Ascend Wu Kong or Ranvir?

This may seem like a no brainer, maybe.

I currently have Wu Kong at 3:60 and Ranvir at 2:50. Waiting on 2 more orbs.
At this point, their stats are similar… but Wu seems to have much tougher skin. He seems to live longer and his buff seems to have more effect. Therefore… I keep Wu on my raid and Titan team. It just seems like a big decision to make. Maybe my thinking is backwards?
I’m actually leaning towards ascending Wu because I will probably find 4 more orbs before 6 of whatever the final ascension item is for a 5 star yellow card.
I was able to ascend my first 4 star cards to the final level this week. Caedmon for green and Grimm for Blue. I managed to get red mats as well, so I’ll be able to ascend Bloodtusk once he’s leveled.
I feel like I got really lucky pulling Ranvir (spent a few gems on elemental summoning). My SH is going to lvl 14 currently… so I’m still quite a ways off before I can attempt to train 5 star heroes. Might as well ascend the 4 stars!

This X 1000 :wink:
Also, keep in mind that Wu can be used in epic and legendary tier of events, so you can clear 2 tiers and get the rewards that will help you max other heroes :nerd_face:
And good job on your other 4*, they are all really great and Wu will make them even better.
But, congrats on getting Ranvir :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: He will be helpful later on, but for now, Wu it is!


I actually disagree with your decision.

Normally I’d tell someone to finish their 4 stars before they move onto their 5*s but in this particular case I’d do Ranvir.

A 3-70 Ranvir and a 4-70 Wu have very similar stats, with Wu having slightly better stats and Ranvir having a slightly better special.


If you choose to do Wu first, you’ll still have to start all the way at the beginning and do Ranvir later, whereas, if you just bite the bullet and saddle up that hunk of centaur manbeast now, you won’t have to spend all those resources all over again when you do come up with the needed darts.

Don’t look a gift centaur in the mouth–Orbs to Vir.


Both awesome points!

Another consideration is the talent grid. I’ve never gotten a fully leveled card before… while I lean towards Wu, I will probably end up using my emblems towards him, when in the long run, they would probably be better used on Ran! Argggg

This one you don’t need to stress about, because Ranvir is a druid (which is generally one of the least competitive classes in the game for emblems). Wu is a monk, so there wouldn’t be a messy switch over. That said, again you’ve got more resources tied up in two fellas who basically do the same thing.

If you have Wilbur, it would make it clearer where your monk emblems were going if you were gonna level Ranvir instead of Wu, though.

I feel like Wu is the better option vs Ranvir just because Wu at 4/70 is just as good as Ranvir at 3/70 and if you have other yellow 5* like Drake Fong/Joon/Vivica etc then instead of needing darts/blades etc for Ranvir you can just use 4 orbs on a 4* that does practically the same exact thing give or take, and still be able to fully ascend another good 5 star hero that can add different value to your roster. And Ranvir at 3/70 is still effective.

And as someone mentioned you can use Wu as both Epic and Legendary in the events. I have both and I’m not going to use the mats on Ranvir.

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Ranvir honestly because aside from the fact he is the lone druid in the holy alignment which means minions when you have enough stuff for the first node, he can do direct damage AND boost attack. I would bite the bullet and start ascending Ranvir because of his more utility than Wu and also his poison resist works on poison stages in season 2. :grin::metal:

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I agree on maxing Ranvir, seems a wiser (and mats saving) choice on the long term.

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WU vs Ranvir is a tought call, still Ranvir is good nowhere but titan. While Wu is almost good everywhere.
You’re in a moment in game where you start to get you’re first 4* fully ascend which means you’ll be able to clean everything in game (like rare and challenge quests, also events…) and have more mats sooner, WU will help you more in this process than Ranvir, so go with WU first.

I have both also and I went with Ranvir first because I pulled WU later. But Im ascending him at least to compet in 4* challenge event where he’s a must. If i had your choice I would pick WU, because since you’re point “first 4* completed” I had collect a ton of mats…

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But how could Ranvir only be good for titans if Wu is good everywhere? Ranvir does what Wu does but better; his special allows you to avoid missing with other specials when buff is active, you just have to be mindful. He also has a direct hit, is sturdier and has higher tile damage.

I use Ranvir a lot for PvP and love him. He’s also generally really nice for titans ofc - and awesome for the purple ones with the def up for holy against dark.


cut Wu in half and throw him in the trash

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Cause Ranvir Buff only applies when opponent life is higher than your. WU applies everytime. This rule does not applie on titan they have more life than your heroes. In other place than titan Ranvir is just a fast guy with a poor shot. If I want a fast yellow with a shot I do not pick Ranvir.

Then I’m not a big fan of both in pvp, you’ve already a lot of incertitude in this game, I don’t want to add more whit WU or Ranvir Buff.

Ok, if we take PvP as an example;

When opponent has lower health than you all over, you’re basically already winning and you don’t want the buff - cause with the buff comes the chance to miss. Enemy team is going down with what you’ve got.

When opponent has more health than you all over: usually you’re in trouble, and being able to oneshot one or two enemies that are about to go off has a big value. You might miss of course - but without the buff you’d be dead anyways.

More often, it’s pretty even and opponent have 1-2 hurt guys and 1-2 close to full health ones. Here you can choose: hit the ones with lower health - no buff but they’re hurt and will go down. Or, if one of the full health ones is ready to go off; take your chances.

I really cannot think of anytime I’d bring Wu on a raid, but Ranvir has flipped the tables sooo many times for me :).


I had and have for a long time and had the mats for 2 holy 5 stars. Than i got Ranvir and was very excited and started levelling him for the reason of…, hey iT is my first Holy 5’er. What i like bout Ranvir is the minion you get and he hits against Titans. I use Ranvir now against titans. Hes not maxed yet but hes is tier 4. Last week i got Joon. As i do have the mats for Joon. I always finish what i started. I am currently also maxing Tarlak (tiet4). Wu’s emblems goto him. I Will never get rid of Wu for no maxed 4 is obsolete. My advice… max a 4 over an unmaxed 5. Regardlesd Who ir is. Give Wu the emblems and you go good damage on titans. Which helps your alli. Which helps your titan chest filling etc etc. What is the current sitiation of these 2 of yours?


I have a drunk Ranvir at 3-70. And haven’t being doing so well in raids lately. Recently I pulled Wu Kong and a mate raves about him and recommend I leveled him to help with raiding and also events. Is Wu a better offensive helper in raids than Ranvir?

I’ve read the card, know the stats and am nearly convinced Ranvir despite his drinking problem (due to missing) is a titan HOTM and will only help me in raids when maxed with emblems.

As long as Ranvirs special is maxed he should be fine to use everywhere, depending on where you’re at raiding ofc. I never had a maxed Wu but would hate to have the buff (and chance to miss) active at all times. Ranvir is beautifully designed to avoid the worst mess ups.

There are several threads/tutorials on how to optimize raiding, maybe check them out before you decide on Wu? Once Ranvir is maxed you’ll very rarely use him.