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Now this got my attention! So maxed 1/2/3/4/5* heroes counts, or only 5*?

I am working on the topic about it at the moment.
(1 star heroes too)

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Similar games have a codex or hero guide. When player gets a hero, they receive a small reward for their effort.

There’s no need to level the hero to get that small reward.

For some games, if player collects the entire family, player gets another gem reward for their increased efforts.

Again, no need to have all family members levelled.
And there’s no requirement to keep the summoned hero in the roster if player doesn’t want that hero around.

Since EP is a mature game, it will be interesting to find out if Zynga will be forgiving and recognise all summons retroactively (read: summons from first day of play). Or do they only recognise summons after the Hero Museum is completed?

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i dont get it, but should we sacrifice the hero to get gems, or they are there for “Decoration” and we could take them back on our rosters whenever we want?

All of these will be clarified in the upcoming Beta Beat topic.


Based on my experience in similar games, It’s like a museum. Categorised by Origin (most probably), then by Family, and then by category (1/2/3/4/5*).

For example:
S2 > Atlantis Returns > Atlantis > 3/4/5*
S3 > Valhalla Forever > Asgard > 3/4/5*

Each hero will have a headshot.
When I get that hero, that Hero headshot will light up, plus a prompt (red !) to collect my gems.

I click that headshot to read Hero profile. It’s basically the card.

Some games spice it up with a life story for the Hero. I don’t bother with that but some do like that part.

Some games give rewards for each Family collected. Hopefully Zynga will be generous and include this extra small reward.

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I hope they will include previously summoned heroes too

Yes. That’s what I hope too.

And I hope that Zynga will not insist on the hero being maxed to get that small reward.

Who is going to waste 4AM on Klaern to get that small reward ?

@PlayForFun is like this right now, with the crowd breaking their F5 button over and over! :smile:

We appreciate yor hard work :heart:


I’d LOVE to check the story of S1 trash!


Very interested in this new building! Finally they are adding new buildings, which is long overdue.

Hero Museum topic is here:


any info about this valentine seasonal event? rewards? i see on some photo it will be as in Christmas one, some gift boxes, it will be again pay to get more rewards or?

Patience is virtue. PlayForFun is working on the beta beat topic for the Season of Love event :wink: Just wait a little more.


I don’t understand the hero museum. Will we get “free” avatars in the Valentine event?

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Or extras from the movie King Kong😂.

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Can you buy heroes with those gems in the museum?

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I guess you can do summons with those gems

No, it is just giving gems to you for the heroes you have.


Topics for Season of Love and Love Booster are now available: