Emblem Question for Multiple Classes

Hello all. I had a couple of emblem questions for various classes, and wanted to get some feedback! As an FYI, I stop all 5* at +7, and I generally stop 4* at +18 (Have made 2 exceptions so far - Sabina to 19 and Scarlett to 20).

I currently have Ariel +7 and Kunchen +7. I have a few options after this, but the 2 I’m debating between are Vivica and Rigard. I did ask this specific question in its’ own thread, and got a resounding answer of doing Rigard next.

I currently have +7 Poseidon and +18 Boldtusk. My next options are Magni, BT #2, Sir Lancelot, Colen, or Hu Tao. I assume the answer here is Magni next, but figured I’d ask.

I currently have +7 Joon and +18 Wilbur. My only options after them are Wilbur #2, Wu Kong, or Li Xiu. I think my current plan is to just hold on to Monk emblems for the time being. I could also emblem Bane for the 3* tournaments!!

I currently have Frida +7 and Sonya +11. I haven’t progressed any farther on Sonya because I use her almost solely for a 5th/6th team on wars, if then. She also gets used sometimes in raid tournaments, like this week. I currently have no other Paladin options, and am sitting on over 100 emblems. Should I continue putting them on Sonya, or sit on them for a different Paladin to come along? The only other Paladin in my current roster I could see is if I ever maxed Thorne.

I currently have Evelyn +7 and Lianna +7. My next options are Buddy, Chao, Tiburtus, or Triton. I am leaning towards Buddy as he is part of my blue titan team. The rest of those heroes sit there and are used on war teams 5/6 sometimes.

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

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Seems like you have some great heroes and options!

If I’m in your shoes, here are a few things I’d be thinking about:

  1. if you have any 5* heroes that you use all the time in war and raid def, it might be worth going beyond level 7 - especially if you don’t have another great option. The 125 emblems are tough to swallow, but with so many teams coming close to maxing out, it could be helpful for the future (for example, poseidon could be an option here)
  2. Are you planning to spend on costumes when they come back? If so, I’d tilt the balance towards the 4 star heroes with costumes - my dapper noble rigard is pretty boss right now
  3. With reset emblems showing up in the emblem quests on occasion, I’d also be a little more cavalier about trying out a new hero, and then resetting if you don’t like it!

For your specific questions:

  • Cleric - additional thumbs up for Rigard
  • Fighter - agree on magni - unless you want to go past level 7 poseidon. Separately - do you have level 17 red mana troops? If so, I’d bring BT to +19 to bring his tiles to 9
  • Monk - if you don’t have one of the 5 star titan hitters (miki, tarlak, etc.), I would go wu kong - emblems can substantially up his survivability for higher level titans
  • Paladin - I’d keep up with Sonya if you’re thinking about costumes - she’ll get pretty fierce with that bonus
  • Ranger - I’ve got buddy to +19, and his line is 606/782/1470 - use him all the time in raids, titans, etc. Him plus evelyn is going to crush for titans and green stacks. If you didn’t have kunchen, I’d consider Tibs as well. Triton can get a crazy high attack stat, and paired with Ariel, might make sense, but can’t get past the idea of a buddy + evelyn stack!

Good luck!

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Great points you make there. It’s a lot to think about, but the increase of reset emblems does make it quite a bit easier to swallow. I currently have 7! The first block of stuff you posted, here are my thoughts:

1 - Generally, my war defense is some combination of Zim +7, Ariel +7, Poseidon +7, Sartana +6 (4 emblems from +7), and Lianna +7. We are just about to switch to purple tanks, so Sartana will be traded out for Kunchen +7, and the rest will be re-worked a little bit. Probably won’t run Kunchen and Ariel in the same Defense team.
2 - I might spend a tad bit on emblems, but not too much. I do have Rigard and Melendor costumes maxed (Mel is currently +12, and I love the white wizard!)

Class Specifics:

Cleric - Yep, that has been the theme. Rigard will be my next emblem target, especially since I do have his costume.
Fighter - My red mana troops are level 15, but I am slowly working on leveling them up. I do like the idea of getting him down to 9 tiles though! We’ll see how fast I accrue emblems compared to leveling up the troops.
Monk - I have Miki +6. I actually removed the emblems from Wu to put them on Wilbur, when I ended up replacing Wu with Miki. I’ll probably just sit on Monk emblems for now.
Paladin - Sonya is already quite beefy, just going the D route at level 11. I’ll work on progressing her farther (If I can spare the iron with all these darn buildings!)
Ranger - I’m on board with Buddy being my next target for Ranger emblems. Eve/Buddy is no joke! Just this week, I got my first 100k titan hit on a blue titan!

Gotta love the costumed 4 star healers - my rigard is tankier than my +7 viv!

A couple of extra things I thought I’d mention, just in case:

  1. For rigard - if you’re planning to use his costume typically, make sure to check that emblem path - might lead you to some different choices than the normal cleric path for healers
  2. For monks - I might think about li xiu - I had her emblemed a while back, and swapped her out for joon - miss having her emblemed for wars and raid tourneys. Plus, with her costume, she too gets pretty crazy
  3. For buddy - I went with health and defense, as his special is mostly a support one in my mind. That said, if the main focus is titan hits, it might make sense to add some attack, given he’s already pretty beefy to withstand a titan hit.

Good luck!

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