Strategy: Emblems on 4* or 5*?

I see a lot of different opinions on the forum regarding heroes to emblem and I’m really uncertain on what to do myself. I have 5 5* fully ascended by now and a very good 4* roster. I’m using my emblemmed 4* all the time and am reluctant to strip them to give to my 5s - even if my 5s constitute my defence time. I guess the options are

  1. Finish emblemming my 4s to say +18 before starting on the 5s
  2. Pause emblemming 4s and switch to 5s (my 4*s are around +10)
  3. Strip my 4s and give all to 5s

I think my raid success would drop too much with option 3 (I’m usually in diamond arena at the time I empty my chest).

What would you recommend? My emblemmed 4* are BT, Scarlett, Hansel, Melendor, Sabina, Proteus, Grimm, Sonya, Wu Kong, Chao. My ascended 5s are Hatter, Seshat, Guinevere, Misandra and Anzogh with Khiona on her way

Ideally I’d liked to have G Jackal, G. Falcon and Wilbur also emblemmed since they’re so useful.

I give 1 node at least to all my commonly used 5*s, and stop them there. I focus mostly on my 4*s though.

The guardian 4*s and Wilbur are all great to have emblems on, since their specials are immensely helpful at what they do.

Also, here’s a thread related to this:


I’ll resist the temptation to merge this thread into that one. That one was really more focused on which particular 4* heroes are emblem-worthy. It’s probably worth a separate discussion about the meta-strategy.


I would say keep the emblems on the 4* you use regularly and start embleming the 5* you use regularly. I have emblems on BT, Grimm, Gormek, Rigard, Melendor, Sonya. I use them all regularly and am aiming for at least 11 for each (BT is at 13). I’m also slowly embleming the 5* I have (only 8 maxed currently) to at least 4.

After that I will reassess my situation.

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I would strip Chao for Seshat, ASAP. But you have some good 4* heroes worthy of emblems. Like BT. +18 it’s enough. Just think about this. The talented 4* heroes help you a lot in wars and tournaments. Which are more important than some raids.


Once you have a bunch of talented epics and legends, you’ll place a node here and there, whenever you have enough emblems.

Goal is to have talents on at least every hero which is useful for you.

It looks so nice, if you have talents on many heroes in your roster.


Kiril and 2 Proteus?? Nice job bro :slight_smile:

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I have Grimm at 18 wondering if I should go with 15 shield or 2% mana

2% doesn’t really change anything. But his poor defense really needs +15. I stopped with him at +19. Def 618.


You know I asked a similar question but more specific to Ares/Sonya in particular. I’m glad to see it’s not just a problem that I’m dealing with.

I think the consensus so far is you emblem 4* heroes that have no 5* equivalent (like Wilbur) or at least not ones that you have. You’ll get more mileage out of 4* than 5* due to accessibility and emblem conservation (you can emblem three 4* for one 5* assuming +20 is the end goal). BUT you emblem 5* first if you’re trying to craft an unbreakable defense and hold top 100 leaderboard because you need to squeeze every advantage you can get, but that’s a super expensive hobby so not useful advice for most.

This is also far more dependent on your bench and personal play style than though. I’m keeping my emblems on Chao because I have no other effective yellow sniper (Ranvir ain’t it. Sorry folks). But if I pull a Joon or Poseidon (in my wildest dreams), then my priorities change. Panther is getting my fighter emblems because I don’t feel Hu Tao deserves it, nor my 1/1 Colen or Sumitomo, but that’s on me, but she’s probably not the best choice. You do what you can with what you have and reset the rest.

I’m stopping my Ares emblem at +7 because I get attacked rarely enough in wars as is, and having a punchier Sonya is more useful to me.


does a 2% mana bump real do anything of any REAL vaule?

For an average speed hero, you need a lvl 17 mana troop I believe to reduce from 10 tiles to 9 - which is a big difference.

you all seem to have made the case for giving emblems to 4*'s to push them and cover their weakness, correct? I more of in for a penny in for pound so looking at trying to push a given hero or is it better to broadcast?

Not sure what you’re asking, but you’ll probably get more mileage out of 4* heroes. As far as which path to take, the short and partially unhelpful answer is that it depends on the hero.

Healers should take defensive path, attackers like Grimm or Scarlett, everybody has their own take but fully emblemed is better than none at all. Some go full defensive path, others go full glass cannon. It just depends on what you want to do.

My guess is “push a given hero” refers to a classic hero provided in TC. “Is it better to broadcast?” refers probably to summoning :man_shrugging:

I won’t answer this, because this may go wrong either way. Summoning may provide much better heroes, of course, but yet again, there are so many complaints like “did 60 pulls or 100 pulls and I got only garbage”.

Anyway, the emblems should be used. Like you already said, the healers should take the HP/def path. I will continue with this:

  • Support heroes should take HP/def path
  • Rogue class should take ONLY atk path
  • Monk class is very resistant to all kind of status ailments and most heroes here should also take the atk path
  • Paladin class should take the HP/def path excepting the snipers. This particular path is poor in atk nodes and no matter what, the snipers are forced to take also def path. So, for a hero like Sonya, for example, should be chosen any atk node she can get. Her def stat is already impressive, but being a sniper should also do more damage.
  • Wizard class is trickier than any other class. Its ability requires naturally a better offensive, but the most heroes in this class are poorly chosen. Why anyone would increase the attack for Guin, Kiril or Proteus? Not even for Isarnia, because she’s squishy and unfortunately the most atk nodes within wizard path are combined with HP nodes, not def.
  • The fighter class suggests is better to choose atk path. If the fighter dies, revives and fires, at least to do some good damage. The def path doesn’t help a fighter on reviving, obviously.
  • Cleric class is also a defensive class. Excepting Elk, who should take only atk path. Actually his skill relies on this.
  • Ranger class is the one within the heroes are rangers indeed. And even the name suggests the atk path should be the chosen one. One shot, one kill. At least, this is ability about. If bypasses the defensive buffs.
  • Sorcerers, druids and barbarians should be chosen based on the first “rule”. Healers and support heroes with HP/def node.

But in the end, any player should make the own choices. The player knows better where and when uses the heroes.


+1, this is some solid advice!

My only addition would be to say to emblem what gives you the most versatility! The more use you get out of a hero, the more likely you should emblem it :slight_smile:


Wow thanks Scarecrow, this is really great advice. I have been looking everywhere for something like this. Very clear and decisive so appreciate the help

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I think Proteus’ DoT is attached to his attack stat, so some have advocated going attack on him to increase his carnage…

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Like I said, everyone should make his/her own choices, regardless the forum says. But most players choose for him HP/def path, because is more important his primary skill, much more than DoT, therefore his survivability is more important.


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