Need advice for teams lineup defense/offense

Hi all, I’m a newbie to this game. I have started playing this game about one and a half months ago. I need advice on leveling and set up strategies for offense and defense team. Which hero should I concentrate on maxing out? Also, which hero should I use to fight Titans, Raids, and War? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Dark Heroes I have:
Jabberwock 3/54
Rigard 3/34
Cyprian 2/45
Zulag 1/29
Kageburado 1/17
Obakan 1/7
Sabina 2/17
Domitia 1/1
Fura 1/37
Aneonna 1/39
Cheshire Cat 1/29
Stonecleave 1/7
Tiburtus 1/10

Vivica 3/56
Bai Yeong 2/8
Mist 2/45
Inari 1/18
Wu Kong 1/31
Gullinbursti 1/22
Hu Tao 1/31
Danzaburo 1/19
Chao 1/19
Li xiu 1/16
Gretel 1/1

Kiril 4/36
Thorne 2/52
Perseus 1/43
Triton 2/43
Mireweave 2/1
Boril 2/1
Agwe 1/32
Sonya 1/28
Captain of Diamonds 1/10
Grimm 1/5

Elkanen 3/41
Kashhrek with costume 3/37
Lianna 2/7
Horghall 1/13
Caedmon with costume 1/15
Brynhild 1/31
Melendor 1/16
Gobbler 1/11
Skittleskull 1/9
Little John 1/5
Gadeirus 1/1

Boldtusk 3/60
Marjana 3/38
Khagan 2/33
Kelile 2/32
Azlar 1/16
Elena 1/1
Scarlett 1/30
Gormek 1/23
Shadereave 1/13
Sumle 1/10
Wilbur 1/11
Colen 1/10
Sumitomo 1/5

Work on more 3* and 4* - you won’t have the materials to max 5* without buying them at this point, so you’ll want to build up teams that can earn them.

A 4* at max (4.70) is better than a 5* at 3.70 in the vast majority of cases (the exceptions tend to be a result of complex specials you can’t get at 4*)… And on top of that, you can use them in more places.

3* have plenty of use too - not just in the raid tournaments and event tiers, but in wars too (until you have 30 maxed 4* you’ll need to rely on some threes!).

You’ve got some really useful heroes there to build up in future, but this game is a long term effort - investing time in getting the wheels turning early on (by building 3* and 4* teams) will get you further much more quickly.

Maybe finish off the 4* you’ve got most of the way (Kiril, Rigard, Boldtusk) alongside some 3* to begin with…
There will be guys that suggest building 20-30 maxed 3* before you start on 4* - they’re kinda right, but you may find it difficult to transition from levelling 5’s (even if you probably shouldn’t have been) to just working on only 3’s. Doing a mix of 3* and 4* is better than wasting time trying to push up 5* too early on.


Thank you so much for the advices, all of which I will certain apply creating my new teams.

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