Elemental Summon Upgrade

Excellent point - however as someone who’s still missing many S1 heros, a “good” outcome for me isn’t just that 5% drop of special heros. We are definitely off topic here though so I’ll leave it there.

I haven’t done that for years. Shoud it be changed into something new? Like S2 S3 heroes added or so…

As soon as I posted this my boards got pretty nestty lol

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Lol silence the infidels!!

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I feel for new players that download the game and get stuck with s1 heros. S1 heros stand no chance against these new ones. Idk how this game would make people stick around. It wouldn’t be fun at all starting from scratch and playing with s1 3s 4s or 5s heros.

Matter of fact, the only S1 heros I use are magni, joon, lianna, and kadilen. The others are collecting dust and I would love to recall all their mats

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I agree. If anyone over level 40 pulls from that crap portal, I’d be shocked.

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Why would even new players pull from that portal? Hopefully someone in their alliance advises them to wait for other portals (which you still will probably get S1 heroes and at this rate are available what 5 of 7 days a week), and save EHTs for seasonal events. There is really no reason for any level player to pull from Either of the Elemental or S1 Epic hero summon portals.


I did - in the first few weeks after joining. It was not a very developed alliance (around 7-8* titans) and my alliance mates really appreciated S1 heroes. Even Horghall :smiley:

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:hushed::hushed::hushed: até mesmo horghall, não vale o escudo que usa :joy:

i lucked out. i pulled from the Elemental Summon back when i didn’t have a very developed roster yet. i thought, “i’m missing yellows. here’s a portal with only yellows.”

got Joon and Leonidas from a single 10-pull. :joy:

I did pull from the elemental portal for almost a year… because I hadn’t noticed that EHT could be used in seasonal events (nobody told me, and when a seasonal portal opened and I didn’t happen to have any EHTs, it didn’t show). Can’t think of any other reason to do so once you start having a variety of 4*s.

I did there single summon when I was starting to play back in 2019. Got Isarnia (my first 5* and before I even had 4*), so it was worth it :sunglasses: . But since then, no. That portal has a single advantage of having higher rates for 5* than regular Epic portal, but that’s it. Epic portal is also useless outside of seasons, when it has rather good pull rates and makes EHT actually worth a damn.

I don’t think I’ve ever summoned from the Elemental portal.

Early on, you’re not picky about what color you need; almost any 3/4* helps you complete rare quests for ascension mats. TC13/20 gives you chances of good heroes for free. The general portal is sufficient very early on.

Once you can complete rare quests, you should be spending in portals other than one with only S1 heroes and hoarding EHT for seasonal events.

I had an idea years ago to include old non-s1 (>1yr after release) of the featured color in portals; but I doubt that will happen. It doesnt apply enough pressure on the player to spend.

Wu Kong

In my friends’ experience, the one exception is 4* yellow Wu Kong which

Has a low value costume

Is the only Classic titan multiplier


I would recommend removal since this costs little development time and prevents buyers remorse


If SGG decides to keep it

Add Costumes

Add 4* heroes with finite summons currencies ( Atlantis, Valhalla, old Challenge events, etc. )

Add past 5* HotM

Seriously, just remove it

But really, they should just remove it ( and color / advanced color recruit training from training camps but that is another rant )

Not anymore really - we have Sergei and we’ll have this 3 star chef from Knights event I forgot the name of, and since these events do not have level requirements, I think it’s safe to navigate newcomers there if they want their titan score to go up, rather than to talk them into chasing Wu Kong… of course having in mind the odds are lower than getting Wu from the yellow portal, but since you have a shot at other event heroes, I really don’t see that being an issue.

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You are correct

Wu Kong is the only Classic titan multiplier so I have edited the post

4* titan multiplier

My friend in Beta was not impressed with Sergei ( would be better as a 5* hero in their opinion )

Wu Kong is very fragile even for a 4* hero

It would be nice if 5* titan multiplier heroes were available for new players, but Empires is Pay 2 Play

its only a great deal for new players

I had testing run with him against Thunder Unicorn :zap::unicorn: and while he needs a bit of strategy (mostly because you need to charge him twice for second tier), he is much better than Wu or even Ranvir who essentially turns your team into a bunch of Storm Troopers. He can also substitute Panther if one does not have him.



I do agree with you

The heroes you have are better than the heroes you do not have

If I got Sergei, I would power level Sergei to 4*+1

But only if I was still missing a 5* titan multiplier, or still using 4* heroes ( see below )

Remove Elemental summons

Luckily, Elemental purple summons will never get Sergei

So removing Elemental summons from the game will have little impact on getting Wu Kong, or Sergei

Click for Sergei ROI for my roster


But given the cost, I would not chase Sergei, or Wu Kong’s costume

Limit Breakers

Given the cost, I would not limit break Sergei, or Wu Kong

4* Heroes

Click for rant

A lot of players get rid of 3* / 4* heroes due to lack of roster space

Business model

SGG business model is really about 5* heroes ( especially 5* HotM ) and 4* ascension items

Not 4* heroes

If easier / less expensive to get, and boost, then 4* heroes like Wu Kong / Sergei would be a lot of fun

Fun rant



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