Are you altering emblem paths for costumes?

Why is Vivica’s costume version clearly better than her original? They are statistically the same but one has a defense down and dispel special, the other has a defense buff and cleanse special. I’m not sure why one special is clearly better than the other. Matter of fact, personally I prefer the original Vivica here since I don’t see the use of a slow dispeller.

And watch the tone please.


Exactly what I said. Better for titans and sucks for everything else, so he cannot be considered the best, not even close. The best class for a healer and cleanser is obviously his original, cleric. The new class doesn’t make any sense. And for PvP healing once and well, is much better. The new special may be easily dispelled so I rate Rigard’s original better in PvP. And like I said, the titan is killed anyway, with the new Rigard or not. The most costumes are to compensate S2, event heroes and hotm. Therefore PvP primary objective. The titan received anyway Ranvir and Miki. You are talking about the titan loot as the most important thing. But often, the lower grades get better loot at titan :wink:


That’s simply because there are more “lower grades” then higher ones so it makes sense to see more loot there but depending on the titan you face, a higher grade is more rolls at loot, I’ll always take the extra roll.

As for rigard, not sure why you think having attack up for all is only for titans… it’s extremely useful in PvP as well and SSH and HOT heal each have their pros and cons but I won’t get into all that cause everyone has a personal preference… Rigard is one of the best and most useful costumes though, surprised to see it spoken of as just okay.


I like it, but I cannot say is the best. His job is for healing and cleansing and the most important thing is his class for that matter. I saw him resisting hundreds times at Merlin, Proteus, Hel, Hansel, etc. The ranger class is clearly a great disadvantage and makes him much worse in PvP, not only the dispellable special. But indeed, is great not only for titans. I see his costume better than original in challenges too. And in any hard mission… Besides, the ranger trials lack in healers and this is another advantage. So yes, I like him, but is not the best imo.

Best is subjective for sure, all I’m saying is he’s very very good. I agree ranger is less useful for him in PvP, but cleric class is never something I bank on and if I had to decide between a small chance to dodge a mana heroes special or guaranteed attack up for everyone, every time, I’ll personally take the attack up. I can avoid mana controllers if I’d like. Anyway, just 2 cents as I’m absolutely loving him and Mel.

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Multiple costumes

Eventually there may multiple costumes for Rigard.

How will you decide the best path?

The Devs could let you reset your path at any time

([Suggestion] Same hero, free, class node reconfigure or some fun with class nodes)

and when adding that feature, allow it to keep track of a separate path for costumes.

Reset emblems

I do not use reset emblems because food and iron is lost

Limited options

In the end it will not have much of an impact.


It would be tempting to spec Rigard based on his Ranger class because node 8 right is +2% mana.

This works well because Rigard has high defense and Cleric node 8 right is Defense 3% or +20 points for Rigard.


Tibby went from hit three to hit all while sacrificing a bit of duration. IMO it makes him much more valuable. Not the BEST costume out there but a solid improvement. I drew the costume but the original Tibby is still mired in tier I since he joined my team very late. He will receive materials soon now, he’ll be better in wars.

For your original post: It depends.
For heroes where both the costumed and un-costumed versions are both going to be used I probably won’t reset any emblems already assigned.
For heroes where the costume is the only version I plan to use, I will reset if the path already taken isn’t what I want.

The costumes I have now that I will want to use exclusively are on heroes with no emblems (Melendor and Tibby). In both cases I will focus on the best path for the costumed hero.

At the moment the only heroes I have with emblems AND a costume are 3*, Brienne and Gunnar and I don’t plan on resetting either of them because I believe both versions have value.
I may max a second Brienne because I want to be able to use both the costumed and the regular versions in the same team. Gunnar will probably never use the costume since I believe costumed Brienne is better (mini-Athena) at Average vs. Gunnar (mini-Isarnia) at Slow (except when there is a no-green rule).

The costumes are going to make 3* Raid Tournament team composition interesting. The new super 3* from the events have been spectacular and now some of the classic, costumed 3* are as well. FUN, FUN, FUN. (this is NOT sarcasm, it really is so cool). Hawkmoon has become relevant again, Belith had eaten her lunch until costumes (and may again once Belith gets a costume). Tyrum original will be better for Buff Booster, Costumed Tyrum for Bloody Battle, if you use him.


Great thoughts. Costumed Hawkmoon is almost certainly the single best hero to have in the current raid tournament (3 star, no element restrictions, buff booster).


If there will be free path adjustments or tokens to do that, I would.

But for minor stat changes at the cost of a strip coin and fortunes of resources, I wouldn’t.

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Tell me about… Took me 2 days of producing iron to remake Li Xiu +19 path. I had no choice though, because my alt has no other better yellow hero and now I may use her as flank at war finally. Being rogue is also a great advantage.


@Scarecrow What was your initial path with Li Xiu and how much of the path is getting reworked due to the costume?

Initial path was def/HP only, of course. But with the costume atk stat, more damage percentage and most important, being rogue, I changed only to atk path. I post it at the Neith thread; perhaps you’ve seen it.

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@Scarecrow Yeah, haven’t been to the Neith thread in a while.

So I finally finished leveling up my Rigard costume so am returning to this thread. My thought is that his costume version would be good for titans and he could replace Sabina who is currently there w/ a 729 attack stat. But then as others have already noted his path is wrong. I could reset him (he is +18) taking the attack path. Has anyone done this yet? What are his final stats? And would it be worth the lost food and iron? Thanks in advance!

I haven’t done it and am not 100% certain because I don’t yet know what the percentage bonuses are based off. I have assumed it is off of the costumed card’s base stats (as opposed to the NON costumed card’s base stats). In that case, your proposed Costumed Rigard +18 taking the attack point would have the following nodes:

  1. Pierce
  2. Attack Bonus +15
  3. Defense Bonus +18
  4. Pierce
  5. Attack Bonus +15
  6. Health Bonus +36
  7. Pierce
  8. Defense Bonus 3%
  9. Attack Bonus +15
  10. Attack Bonus 3%
  11. Attack Bonus 15
  12. Pierce
  13. Attack Bonus +15
  14. Health Bonus +36
  15. Pierce
  16. Defense Bonus +18
  17. Attack Bonus +15
  18. Attack Bonus +15

From his base costume stats of 633 / 702 / 1271 that would bring him to 756 / 759 / 1343 (again, making an assumption about what the 3% bonuses calculate off of). A rough comparison here is an unemblemed Misandra: 723 / 751 / 1330.

FWIW, I’m planning on taking him to probably +17 along the Def/HP path, which would yield 666 / 813 / 1415 and 15 spare emblems. The natural comparison here is a faster mana speed (actually, way faster, since his costume bonus plus a modest mana troop make him a 9 tile charge) but un-emblemed Kunchen at 618 / 815 / 1437. I don’t need Rigard to kill anyone (though he does pick up two non-optional attack boosts along my path) - his buff and the rest of my team will do that. I need him to live.

One final note: I assumed that both of our paths SKIPPED the mana bonus and health bonus at nodes 8 and 9, instead option for the defense bonus 3% and attack bonus +15 fork.


Thank you for this @IvyTheTerrible! Very helpful analysis. Wow-the increased attack would be very meaningful on Titans. I do also need him to survive, since I have no 5* healer, but he’s pretty sturdy and I don’t usually have a problem keeping him afloat. Decisions, decisions. The answer doesn’t seem obvious, given the iron and food costs of resetting

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Agree 100%, since you already have him emblemed. I had been feeding all my Cleric emblems to Mother North, so I had two maxed but un-talented Rigards. I maxed the costume on both and am even considering maxing a third for wars. Anyway, point is I can now emblem a single Costumed Rigard however I want.

As I said, I am leaning towards Def/HP since I feel it likely he’ll now become an important raid hero for me. I worry about his survivability in that environment for two reasons:

  1. His HoT is slower, which could lead to his death if he’s barely hanging on.
  2. As he battles increasingly high +x five stars I think every bit of survivability will matter.

I will also use him on the next Holy titan that spawns, where I will wish I had the extra tile damage. But overall I think this is an acceptable tradeoff since I enjoy raids more.

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I’m thinking about that…one without costume (my current +12), one with costume and the appropriate path. And one…mixed path? But if they’re all emblemed, I have to remember the stats to distinguish between them if I mess up that costume part :rofl: or look at the path…

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Excellent point. I may experiment with him some before deciding.

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How do I put Druid emblems on my costumes Sonya? I thought the whole point of costumes was to change hero completely… I stripped all her Paladin emblems for Telluria, thinking since I had nearly 400 Druid emblems I could bump her back up that way…