🎲 [v2] Alchemy Lab FAQ & Discussion

NOTE: This thread is a work in progress to answer the frequently asked questions that pop up, and for discussion of using Alchemy Lab (or not using it, as the case may be).

Please post questions and discussion down below.

:thinking: What is Alchemy Lab?

Alchemy Lab is an Advanced Building that unlocks with Stronghold 23.

It was originally released in September 2019, and was revamped in June 2020.

It allows Transmuting some items into some other items. It also produces Alkashards, which can be combined into an item of your choice from a selection of random items.

:arrows_clockwise: Can I Transmute items to other items of the same rarity, e.g. 1* Crafting Ingredients to other 1* Crafting Ingredients, or Training Manuals to Rugged Clothes?

Yes, as of the second version of Alchemy Lab, many items can be Transmuted into other items of the same rarity.

This is one of the biggest differences from the first version of Alchemy Lab, which only Transmuted items from lower to higher rarity, with the exception of Transmuting 4* Ascension Materials into different 4* Ascension Materials.

:gem: Are Gems required to use Alchemy Lab?

Yes, Recipes 10A and 10B (i.e. both Recipes unlocked with Building Level 10) require Gems to use — these cover Transmutation of Farmable 3* Ascension Materials to Unfarmable 3* Ascension Materials (with a 5% chance for a 4* Ascension Material), as well as Transmutation of 4* Ascension Materials to other 4* Ascension Materials. These Recipes are similar to the old ones from Levels 9 and 10 in the original Alchemy Lab.

This is a change from Version 1, where Levels 6 through 10 required Gems to use.

Version 2 of Alchemy Lab also introduces an additional optional use for Gems, to Boost Alkashard production. More on that below.

:fast_forward: Can I use Gems to buy Alkahards?

You can’t currently directly purchase Alkashards, but Version 2 introduces a new option to “Boost” Alkashard production when completing a Transmutation.

This option to “Boost” is presented when collecting items from completed Transmutatations. A popup offers to collect the items and Alkashards, or to alternatively spend a specified number of Gems to boost the Alskahard production by a particular amount. This option is only available when collecting the items — once you’ve made a decision to Boost or not, the items and Alkashards are collected, and the option is no longer available for those items.

If you’re collecting multiple items from sequential Transmutations at the same time, then the Boost option will be multiplied accordingly. As an example, if the Boost for a single item provides 2 extra Alkashards for 1 Gem, then collecting 3 items at once will offer 6 extra Alkashards for 3 Gems. This option is all-or-nothing — when collecting multiple items at once, your only option is whether to Boost for all of them or not; you can’t choose a partial Boost based on fewer items. If this were a concern, collecting items more frequently will provide more control over Boost options.

:alarm_clock: Can I rush Transmutation times using Gems?


Unlike Training Camps, Forges, Hunter’s Lodge, and Hero Academy, the long durations for Transmutations can’t be accelerated or skipped.

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Can I run more than one type of Transmutation at a time?

Yes, as Alchemy Lab is upgraded, it allows for up to 3 different Levels to be run at the same time in parallel.

Items queued in the same Level run sequentially, however. There’s nothing you can do to accelerate the Transmutations of a particular Level.

  • Building Level 5 unlocks 2 simultaneous Transmutations

  • Building Level 10 unlocks 3 simultaneous Transmutations

:clipboard: Can I queue and dequeue Transmutations like in a Training Camp or Forge?

All Levels and Recipes allow queueing.

Some Recipes also allow dequeuing, which is a change from Version 1. I’ll add a list of them once I’ve confirmed which do.

For the Recipes that don’t allow dequeueing, because it’s also impossible to accelerate Transmutations, players should be mindful of what they queue into Alchemy Lab, as it’s currently impossible to undo those decisions, or do anything to accelerate them. So you can effectively tie up Alchemy Lab for extended periods of time.

:arrow_double_up: Upgrade & Research Costs

Updated graphic showing all upgrade and research costs by @cap

Alternatively, all Upgrade and Research Costs/Time are listed here: 🧪 Early Information on "IMPROVED" Alchemy Lab [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

Alchemy Lab Levels

The Small Giant Staff have confirmed that there will be no changes from the final version of Beta.

For a graphical version see image above by @cap

Alternatively you can see here for information: 🧪 Early Information on "IMPROVED" Alchemy Lab [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

:nut_and_bolt: What are Alkashards, and how do they work?

Version 2 Update:

Reward Options for Combining Alkashards in Version 2

There are six items, and you can select ONE of them:

  • 1x Unfarmable 3* Ascension Material (two random ones to select from)

  • SOMETIMES, 1x 4* Ascension Material (this is occasionally available instead of a 3* Ascension Material; data will need to be collected to discern the percentage chance, but I suspect it’s in the 5-10% range)

  • 10x Emblems (two random Classes available to choose from)

  • 5x Titan Battle Items (two random ones to select from)

Once you select an item and Combine Alkashards, the item selections the next time you Combine Alkashards will be refreshed with new random options.

The item selection remains the same until you Combine Alkashards, so there’s no way to refresh/shuffle/reroll the options.

Information from original Version 1:

Click for Original Information

:bar_chart: Alkashard & Alchemy Calculators/Guides

[ Placeholder section, for gathering player-made tools for Version 2 of Alchemy Lab ]

@TheEyes’ guide, primarily focused on farming Alkashards from Alchemy Lab: A Guide to the New Alchemy Lab (v30, 2020-06-17)

:test_tube: Beta Information and Discussion

The Small Giant Staff have confirmed that the live version of Alchemy Lab will exactly match the final Beta version.

🧪 Early Information on "IMPROVED" Alchemy Lab [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

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Thanks as always @zephyr1 for all the awesome work!


So…as usual for me as you post so much it’s overwhelming.

TLDR - should I consider building the thing now??

Kinda maybe yes…


The Shard Rewards are really the biggest winner out of the rebalancing. Previously you could get EITHER a 4* mat OR 50 emblems (nobody really chose the other options) for 10,000 shards.

NOW for the same price you can get 90x emblems & a good chance of the 4* mat too.

Which Levels?

A really great read is the guide by @TheEyes: A Guide to the New Alchemy Lab (v30, 2020-06-17)

In terms of which levels to use, it depends largely on your gem availability… If you have some gems available, AL19 (Level 10A) is a pretty good investment. Essentially generates enough shards for you to cash-in each week & while also giving you a shot at the 4* mat each week from the transmutation.

AL20 (Leve 10B) is OK, again if you have some gems to burn, and will give you another shard cash-in per week. If you have 1x spare mat you can essentially keep putting it in & out each week… just keep turning it over.

@TheEyes suggests that the “sweet spot” in terms of shards/food & shards/time (particularly if you don’t have gems to burn) is in the middle ranks (as expected):


Big thankyou for your work

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Thanks for the hard work.
Does it change your mind about using it, gou seemed underwhelmed when it first came out.
I’m still on the fence, doing some more reading and waiting to see when it comes back on to judge. Expecting some kind of nerfed outcome.
Have fun.

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Current thoughts on version 2.0


Personally? yes… but also no…

I think if this version of AL had come out originally I would still be underwhelmed & not use it… BUT a good year or so has passed since that time & I have progressed further in my game…

And it’s more this later factor which is influencing my liklihood of using AL2.0 vs. the fact that it has been revised…

I am now at the point where I am giving serious consideration to using all my gems of the AL transmutations rather than more summons… I have well & truly reached the point of diminishing returns for Hero Summons where I am having to do many many summons just to get someone NEW.


Somethisng that is not explained in the OP:

Can I research a level while I upgrade the AL?
Can I research a level while a perform a transmutation on another level?
Can I start a transmutation on level 2 and upgrade the AL to level 9 at the same time?


I’m not sure this is true, I am able to remove transmutations from the queue (I only have the lab at level 1 so might be different if doing multiple queues)

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Running it at level 10A now. Can not remove queued transmutation.



It’s willing to refund 12 herbs and some food, but no chance of getting those gems back! :joy:

I have AL at lvl9 currently and have researched lvl9 transmutation. Will this research transfer to lvl10A once I upgrade my AL or will I have to research it again?

This also doesn’t appear correct. Level 1B is costing 12 items and 1800 food rather than 1000 given in the opening post here.


This is confirmed. You can not remove or reduce the queue at Alchemy Lab. This was true then, and it is true now.


Anyone of you guys see other significant uses from Alchemy Lab other than AL19 and AL20? I want to research some more to increase the viability of getting shards. The more shards, the more ascension mats.

Well, to my surprise, there seems to be some levels, where you now can DEQUEUE. :astonished: I can do so at level 4B but i cannot on level 10A (might be due to the gems involved?!).
Can anyone please test, if its possible on the other levels? Unfortunately, i have no capacity for another transmutation…

@zephyr1 - Did you hear anything about this change and whether it is intended from staff? :thinking:


The level I could dequeue was 1B

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Wow. Okay, that makes AL 1B less interesting than I previously estimated. That’s still 900 food per alkashard, which remains the most food efficient, but that’s less of a TC11 deal and more of a TC4 deal: something you use until your farms are up to scratch and then abandon.


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