Advice on emblems and leveling 4/5 star heroes

Can I get some assistance on who I should prioritize using emblems on. I have enough 4/5 star heroes for a 30 man war roster. 4 stars are my bread and butter at the moment so should I focus on them or a couple of my 5 stars. I’ve only been playing for about 3 months.

Thanks in advance

Grimm 3.60
Gretel 2.25
LG 2.50

Viv 2.0
Rigard 3.60
Hansel 3.55

Gad 2.50
Caed 3.60

BT 4.67

Wilber 5 + 5
Wu 4.70

Cyprian 2.10
Sonya 3.60

Athena 3.38
Khagan 3.65
Tibertus 3.60
Seshat 2.10

Inari 3.21

Quintus 1.12
Sabina 2.42
Ameonna 1.15

Hel 3.70
Proteus 3.60
Kiril 4.70

After three months you won’t have enough ascension materials to take fives up to fourth ascension

Therefore concentrate on the fours. You luckily have some of the best in the game. Next priorities for me in each colour are

Purple Proteus
Red BT to finish, but no reds left after that
Green Caedmon (deadheat with Hansel, but as you can put his sister up, maybe Caedmon)
Blue Grimm
Yellow Gretel

Just what I reckon. I’d just do single colour training from here

Do you have any three star heroes for colour stacking?

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Just know that if You’re going for a full grid, 4 star heroes require 505 emblems. And a LOT of food and iron. Three star heroes require 233 emblems for a full grid.

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Don’t forget Rigard!!! He will be around for a LONG time. His shelf life lasts quite awhile and he is indispensable as a Healer and a Dispeller!! Otherwise I agree with @Infinite…hey I decided that other guy was totally too cool for me so I’m back :wink:

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