back to Wu - he truly is magic when his special is active and hits don’t miss. Before the likes of Tarlak and Miki he was your only choice for potentially amazing titan scores.

I’m hitting 13* titans now and still use Wu and Wilbur as a duo if the titan doesn’t reflect.

Agree with the wu wilber combination with 3 of the opposite color except when yellow is reflected. I have Wilber@+20 because he does not have a negative in war like wu can do. So my Wu is just 4-70 which make him squishy vs Vivi, drake, Joon/Jackle. For those of us using Wu for higher titians( our Allianz is 50/50 w/7’s) have you emblemed the crazy monkey?

I still take him into purple fights against 11-12* titans. Need a banner to have him survive a hit tho.

I have been using him , not yet at 3/70 and pumped my score . Fighting titan red 10*

Grimm 4/80+9
Vela 2/60
Sonya 4/80+11
Valeria 3/70
Wu Kong 3/10

2 hits by now , in a few minutes another one .

1- 25k

The bad thing is that im mana potion dependant.
If i go full blue i can sometimes not using pots.

Sadly i dont have wilbur, but i can use gormek tibs or Grimm