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I am sure that this has been asked a thousand times. Been playing for a bit but not consistent or dedicated but am starting to. Just hearing terms like tank so please bare with me and any advice on building a good defence team and team for wars/titans/raids. Also who to actually focus on maxing and who I should just get rid of. Just got a lot of new heroes. Here is what I have…

Red: Gormek 4/70, Elena 2/1, Scarlett 1/1, Sumitomo 1/1, Boldtusk, 1/1, Colen 1/1, Jahangir, 1/1, Nashgar 1/1

Blue: Grimm 3/60, Boril 3/1, Sonya 1/1, Valen 2/1, Karil 1/1, Graymane 1/1, Gunnar 1/1, Gato 1/1

Green: Gadeirus 3/50, Melendor 1/1, Caedmon 1/1, Skittleskull, 1/15, Little John 1/1, Kashrek 1/1, Gobbler 1/1, Hisan 1/1

Yellow: Hu Tao 4/28, Arman 3/50, Bane 3/50, Li Xiu 1/1, Wu Kong 1/1, Gan Ju 1/1, Kailani 1/1, Melia 1/1

Purple: Seshat 3/21, Quintus 2/1, Tiburtus 3/40, Gafar 1/33, Sabina 1/1, Proteus 1/1, Rigard 1/1, Balthazar 1/1

Thanks for anyone’s time and look forward to any advice, especially any seasoned players

You have months of leveling before any kind of team make up will matter. Stay in lower pvp brackets to fill hero chest as easily and often as possible.

Other than that. Ignore pvp unless you want a truly miserable experience.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums!

You’re right, this kind of question is asked a lot, but because everyone has different heroes to work with, every answer is different.


  1. Unleveled heroes aren’t very effective. Keep your Training Camps working 24/7 to churn out 1* and 2* “feeders” that you’ll use to level your core heroes. Use TC2 as much as you can; have TC11 (or TC4) running when you’re out of backpacks. TC1 is okay as a faster option to TC11/4.
  2. Work on leveling 5 heroes at a time, one of each color. Give blue feeders to the blue hero-in-training, yellow to yellow, etc. Doing so gives a 20% bonus on the experience and 100% bonus on odds of increasing the special skill level.
  3. Work to get Training Camp 20 built and running. This is the most reliable (and only free) source of 4* and 5* heroes to build your bench.
  4. Build a core of 3* heroes first, then work on 4*. 4* heroes will be the backbone of your team for a year or more. Building up from 3*s will give you enough firepower to get reasonably far through all the rare quests, class trials, raid tournaments, and challenge events, and to do well on titans. Accomplishing these goals well is how you get the rare ascension materials you’ll need to ascend your 4* and 5* heroes to the top tiers.
  5. Any 5* heroes you get should be treasured but left to one side until later–they are tremendously costly to level up, in terms of food, feeders, and rare ascension mats.
  6. Level a hero up to at least the top of the 3rd ascension before shifting focus. Heroes below that mark aren’t very effective.


OK, that’s the generic advise. Let’s look at your roster:

3* teams

  • Red: Nashgar (Jahangir for tournaments)
  • Blue: Gato (Gunnar for tournaments)
  • Green: Hissan (look for Belith)
  • Yellow: [complete with Atman and Bane]
  • Purple: Balthazar

4* teams:

  • Red: Boldtusk (to add to Gormek)
  • Blue: Grimm, then Sonya
  • Green: Gadeirus then Melendor then Caedmon
  • Yellow: Wu Kong then finish Hu, then Li Xiu
  • Purple: Seshat to 3/70, then Tibertus to 3/60, then Rigard to 4/70

Overall, you should be looking to have 30 “war ready” heroes–heroes in 3rd ascension, ideally–for Alliance Wars. (If you’re not in an alliance, find one fast! Titans are the best source of rare ascension materials.) With six attacks, you’ll want six healers. Boldtusk is among the best 4* heroes, and Rigard is the best 4* healer. Melendor and Sabina will add two more. Keep an eye out for 3* Belith and 3* Hawkmoon, who are relatively quick to build, or a 4* Kiril.

Optimizing your team for titan attacks should be a priority, because good performances on bigger titans gives more rare ascension materials (on average, over time). Wu Kong (once he’s leveled up) should be on every titan attack–at least until/unless you get 5* Miki, Tarlak or Ranvir (again, leveled). You also want to bring one of the Ramming Pulverizer Trio (Gormek, Grimm, Tibertus) on every attack–choose among them based on color–so you’ll want all three leveled. Gadeirus is on the list to serve as your defensive tank until you get someone better (probably a 5*).

That should keep you going for a while! Ask questions often. We’re friendly and don’t bite–usually. :wink:


@Kerridoc, thanks for the input and advice. I have been reading different forums trying to pick up knowledge. Alot of acronyms and terminology that still figuring out.

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This is helpful:


Hey @Romes, You have a solid roster to work on. Smart move to stop spending for now. Follow @Kerridoc’s advice and you’ll enjoy the game. Start with the 3* as it starts to become a grind as you work up to leveling 4/5*. The 5* should wait until you have, minimally, several teams of rainbow (all 5 colors) 4* teams of maxed heroes.

Good Luck and check back in occasionally and let us know how it’s going!! Good Luck!!


@PapaHeavy, thanks. I have started concentrating my resources to my 3* players. Appreciate the advice

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@Kerridoc and @PapaHeavy,
So here is an update from my original post. Following your advice, I have been working on my 3*s. Looking for any updated advice on which heroes to focus on based on what I have so far. Appreciate your time and any advice. I have joined an alliance but do not get much feed back on team development.

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@Romes As soon as you are done with Tiburtus, level up Proteus asap!! He is very good on offense for raids and wars. Along with boss stages in the campaigns and challenge events on epic and legendary. And he has a vital skill, mana stop. Which is why he is one of the top sought after season 2 4 star heroes. He goes great with any other heroes with a mana cut ability such as Chao, Li Xiu, Leonidas, Azar, Bauchan. The list goes on.

As for your 3 star purples, level Gill-Ra as well. I have her talent grid almost maxed. One more node. She fills three roles, defense down, attack debuffer, and ailment cleanse. Makes sense to go the defense health route as she is slow mana.


@Romes, good to see you back again.
For the 3* finish Valen. Then you want to work on Gunnar and Kailani, Melia, Mnessus, Gil-Ra and Bergen.
Getting into the 4*
1st off finish off Grimm, Gad, Tibs, Boril and Hu Tao since they are all the closest. Plus now you will have all the pulverizers done Grimm, Tibs and Gormek.

Then you are in desperate need of healers, Boldtusk, Rigard, Sabina and Melendor should be priorities. (Rigard/Boldtusk first)

*Once you have a couple healers leveled get Proteus maxed, he is fantastic!!! He will make challenge events and map bosses so much easier and putting him with Li Xiu and/or Chao can really hurt the opponents mana generation. If they can’t fire their specials your team will last a lot longer

You can mix a few snipers/dispellers in too. Caedmon and Sonya. Then the mana controllers, Li Xiu and Chao. Not putting Scarlett at the end for any particular reason just didn’t want to leave her out because she is fast and can really help your team survive, plus she hits like a bus.

Wu will help with your Titan scores immensely. So fit him in if Improving titan scores are something you would like.

You’ve made a ton of progress in such a short time. Your roster is impressive and once you have your 3* and a few 4* finished you will be quite a force. Good Luck and check back in.

****Healers are key to your teams survivability.


I 100% agree with @Aunty_Krauser and @PapaHeavy.
You have Proteus and Rigard (both are very very good for long term).


Thanks @Aunty_Krauser, @PapaHeavy, and @jinbatsu. I will certainly take your advice and appreciate your input. I will hopefully have another update soon!!


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