Need Help With My Teams

I have a general idea of what I think is a good setup for my teams, but I would like other peoples opinions so I can figure out what is the best for me to have. I would love input on all kinds of teams, such as War, Titan, Raid Defense, Raid Attack, and any others you might feel like suggesting. Below I will make a list of all of my heroes 4 star+ including color and level. If you recommend me switching to someone I do not have leveled up then just let me know and I can start working on switching to them! :slight_smile:

5* Obakan(3:80)
4* Rigard(3:49)
4* Cyprian(1:3)
4* Ameonna(1:1)
4* Sabina(1:1)

4* Li Xiu(4:60)
(Yes she is my only 4 star yellow, RNG can be very painful, but at least she’s a good one)

5* Alice(3:70)
5* Frida(2:60)
4* Kiril(3:29)
4* Grimm(1:8)
4* Triton(1:1)
4* Agwe(1:1)
4* Sonya(1:1)

4* Kashhrek(4:60)
5* Elkanen(2:59)
4* Skittleskull(3:39)
4* Gadeirus(1:8)
4* Melendor(1:1)

4* Colen(3 in Talent Grid, 4:70)
4* Boldtusk(3:60)
5* Azlar(2:29)
4* Kelile(1:1)


My advice would be for a little while ignore the five stars, they need a lot more levelling and materials before they’re at their best. I’d concentrate on your fours and some threes as well

Rigard Grimm Kiril Triton Melendor Boldtusk are all good. You have lots of great healers, but some better hitters / snipers would be nice, so Grimm and Triton first in blue

If you have Balthazar, Berden, Namahage or similar three star hitters they might be worth training up


Once again agreeing with @Infinite (seems a habit of mine, or we are both the same person, infinite being infinitely better looking)
I wasted tons of time on 5* before I realized my error. 4* are easier and with emblems you can quickly make them close to 5*. So concentrate on 2-3 solid 4* teams, and some 3* also, before even touching a 5* (even their 2nd ascension will probably eat up a lot of your AM’s that would have fully leveled a 4*)

Edit: as a point the 1st hero I ever pulled was Musashi, leveled him to 3/70 and there he still sits. I also have Frida and Khagan at 3/70, anzogh and Hel at 1 (trust me it’s very difficult not to start leveling Hel, at least, but I’m finishing all my 4* project before I do)

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Obakan should either 4.80 or 3.70, not 3.80, so if at 3.70, stop and switch to Rigard, make Rigard to 4.70 (means Trap Tools for Rigard 1st).

Finish Li Xiu to 4.70

Priority: Kiril, Grimm, Sonya, Triton (all good)
If you have mats, Frida is good elemental def, and then Alice is good fast snipper.

Finish Kashhrek to 4.70, if you have mats for elkanen is good. But Healer is important and never too many healer, Melendor is best.

Boldtusk, Azlar.

Ooh, I’ve never had an online stalker before, I feel so special. :stuck_out_tongue:

You probably just agree with me cause I’m always right :wink:

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Maybe it’s because I like your name? Or those Purty Teeth?

Definitely because you are right :wink:

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Max Rigard,LiXiu,Grimm,Elk to 3/70,BT…and you will have a nice rainbow DT and time to lvl up others.

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