Looking for suggestions and/or input

Hello, I am fairly new. This is what I have accomplished so far. I’ve been focusing on leveling up my team 1 and 2. Not sure if there is something else I should be doing. Also curious about my placement for my teams. Any any particular heroes I should watch for (maybe ones that don’t seem like much at first but are worth keeping and leveling up)
Any tips or advice would be helpful

You have some good heroes and some not so good heroes. For now, focus on leveling 2 3* of each color. This early in the game, you won’t have the resources to level your 4*

Also, with the exception of your defense, don’t fall into the habit of thinking of them as teams. When you are attacking (raids, map levels, titans, quests, wars), you’ll want to tailor your attacking heroes to be strong against that particular opponent.

For now, don’t get rid of any 3* or better. You’ll need a minimum of 30 heroes for war. Lock them so you don’t eat them.

Focus on Bane, Valen, Tuck, and Tyrum first. Since you don’t have a 3* red yet, work on Gormek. If you draw a 3* red, switch your focus.

Other 3* heroes to keep and level:

Any Season 2 or Seasonal Event heroes

Purple: Balthazar (2 copies)
Yellow: Kailani, Gan Ju
Green: Belith, Berden, Brienne
Red: Hawkmoon, Azar, Nashgar, maybe Jahangir
Blue: Gunnar, Ulmer

If you have the mats for your 4*, level Rigard, he is fantastic. Tiburtus, Caedmon and Gormek are also great :grin:

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Wow. I mean, wow.


Ok. Perfect… I had this nagging feeling of ‘there must be more to this’ lol. Thanks very much for the input. Any thoughts on the placement within the current teams?

For your defense team, left to right Tyrum, Valen, Gormek, Tuck, Bane. When you finish 2 of each color 3* and start on 4*, use Rigard as your tank, with Caedmon on the far left, Gormek left flank.

AI on defense fires charged specials from left to right. You want to go in this order: dispel/cleanse, buff/debuff, then hitters and healers.

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Hahahahaha so after all that. I bit the bullet and bought a bunch more heroes… now I’m really confused. You’ve already been so helpful, if you’d be willing to take a look at what I have now - please let me know … I don’t want to push my luck :laughing:

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@NPNKY @Brobb If it’s not against forum rules, then I hope you guys and others don’t mind when I use it as a signature or sth. like that. I started with 16 people outside of this game, friends and family. Now, there is nobod left, who I could ask. I mean I aksed others but nobody wants to play the game. Maybe sb. reads the forum before playing the game and is glad to start with 10 day VIP for free.

Sorry for being a little annoying :confounded::hearts:

Go ahead and post them. I’ll take a look. Also, are you in an alliance yet?

Thanks very much … it seemed like such a good idea at the time but then I was like ‘wellll, now what?!’ :laughing:
I am not in an alliance yet. I’m really enjoying the game … I’m not sure how to avoid ending up in an alliance with people who might not be a good fit (aka take this way too seriously)
Anyways - please ignore the teams, I made a random one just to play with the characters in a few raids to figure them out a bit

Okay, you had some good pulls. I’ll go by color for the order Id work on them. Focus on one of each color at a time, in this order:

Red: Hawkmoon, Jahangir, Gormek, Scarlett, Queenie, Elena
Blue: Valen, Captain, Greymane if you haven’t pulled anyone better
Green: Berden, Tuck, Caedmon. Carver and Isshtak only if you run out of options.
Yellow: Bane, Kailani, Gan Ju. Dawa only if you’re desperate
Purple: Tyrum, Rigard, Tibs, Sabina.

At this point I wouldn’t spend any more gems on pulls. You have enough heroes here to keep you busy for several months, and it can get very frustrating to have a bench full of shiny new toys and no food/feeders/materials to level them up.

Focus on leveling the ones you have and building up your infrastructure to support the higher level heroes. When you get your training camps to level 13, you can train your own 3* and occasional 4* heroes. When you get to TC level 20, you can add the occasional 5* into the mix.

This is a game of patience. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Awesome! Thank you so much. One more probably stupid question… does it matter if I use the heroes I’m leveling up in battles/raids? Like I can still level them and use others on my teams right ? Or should I be using the same ones I’m feeding ?

You might start with loosening up a bit. You can use a hero in more than one team like replacing Ragenhild with Valen. And, rainbow teams are good, but learning how to stack more than one color is something to test out in lower level farming.

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All heroes are avilable for use in battle. Be cautious using lightly-trained heroes, though, as they will be weak. Look at the stats—the hero power gives a mildly useful summary of the overall power, but use your judgment.


Got it… so basically just play around while gradually upgrading, feeding, building etc
I guess that makes sense … I mean what’s the point of having different heroes if you’re not familiar with what they can do :woman_shrugging:t2:

Hahahaha I’ve noticed … but more in terms of ‘this one keeps dying in battle’ :laughing:

They die, but always a new recruit.

Have you read the e&p wiki?

Two things about farming: you can hold down a finger on any hero/monster to see what all they are about and for explanation of any symbols; learn to aim as the heroes just fore random like a splash hitter might aim itself at a lone monster on the wing.

Here is a link to lots of good, helpful information



And here is a link to many teaching alliances. Feel free to check out several until you find the right fit.