Ranvir (stock) v.s. Wukong (LB20E)

Hi Folks,

LB’ed and emblemmed my Wukong a while back but managed to pull a Ranvir at the last Taverns. In a bit of a dilemma and wondering what the community thoughts are.

Wukong LB+20E:


Ranvir (have not committed darts yet, possibily of emblems later on. Druid emblem priority currently going towards Pengi)

So, would you commit asc mats to Ranvir if you had an LB20E Wukong?

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Keep asc mats for a better 5* yellow thats what i would do


doesnt make sense to me.

Also you hear alot of regret stories about leveling ranvir.

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I ascended Ranvir and he was great, but to be honest for titans i use Bertulf over both as i dont like the miss and i just use a titan banner, hes a mini Tarlak and lb w/ emblems and using Gullinbursti he survives 14* titans.


I used for a long time Wu Kong. Now I use Gazelle and even though her buff caps at 100%, it is still better than Wu’s 185% + bear banner/ BK’s attack up and the misses. I hear everyone that once they get another super attack buffer, they bench Wu, so I can imagine that the situation with Ranvir is similar, but he just costs many more resources.

So I would not do Ranvir either.

In your case with The Wu LB’d I would agree with everyone else and not max Ranvir if you don’t have a big surplus of ascension mats or a alternative purpose for him. Mystic Titan depth, ToL, me of the towers, or something.

You don’t have a good quantity of emblems soon for Ranvir so Wu’s stats are better and will stay that was for a while.

I stripped my Wu when I also got Ranvir from a ToL. My situation was different though:

  • I needed monk emblems badly elsewhere
  • I had a surplus of druid emblems at the time
  • I had enough mats for like 3 yellow heroes
  • I am F2P, so the odds of me getting Gazelle, Tarlak, Miki, etc. are nothing.

I don’t regret what I did and like Ranvir, but everyone’s situation is different. I could reset emblems, you can’t reset aethers. If you pay for summons and stand a good chance of eventually getting one of the more consistent A boosters either one of these guys are just place holders.

Good luck!



Not at all.

Maybe Ranvir offers protection against dark heroes, but that isn’t enough to justify the use of ascension mats.

I use Bertulf LB in titans and he usually gives me good results despite being a 3* hero.

Besides, Wu Kong LB can be useful in 4* Buff tournaments, whereas Ranvir is pretty useless, as his boost attack isn’t completely guaranteed.


Ranvir is my biggest ascension regret. He gets used a grand total of never since I got Miki, which was month after I maxed Ranvir. Even without Miki you have option in Bertulf, and even base Wu is enough sturdy (especially LB-ed, talented and with C-bonus) that Ranvir doesn’t really bring much more to the table, especially for 8 x 4* AM you need to forfeit.

So keep Ranvir on the bench and save mats for better yellow 5* such as Hanitra.



We will have to agree to disagree


A good friend in Beta really REALLY like Ranvir but…

That was before Miki


costume Wu Kong

Yellow mega damage booster

Unless ZS releases a costume for Ranvir AND you get it

Wu Kong is currently better than Ranvir regardless of your roster and play style ( as readers of the forum know, this sentence pains me to write, but ZS did what it did with emblems, costumes and aethers )


Click for notes

Loot to get loot

([Master Discussion] - Mirages of Omega (Limit Breaker) Quest - Guide, Sharing & Discussion - #358 by Gryphonknight)

Wu Kong

Costume, Level 75, class +18

([Apology, Devs] Costume Wu Kong has hidden potential OR High 4* attack stat with High 4* average mana speed damage all enemies means c+Wu Kong is doing serious damage to the enemy team [Links] - #4 by Gryphonknight)

Draft, Aethers

Second Wu Kong

If I ever max out a second Wu Kong

([Master Discussion] - Mirages of Omega (Limit Breaker) Quest - Guide, Sharing & Discussion - #383 by Gryphonknight)



Not sure we disagree.

It seemed like the context was geared towards titan attacks. I do feel like when it comes to titans both Wu and Ranvir are outshined by the other , albeit harder to get, heroes that came later. Damage potential per tile is higher with Wu/Ranvir, highest with Ranvir, but it largely gets countered after 90 seconds of tiles by others with less damage per tile, but no chance of a miss.

I believe it was @Guvnor who took a lot of time and effort to calculate all this, which we should all be thankful for that wonderful resource.

Now, using The Wu in costume is great. He is one of, if not the, best 4* AoE hitters for raw damage. Certainly true of the vanillas. Yellow is honestly a terrible vanilla class, but that’s not the point of this. Ranvir has no alternate purpose, so The Wu is better for versatility.

That being said people can live without a 4* AoE hitter if they don’t play that style. If you have The Wu (which everyone will imevitably), have his costume, and need multi enemy hitters The Wu is a great option. Jack O’Hare is comparable, but harder to get.

I too am a fan of Danzaburo. Had mine to +18 at one point. 2/3 of the time you get a 5* level special. :+1:



I would not.

For all intents and purposes, Ranvir is not a step up from Wu Kong in terms of titan fighting.

Link for more infos:


Nice to see you post again @Guvnor ! Thanks again for doing the damage calcs.


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He looked into only the raw damage of things and not what heroes cost to operate.

Sure Miki is great and never misses, but how often does a mana pot need to be used, crafted and paid for (each attack…for each titan…every day)?

Ranvir charges so quickly, mana is hardly a problem (maybe a mini here and there).

**That being said, I was in OP’s exact same shoes-using a giant Wu vs any five star titan buffer. I waited two years to finally ascend Ranvir due to mats. I’m f2p so darts aren’t exactly falling from the sky.

Ran-man is better than Wu, but not by much. I don’t regret ascending the centaur but he’s not game changing either.

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I ascended mine right away due to a surplus of mats and lack of heroes. I am F2P too, so I feel ya.

I agree that Ranvir has improved my scores over Wu. I have no regrets either. I am going to try tinkering with him in non-titan arenas again since my roster has changed a lot since I last tried that.

This has a lot of variables to it. I would say I do end up sitting on Ranvir and holding his fire until my D droppers are ready. All of mine are average speed. The difference of slow to average isn’t as bad as fast to slow.

I would say I spend over half my titan attacks using absolutely no items against 8-10* titans. For how often they happen, and how often I play these days, I would need to farm solely for titan attacks. I have no interest in that. If someone were to use big mana pots every round, etc that would be a poor use IMO. Now with the difference of average to slow between Miki and a D dropper maybe it’s only a minor mana some times, which would seem fine. :man_shrugging:

Good luck out there!


Yes, I wish I got those darts back

Yes i will…coz he have active damage + elemental link + more atk power and that is well synergy for ur mono holy team or titan team…

Wu - IMHO one of the worst and most annoying hero in the game!

When I used to use him he missed almost every time he had to hit opponent’s hero!

Many time it was miss after miss after miss…

Once I’ve hit titan with nine tiles and all nine of them was misses…

You’ve had no idea how happy I was when I finally replaced him in yellow team to never use him again…

I just switched to Bertulf from Wu and almost doubled my average on Blue Titans (my worst). I tried Sergei, but it’s really fiddly getting that double charge - Bertulf’s average speed is much better.

Still wish I’d get a 5* titan hero, but who knows if that’s ever coming.

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