New team help and guidance

I am kinda new and still trying to wrap my head on forming teams. I have taken the approach of whoever has the highest stats gets plugged into a team and used that team for everything.

I know now that you have to be resetting teams as the situation changes with raids, titans and wars. My biggest hurdles thus far has been as follows:

I dont get enough recruits to train and when I do it barely takes any food using TC11 so I cant collect food before it is full and not producing any further. Also using the feed x10 method has not been good to me so my specials are low.

I purchased a couple deals during both atlantis and holiday events. I have gotten really lucky with the 10x summons considering I am roughly a month into the game and have the following heroes.

I could use some advice on who to focus on first and what would be the best defensive team out of it all would be. I currently have Little John, Wu, kiril, marjana and balthazar as my defensive team. (Alot of the higher end names I recently drew and have not added then to any lineups yet.)


Guinevere 1/14
Justice 1/1
Wu Kong 2/42
Li Xiu 1/25
Hu Tao 1/12
Bane 2/8
Gan Ju 1/10
Kailani 1/10
Kailani 1/1
Melia 1/1 ×2


Cyprian 1/8
Balthazar 3/40
Balthazar 1/1
Prisca 1/16
Oberon 1/12
Gil-ra 1/1
Tyrum 1/1


Kiril 2/10
Sonya 1/1
Valen 2/13
Greymane 1/9
Ulmer 1/1 ×2
Karil 1/1
Gunnar 1/1
Gato 1/1


Little John 2/38
Buddy 1/26
Melandor 1/16
Melandor 1/1
Skittelskull 1/1

Belith 1/25
Mnesseus 1/8
Ishtak 1/8
Brienne 1/10
Friar tuck 1/1
Berden 1/1 ×2
Carver 1/1 ×2


Marjana 2/20
Zimkitha 2/1
Colen 1/10
Jahanghir 1/8
Namahage 1/1
Rudolph 1/1
Azar 1/1
Hawkmoon 1/1
Nashgar 1/1

Any and all feedback is appreciated. Sorry for the long post and grammatical errors if there is any.

Cheers! :sunglasses:

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You probably doesnt have mats for 5* so
Wukong next Lixiu
Cyprian next another baltazzar
Kiril next Sonia
Buddy(for def debuff) next Melendor
Zimkitha and wait for Boldtusk/Scarlett/Gormek
Dont think much about your 5* now, dont make more than 1 hero in every colour at the same time and be happy :slight_smile:


Great advice , Wu, Kiril, Buddy, is best 4* worth for mats, Sonya as well. And if you lucky to pull BT, Gormek Rigard or Tibs it will be great 4* to start. But Cyprian is also fun to play.
Nice roster .

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Thanks for the feedback. So should I leave my defensive as is until the others are leveled up? Im also having a hard time getting 10 of the same color to level up. Is it that much of a difference if i use a different color due to running out of space on roster?

No! He should level Guinevere after Wu Kong, she would be better than Li Xiu for wars & raid defenses, even at 3.70 (Guinevere) vs 4.70 (Li Xiu)


Cyprian can be your tank, ascend Mariana in future too she is very good (I prefer slow heroes :wink: ) you have pretty good defense team for now, and if you haven’t purple hero for ascending use your purple food to another hero :slight_smile:

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You probably right but I love my Lixiu :blush:


Would you say that my defensive team doubles as my best offensive rainbow team? @Radar1

Its hard to say for me beacuse my offensive team always look 3-2 or mono red. I like have 2 healers in offensive team (one of them always BT or Kiril for buffs) and def debufer/riposte

Wu kong is definetly good for attack, he save me many times

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