Emblems for 5*

Not sure if this has been asked before? But was wondering what you all thought would be the highest tier I should bring my 5s(specifically if they are your defense team) to before focusing on 4s? I have most of my 5*s at tier 6 at the moment.

I brought mine up to node 1, and halted them there. I’m finishing at least one 4* in each class before I focus on embleming more of my 5*s myself.

But this is just cuz it works for my goals. My defense keeps me in diamond (or close enough) and I just want to open my raid chest in diamond.

By finishing up 1 4* in each class you mean full +20 emblems?

My current defense keeps me comfortably in diamond around the 2500-2550 trophy range so it may be worth putting emblems on other heroes now. I’m one node away from having +20 on Sabina:)

Good question, it depends on the class tree. I’m planning to stop most of my heroes at node level 19 though.

Anything that has the mana boost at node 20 (like Monk), I won’t even bother with it since it requires so many emblems and it’s hardly worth it. But if node 20 is something like a crit boost, I would consider using the massive amount of emblems.

I’m similar to Dave. The emblem requirement jumps a lot past +7 for a 5*. I believe it’s 125 emblems to go from +7 to +8. So I go to +7 and stop. With my 4*, I go to either +18, +19, or +20, depending on bonus. Really, I don’t think I have any at +20.

So far, I do not have a +7 and +18 in the same class. When I get there (probably wizard for me), not sure which way I’ll go yet.

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My talented 5*s are all at node 6 or 7, and most of these will be stopping there due competition for emblems, getting displaced from heavy usage by other heroes, or my not valuing another node of their talent very highly. It’s mostly coincidence they they all have wound up here, but I can only imagine taking one or two of them further any time soon, emblems permitting.

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