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I’d welcome feedback on leveling and set-up strategies for offense and defense. I had previously left Wu Kong in all lines… offense, defense, war, titan… but looking at other rosters to have fun and try.

My characters include:
Red - Bold Tusk (4.70), Guardian Kong (2.60), Scarlett (3.1), Kelile (2.1), Gormek, Colen

Blue - Boril (4.70), Grimm (3.60), Sonya (3.1), Kiril starting to level

Green - Elkanen (3.70), leveling 2nd to 2.60 and then will work on Melendor, Gobbler

Purple - Tibertus (4.70), Rigard (3.60) and have an costume not leveled. Indecisive on Cyprian, Ameonna, Sabina, 2nd Rigard

Yellow - Wu Kong (3.60), Guardian Gazzelle (2.60), Chao (3.60), Hu Tao (1.20), Li Xiu

So… I’m trying to make more depth for war and also do better in raids. Also, what colors might you suggest rolling for improvements… and which portals now make the most sense.

You’re input will hopefully help. TY :wink:

First of all, this is a game of patience so treat levelling a bit like a marathon race rather than a 100 meter sprint.
From your existing heroes I would focus on your 4* first. Get 3 x 4* fully maxed rainbow teams before you start on 5* heroes.
Ideally you should also have 3 x fully levelled 3* rainbow teams for tournaments and events etc.
For your existing 4* focus on:
Grimm then Kiril
Rigard and then his costume (as a priority)
Wu Kong
Good luck
PS: Rigard + Costume is awesome

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