Emblem path for Li Xiu

I am very close to having Li Xiu maxed, and I am wondering whether to give her emblems, and if so, what path to follow. My monks have been terrible for a long time, which was my main motivation for maxing her in the first place. She will be on both my monk class trials teams and will probably be my third or fourth yellow for wars, behind Poseidon +1, Onatel 3^70, and probably Danza +15. I know she can be a good tank, but with Poseidon firmly entrenched as the yellow on my rainbow defense team already and Boril holding down tank duties until Thorne is ready to take over, I don’t see her having a role there.

Right now, I have 71 unassigned monk emblems and Bane at +20. My other monks (4-star and up) are Wu Kong 1^1 and Leonidas 2^60. Ranvir is next up on my yellow leveling, so Wu will be waiting a while (maybe forever), and Leonidas will not be getting emblems any time soon, as I only have 3 darts, and my next set is probably going to Onatel anyway. So unless I had the spectacular fortune to draw Wilbur in Atlantis (unlikely, as I’ve finished normal and hard, and coins are tough to come by), Li Xiu is about the only place to put them for the foreseeable future. Is she worth it in the role I have described?

Should I reset Bane to get his emblems too? I have 4 reset tokens, but I already have plans to reset Hawkmoon (for Rigard), Valen (for BT/Poseidon), Danza (for Domitia), Sonya (for Thorne), and Gormek (for Azlar) when the appropriate heroes are maxed/no longer useful for class trials. Reset tokens are rare as hen’s teeth, and as F2P, I hate to surrender gems/emblems for a reset.

If I give the emblems to Li Xiu, should I go attack or defense? My gut says attack, since I don’t plan to use her in a tank role, but will the attack boost really make her special that much more effective? So far, I’ve been notably underwhelmed with her mana cut.

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same for me any tips?

in my case boril or kashrek are my tank so i can be more flexible on li xiu

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Her biggest asset is how annoying she is.

As such, you want her alive as long as possible to be annoying.

Def --> Health --> Attack path.


I have Li Xiu with 6/20 emblems (defense path) as my tank in a raid defense team. I’ve been doing a little reserach on monks also and decided to give about 10/20 emblems to Li Xiu (I don’t have Poseidon or other cool heroes, F2P) and then save the rest for Tarlak or/and Wilbur. I know that it’s hard to get them without donation but they are great (save gems for 10 summons at once, I got Triton and Proteus last summon).
As for Li Xiu she is pretty annoying with mana cut and has stable def points. If you’re planning to play Li Xiu in a long run (war and raids), emblem her in defense path - to increase her survivability; her skill is more important than damage (imho)


Li Xiu is good to be placed next to your tank in raid defense team. If special skill is activated (even 1 time before her death), it forces opponent to gather mana again for strike and requires from 1 (if your opponent plays mono) to 3-5 additional moves (in case of 3+2 or 3-1-1 tactics). I went for defense path in emblems, see below my response to author.


Does anyone knows if li xiu maxed unemblemmed can beat levels s1 7-4 and 8-7 in one strike (not the bosses)?

I have her emblemmed +6 and i want to give those emblems to Joon. But i use li xiu in my grind/ auto Play team because she can strike all ennemies at once.
If she can’t do that anymore without emblems i think i’ll wait a while with Joon i think :slight_smile:

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I have li xiu and before they modify moobs hp she was able to kill waves with her special .
Now only if she has an attack buff like Boldtusk.
Otherwise its not enough damage to wipe the wave.

My li xiu

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This is strange. I have lower stats and she clears the whole ennemy waves (not the bosses! )
And i don’t have other buffs up like BT.
Are we taking about the same? :slight_smile:

I just need someone with an unemblemmed li xiu Play 7.4 or 8.7 to check :slight_smile:

Its on 8.7. yes , she cannot wipe the entire wave i dont know why .

There are two standing moobs with 16hp

Strange right?

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what troops are you guys using? maybe that accounts for the difference.

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Unemblemed but costumed Li Xiu (base version). L13 mana troops. Can clear MOST of the trash mobs on 8-7. Sometimes one or two is left almost dead.


Ok thanks for all the info!
Since i’m mostly doing 7.4, it’s worth giving the emblems to Joon and still have li xiu in my grinding team.

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