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This is confirmed. You can not remove or reduce the queue at Alchemy Lab. This was true then, and it is true now.


Anyone of you guys see other significant uses from Alchemy Lab other than AL19 and AL20? I want to research some more to increase the viability of getting shards. The more shards, the more ascension mats.

Well, to my surprise, there seems to be some levels, where you now can DEQUEUE. :astonished: I can do so at level 4B but i cannot on level 10A (might be due to the gems involved?!).
Can anyone please test, if its possible on the other levels? Unfortunately, i have no capacity for another transmutationโ€ฆ

@zephyr1 - Did you hear anything about this change and whether it is intended from staff? :thinking:


The level I could dequeue was 1B

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Wow. Okay, that makes AL 1B less interesting than I previously estimated. Thatโ€™s still 900 food per alkashard, which remains the most food efficient, but thatโ€™s less of a TC11 deal and more of a TC4 deal: something you use until your farms are up to scratch and then abandon.


So letโ€™s start a quick summary on possible queue/dequeue here (i try to update till completed :wink:):

Which levels allow to reduce queued transmutations?
1A - :+1:
1B - :+1:
2A - :+1:
2B - :+1:
3A - :+1:
3B - :+1:
4A - :+1:
4B - :+1:
5A - :+1:
5B - :+1:
6A - :+1:
6B - :+1:
7A - :+1:
7B - :+1:
8A - :+1:
8B - :+1:
9A - :+1:
9B - :+1:
10A - :no_entry:
10B - :no_entry:

Please help to fill this list by posting, which levels you are allowed or not to dequeue. Thanks for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:


I notice some changes that I did not see in any notes yet.

  1. The extra click needed to add more transmutations.
  2. The option to buy extra shards with diamonds after finishing a transmutation.


I am running 2B and I can dequeue it. And itโ€™s good that when you do so youโ€™ll get your items and food back (no bugs here :rofl:)

@Ultra I was using 2B and 4B previously, because:

  • 2B using minor healing potions to get either both banners or axes which I use for titans and axes for challenge events. A way how to turn food into things that require iron when crafted regularly
  • 4B using uncommon craft items which I donโ€™t need and turning them into dust and roots (with some luck) which I use a lot for crafting

I leveled AL to level 5 to be able to combine two things at once. I didnโ€™t need higher levels back then.

Now Iโ€™ll have to go through higher transmutations to see if there could be something more useful or at least generated more shards while I wouldnโ€™t be wasting important items.

But for me, both 4* AM transmutations are useless as I donโ€™t need 4* AM (I can ascend two rainbow 5* teams with the exception to fire atm), I need heroes (other than copies of Khagans, Obakans, Horghalls etc), so I wonโ€™t be wasting gems on these even though Iโ€™ll have lesser shards generation. Thatโ€™s why AL has to wait few months now anyway as I prioritise getting HA to level 10 as it seems running 3 TC20 for at least year is not enough (still no Joon, Sartana, Magni, Lianna or even Kadilen from TCs)

I see some valuable levels Especially to get rid of swords and herbs.
Mostly itโ€™s a good thing to Create shards.

But i dont see any purpose for level 4A?
Those are uncommon ascension mat for other uncommons.
But everyone has this on spare when you reach the AL. And they have No other use so why would anyone research that?

These are the ones I consider quite useful and plan on running:

2A - Transmute COMMON Battle Items into different COMMON Battle items - surplus of minor healing pots is insane and I plan on changing them to minor mana (may put an antidote there also, not sure about arrows)

3A - Transmute COMMON Ascension Materials into different COMMON Ascension Materials - those Training Manuals are going away finally, perhaps rugged clothes also as I never have food for TC19 and have like 15,000 of these. Too bad backpack production is capped at 8 per day but I still take it.

5A - Transmute UNCOMMON Battle Items into different UNCOMMON Battle Items - same as 2A, I plan on crafting mana pots and probably axes also, from the surplus of Potent Healing pots or bear/turtle banners which I almost never use and have hundreds of.

Note my priority is actual usefulness of item transmutation and not optimal alkashard farming. I just treat these as bonus, and really only care about those I get from weekly 10A/10B run.


Are you referring to Level 10A on that? For me this seems like one of the most interesting levels at all. :thinking:

It is the cheapest when you look at the food costs and has a 5% chance of producing a 4* AM. On top of that it produces 1050 Alkashards per week and gives you another 10% (?) chance at a 4* AM. So after all, this should average in one 4* AM every six-seven weeks, 50-60 emblems and 5-6 non-farmable 3* AM. Hence, the cost of 100 gems per week seem very fair to me and i will most likely keep this level running all the time although i acquired more than 100 3* AM of any kind.


Usefulness of 10A really depends on how much you are spending on gems.

For me, itโ€™s a cost of one cheapest offer we get loads off per month. And it gives two rolls for epic ascension mats, or some emblems if you are โ€˜unluckyโ€™ (sums up to 8 rolls per month). Pretty good deal considering the price tag on emblems alone (10 emblems in the shop for 175 gems). Itโ€™s MUCH better than spending those gems on the shop offers with ascension mats where the roll chance is 1.6% or so.

However, if you are F2P, those gems are probably more precious. Spending a 100 for RNG may not appeal at all. Thatโ€™s up to everyoneโ€™s judgement I guess, do they more need a new hero at bad rng or new ascension mat at bad rng. Never been F2P so hard for me to elaborate.


Why are you disposing your swords? They are better of at TC1 or TC3 functions

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My main account (C2P) is quite happy about this, my alt (F2P) is not :rofl:

Since most of us joined #nospend I guess VIP will have to pay for mats as Iโ€™m done summoning heroes

I Will put swords and manuals in for exchanging to backpacks (more xp with a 2star) or clothes (with tc 19 faster than tc 1).


No issue on that. But I value swords for either TC1 or TC3 function than rugged clothes for TC19 function. TC19 is a sure food killer.

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Yes true but if you keep it up daily itโ€™s not that much food versus when you have to put all your clothes at once in tc19.
I have zero clothes and zero backpacks but 6k of swords. No way i can have the recruits to fill a tc1 with 6k of swords :slight_smile:


I wish i have your problem. With Atlantis Rising, i have one of my training camp sustain a monthly queuing at TC2 due to the supply of backpacks. I use TC1 once in a while since it is cheaper in the end than TC19.

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Donโ€™t worry, I wonโ€™t be posting much longer.

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It seems to have changed since Version 1.

Iโ€™ll check in Beta when it reopens.


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