Hero allignment – is there a secret to attack/offense team placement?

The position of your heroes on offense is not nearly as important as it is in defense. Here are some things to think about in putting together the order:

  1. Do any of the heroes affect only the nearby allies? If so, make sure those heroes are towards the middle and have nearby allies that can benefit from the buff.
  • Example: Kashhrek heals and protects nearby allies so he typically sits center.
  1. Do any of the opponents have specials that attack nearby heroes? If so, try to create a gap between important heroes that could be hit by those opponents.
  • Example: Gravemaker hits three adjacent heroes and does extra damage against nature heroes, so if you are bringing two nature heroes against GM, try to put them on opposite sides of the lineup.

Other than that, it’s pretty much setting them up in a way that is useful for you to play. For example, against the Titans, I will order the heroes left to right in the order that I would want to fire them if all of their specials were activated. I might break that rule with, say Ares, to position him next to two strong hitters.