2 Months Playing & Looking for Advice

So today marks 2 months since I started playing E&P. I was lucky enough to do some reading on the forum a couple weeks in and saw the standard advice on what to focus on, so I don’t think I’ve made any huge mistakes. I’ve also played very consistently and dropped a little over $100 into the game, so I suspect that I’m further along than most people who have only been playing for 2 months. Nevertheless I’ve found myself with some questions and figured I’d pick the brains of some more experienced players. So here goes…

My Base:

  • SH 16 (mid-upgrade to 17)
  • TC 13, 11, 11
  • Watchtower 16
  • Fields & Mines 14-15
  • My strategy since hitting SH 15 has been to push for SH & TC 20 and largely leave fields and mines alone. This is so I get 5* training chances ASAP and because at this point it takes close to a month at the increased production rate to break even on the upgrade cost on fields/mines.

My Heroes:
Sorry for format, maybe I’ll take and upload some screenshots later.

  • Yellow Trained - Hu Tao (3.60), Bane (3.50), Melia (3.50), Gan Ju (2.12)
  • Yellow Untrained - Melia x2, Bane, Kailani x2
  • Purple Trained - Cyprian (3.60), Balthazar (3.50), Tyrum (3.50), Gill-Ra (3.40)
  • Purple Untrained - Khiona, Cyprian, Chochin, Balthazar, Gill-Ra
  • Blue Trained - Kiril (4.70), Valen (3.50), Ulmer (3.1)
  • Blue Untrained - Misandra, Agwe, Gato, Gunnar, Karil, Valen, Ulmer
  • Green Trained - Caedmon (3.60), Belith (3.50), Brienne (3.50), Berden (2.31), Isshtak (2.9)
  • Green Untrained - Atomos, Gadeirus, Little John, Muggy, Friar Tuck, Carver, Belith x2
  • Red Trained - Gormek (3.60), Namahage (3.50), Nashgar (3.50), Jahangir (3.50), Scarlett (2.34)
  • Red Untrained - Sumitomo, Gormek, Namahage, Nashgar x2

Mats, Gems, & Emblems:

  • 4271 gems (+30/day from VIP)
  • EHT x4
  • Mystic Rings x3
  • Mysterious Tonic x1
  • Compass x2
  • Fine gloves x2
  • Hidden Blade x3
  • Orb of Magic x7
  • Sturdy Shield x3
  • Trap Tools x3
  • Warm Cape x2
  • Emblems: Sorcerer x63, Cleric x90, Wizard x83, Monk x63, Rogue x71, Fighter x54, Ranger x81, Paladin x69, Druid x88, Barbarian x81

Questions & Advice Sought:

  1. Is my base leveling strategy stupid? I don’t think it is, but I could easily be missing something.

  2. I’m still in the first alliance I joined on day 1. The top 10 or so players are active and participate on 4* & 5* titans, wars, etc. Chat is dead silent. Would changing alliances do anything for me at this point? Am I even at a point where I could get in to any decent group?

  3. Yellow Heroes
    Finish Gan Ju > Kailani > 2nd Melia > 2nd Bane
    Worth leveling the 2nd Kailani or should I feed her?
    Worth leveling the 3rd Melia or should I feed her?

  4. Purple Heroes
    Finish Gill-Ra > Chochin > Balthazar
    Worth leveling the 2nd Gill-Ra or should I feed her?
    Feed the Cyprian duplicate and keep waiting for Rigard, Sabina, etc?

  5. Blue Heroes
    Finish Ulmer > Gato > Gunnar > 2nd Valen or 2nd Ulmer
    Level Agwe after if I haven’t pulled some good 4* options? He seems underwhelming…

  6. Green Heroes
    Finish Berden > Muggy > Finish Isshtak (Mnesseus kicks Isshtak if I pull him)
    Is it worth it to level a second Belith?
    When I start back on 4*, Gadeirus or Little John first? Any other green 4* I could pull that would trump them on leveling priority?

  7. Red Heroes
    2nd Namahage > 2nd Nashgar (Hawkmoon takes priority whenever I get her)
    Scarlett (3.60) > Sumitomo > 2nd Gormek (Boldtusk or Wilbur take priority if I pull them)

  8. I’ve been saving EHT for event summons. Should I blow whatever I have during Morlovia or should I wait for winter? Should I blow remaining gems on Avalon or Atlantis later this month?


I always kept mines and farms same level as stronghold

Your resources are a pretty big key in advancement for heros and upgrades

1forge(not big rush unless the next steps are items you want, but at least 1 lvl 20 forge is ideal at some point)
1tc after 3 at 11
Storages as needed(your iron storages will need to all be 18 to get to 20, so keep that in mind)

What i would do until sh is at 20

Then go ahead and max watchtower and iron/food storages after maxing farms, mines, and researching tc20 training

Heros, I’d probly level 15 3* to lvl 50 then start working on 4*

Stop 4s at 3/60 to save hams/feeders for next

Once at 30 usable heros, I’d start picking and choosing which 4s to take to 70(this bides u more time for good 4* options as well). And this pattern will pretty much continue as you get more and better 4s. Once at roughly 20 to 25 4/70 4s, I’d start picking some 5s to work on as you accumulate enough mats to go to 80. If you dont have other hero projects, then it doesn’t hurt to take say khiona to 70 while you’re waiting for tabbards

Yea i would change alliances. If you’re looking for anything more than a game to play on your smoke breaks at work, that alliance is a bad fit.

The more active an alliance is, the more titans they kill, the more wars they win, the more they chat, discuss, and learn. More activity= better/faster progress


Defiantly change alliances. There are excellent teaching alliances available and the game is much more enjoyable when you can chat about it and share the experience with others.

You can create your own recruitment thread if you’d like and ask for a supportive teaching alliance. Good luck and have fun!


Hi! How long did it take you to TC20?


I honestly dont remember. It was almost 2 yrs ago.

But i think someone has done some number crunching to figure out fast ways to do it

@_John_Doe got anything to add?


Atlantis is where i would spend gems. Heros+mats

Events i wouldnt summon outside of guardians until further in the game when you have a solid foundation of training camp 4* and you’re on roughly 7 to 8* titans which is when i felt the need for the elemental debuffers became a little more obvious

Epic hero tokens, better in december than october in my opinion. Halloween has victor. Xmas has santa, mother north, buddy, and even a decent 3* in rudolph.

So would be my pick. The hotm in december of course sucks unlike last year but is what it is.

Specific hero questions, I’ll have to make coffee for that

And just me but I’d save emblems until you have a long term defense in an alliance with a coordinated tank color, along with knowing which 30 heros you’ll be using for at least a few months in wars. Right now too much warranted to change to make emblem choices IMO. Patience doesnt kill anyone and you dont lose anything since events, quests, titans, and early pvp can be done without emblems. Biggest impact i see with emblems is wars.


Thanks for the quick replies!

Sounds like I should definitely start alliance hunting on the forum.

I’ll try to hold myself to finishing mono 3* teams before getting distracted by 4*/5* and will continue to hold EHT, mats, and emblems.

I’ll save gems for Atlantis and maybe hold off until October/November depending on where I’m at with the mono 3* teams.

I’ll update original post with new leveling plans.

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yes i kept storage up to SH. The mines,farms a couple levels back.
Just got Tc 20 running 12 days ago, it took me about 6 months to get there. You will do it faster, i think.
As Rigs said, you’re doing great, keep it up.:grin:
Have fun.


You have gotten some good advice already. Of the 4 stars you have picked, Caedmon, Gormek and Scarlett are among those you almost certainly will want to fully ascend eventually. You’ll need defence debuffers (Wilbur, Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek), dispellers (Caedmon, Sonya, Melendor, Sabina) and Scarlett has huge tile damage and a useful attack debuff. Cyprian, Little John, Hu Tao and Gadeirus are by no means bad, but would not be top priority in their respective colors in my opinion. Have fun!


Hi @Tauron, and welcome to the boards (first post, at least). Great post with lots of info nicely readable. Only question I have is: VIP or no? The answer affects base build-out strategy.

My summary strategy for base builds is:

I’m not sure how much you’ve been reading on the forums, but there is gobs of useful info. Rook has helpfully sorted some of these highlights:

Here’s my stock advice about hero training strategy:

You’ve started your trainings well. Some nice 5* heroes on the bench, which is where you should keep them for a while.

Next post will have post-coffee hero specifics.


@Kerridoc Thanks for the link drops! To answer your question, yes I am VIP and plan on continuing for the foreseeable future. Look forward to your post-coffee info!

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I see you do have double builders from VIP, so i’d recommend you keep farms & mines at SH level. The builders will suck out all your iron. Food may be at less of a premium because you’re mostly training 3* heroes at this point. When you start 4* or 5* trainings or, worse yet, troop trainings, food shortages will be a constant issue.

Change. Spend the time to find a good match. If you find a new one that isn’t comfortable, change again. A good alliance is like a good pair of hiking boots—both comfortable and incredibly helpful.

Umm, Gan Ju is garbage. I’d level Kailani first, as she has some practical uses (e.g. high levels of the Morlovia rare quest). You have the mats for Hu Tao. Although a slow-mana hero, he got a decent buff a while ago that most people don’t internalize when they say he’s garbage. He’s not bad; he was my first yellow 4*, and he helped me quite a lot even pre-buff. It’s worth waiting a bit more, especially if you’re doing some summoning. Wu Kong would be a huge improvement.

Don’t feed away any 4* or 5* card at this point. Buying some extra hero slots is much cheaper than trying to re-draw a card you’ve discarded. That second G-R is never going to get leveled, though.

Cyprian isn’t a top-flight 4* hero, but riposte has its uses. He’d be solid, e.g., facing a Li Xiu or Justice tank, both fairly common. I wouldn’t rush to ascend him, but if Rigard and Sabina (and Tibertus and Proteus) continue to dodge you, he’s worth ascending.

Agwe is not worth ascending. Your ordering seems solid (Valen#2 > Ulmer#2)—but, once you get a solid 3* bench, I’d take Misandra to 3/70.

You are very thin on healers—you’ll want lots for Alliance Wars. I’d get a second Belith before finishing Isshtak. Take Caedmon to max as soon as you get another sturdy shield; he’s a very solid 4*. I’d bring up Little John next; Gadeirus is useful primarily as a tank, but Kiril will be better in that role.

Looks right. 2nd Gormek is probably not going to happen.

I’d use all EHT in the Return to Morlovia until you get Kingston. While Victor is certainly very good, the 3* and 4* are not. Christmas heroes are all great.



From SH13-no VIP >>> to >>> TC20 with 2 months of VIP >>> total TC20 in 3 months and 4 days, by Boolz :)



@Tauron Crew has advice chat and patience. should check it out.

just helping. not recruiting.


i would wait till christmass


regarding 3* slow/average heroes

if you have 1 maxed, i wouldnt max a dupe.

2 melias are enough. why? shes aoe.


Welcome! Go with your gut feel. Nothing is “stupid.” It’s all by choice. Decide on what’s important to you, then go from there.


You’ve done the right thing by leveling Stronghold to 16 in two months. If I remember correct it took me roughly 14 weeks to hit 20. Your probably using vip and that’s a good thing for the second builder. Plan on vip for atleast another 6 months it’s best purchase in game for the second builder. Basically, keep 2 builders working at all times leveling something it really isn’t rocket science and you’ll be ok. Your focus should be getting to level 30 with enough 4* heroes maxed to be able too complete the “trials for emblems” and the rare quests for the 4* mats. Like the advice given above don’t even worry about 5* and leveling til you’ve reached that point ( they cost lots of resources and slow your progression- that being said, be like everyone else and try because it’s too tempting lol). Thirdly, join a family alliance like the Crew or one similar- it benefits you and makes the game way more enjoyable. You sound half ■■■■ serious about the game and that’ll get you spot somewhere.


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