Resetting 4* heroes to give emblems to 5* Heroes

What are everyone’s thoughts on resetting a 4 star hero (or heroes) in order to give those emblems to a newly leveled 5 star hero in that class? Example, I’m close to leveling Seshat, but I don’t think it’d be worth resetting Buddy(+8), Triton and Tibertus (both +3) in order to give her 4 nodes on the talent tree. Emblems go a lot further on 4 star heroes and make them into a low level 5 star that can hang better/longer with the big boys. My Caedmon +18 for example has stats similar to Lianna (minus the obvious difference on the damage from their special)


Following because I am in the same position. I am not sure if it’s worth resetting my 4* to give the emblems to my newly maxed 5* heroes …

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I would let them keep the emblems and be saving the emblems you collect now for the 5*. Your emblemmed 4* will be good for war and tournaments/quests


+1 on being in a similar position soon. My first decision will be whether to reset Sonya for Thorne. Many people would not even max Thorne to begin with, but I’m F2P, he’s my only legendary blue, I have the materials, and my other paladins after Sonya are pretty terrible. So I probably will reset Sonya only because Thorne will become my tank, and he needs to be as durable as possible (although I did consider going the attack route so his special actually packs some punch).

I will also have to make a decision about barbarian emblems (currently on Gormek; potentially going to Azlar), and rogue emblems (currently on Danzaburo; potentially going to Domitia). And I’ve also got open threads about what to do about my fighter emblems (Boldtusk vs. Poseidon) and my monk emblems (give to Li Xiu or wait?).

I look forward to seeing some good advice here.

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My advice is put emblems on the cards that are most frequently used in any situation in your lineup. Have a card that you use in raids and titans regularly? Probably should emblem them. Care only about raids and war? Focus on your teams there.

What bang for your buck, general depth for tourneys/war, well, then you do 4*.

I took that path, by the way. I went with 4* outside of Ares who is only +4, but he’s not getting any more at the moment as I have falcon from last run of guardians. The only thing I have noticed is that I’m not holding 2500 cups anymore and dropping to 2400 or so now as others who raid me use their emblems. Hasn’t hurt me in titans, raid attack, war, etc. In fact, I would say that if anything I am better off in those areas with the depth I have.

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Do not forget lost iron and food.

If you reset a 4*+18 hero, you lose 3+ million iron ( 5.36 days for me ) and 3.8+ million food ( 2.79 days for me). So 53.6+ days and 27.9+ days if I reset all my current 3*+Y, and 4*+Y, heroes.

I have also been careful which heroes get my emblems. My Boldtusk 4*+18 is not as powerful as some red 5* heroes, but is very solid ( see notes).

For my play style, this means emblems are permanent except for X*+1 heroes.


Click for notes

23,310 per hour
5.36 days = 3 million iron

56,731 per hour

2.79 days = 3.8 million food



I’m keeping my 4* heroes emblemed.

Buddy +18 and Proteus +6 will stay that way despite having Seshat at 3.70 (waiting for 3 tabards) and just getting Lianna from TC20. I have Hel at +3 and will most likely take the emblems I had previously put on Isarnia (+2) and put them on her, but Proteus at +6 is very valuable.

I chose Boldtusk (+18) over Magni and have Melendor and Sabina at +18 because the RNGods won’t bless me with a 5* healer.

I assume you went with the HP/def path. What are Melendor’s stats at that level? I anticipate being in that same boat eventually. I already have him at +12.

I think there are some 4* worth keeping the emblems and some who don’t. I’ve seen players that heavily emblemed LiXiu, probably hoping for some sort of baby Guin… I don’t think Li is worth embleming at all, non the less keeping them over some 5* hero. There also might be some that used emblems on Skittleskull or other not so useful heroes, out of lake of something better… Things are totally different when it comes to heroes like Boldtusk or Proteus. They will both keep their +18 level for sure.

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I did though I took defense over HP on the nodes that had attack/def or attack/HP. He is currently at:

Attack; 765 Defense: 676 HP: 1174. I will most likely take him to +19 since it will boost his D to 693. And I don’t have a real good 5* Druid.

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I do NOT think it wise IF and thats a big IF you use the 4s quite often. But if all they do is set there looking pretty for the most part I might give it a ponder…IE other than 4 tourny there is NOT many ways at all I use Tibs over Seshat, as she is a flat out BEAST

I’m in a somewhat similar boat, but I know how I am going to handle it. I have Triton +18 as a fixture on my mono blue team and recently leveled Athena. She will get his emblems, but not until I get Magni maxed and he takes Triton’s place. Triton will see little use outside of my second blue war team, and that isn’t important enough to keep him emblemed.

Note that I would not consider resetting multiple folks to feed one, resets aren’t free.

With me it depends on the 4* and the 5* of course.

Neither Boldtusk nor Grimm will ever lose their emblems, because they are really often used and shine with them. Also Wilbur will get and keep emblems, Proteus (for defensive reasons).

But resetting a +13 Jack O’Hare? Will do for Seshat. Stripping down +14 Sonya for new main tank Ares (and King Arthus right behind…).

For Sabina I have no other sorcerer options, also Caedmon. Will think about that, when I have better heroes in this class… Or a hero which could make more use of the emblems.

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