Wu Kong or Li Xiu?

Hi everybody,

Just wondering who you would roll with for your team, Wu Kong or Li Xiu? Rest of the team is Thorne, Tiburtus, Bloodtusk, and Melendor. Thanks for the input in advance!


LX isn’t awful in various things (high attack stat and all mana control is good when it comes to raids) but Wukong is simply spectacular when used remotely well both on raid attack and titans.


Wu Kong, my best titan scores are because of his gamblers stance.


Wu Kong, a hero you will use every day as long as you play this game. LX is fine but you will outgrow her,


What you choose between a Lamborghini Diablo and a Toyota Prius?

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I feel I depends on what you want or need. XL is good on defense, but I am not a big fan of her on attack. Wu is the opposite, great on attack and horrid on defense.

All things bein equal, I would do Wu Kong. You will use him more often in the game.


One additional thing all above messages. Maybe It is only me but after I summoned Chao (another 4 star hero) my Wu Kong had been totally useless both in raids and titans.
Totally “Bll Sht” no yellow gems on matches so I can not use his gambler stance anymore!!! This is totally seems like bug or programmed like that. Because of that I decreased in raid from 2050 cups to 1600 in two days!!! After I am rid of Chao it stepped by step changed positively and now started to use yellow skill of WK and 1800 cups now. ■■■!

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