Efforts ascending Ranvir or Wu Kong?

So after playing on the fringes of E&P for few months, only spending on VIP pass, I finally spent on my first 10 draw the other day (after only using single draws to that point). Obviously, I have nothing to compare, but it seemed decent, yielding a handful of 4* and a 5* . But it included both Wu Kong and Ranvir (and for some reason 3 of same 4* Li Xiu, who I already have nearly 4/38). So given I’m a noob (only finally came out from under my rock and officially joined forum a few days back), I was wondering if anyone, with hands on experience in this matter, could give me their take on the topic of putting resources into leveling Wu Kong or Ranvir?

Now mind you, given the now painfully evident fact that until just joining the forum, I was playing under a shroud of relative ignorance, relatively “blindly, hopping on one leg, with both hands tied behind my back!” As result I have limited ascension materials, due to seemingly inappropriate mindset that I wasn’t anywhere near a level to be functional/useful member of an Alliance (so hadn’t even bothered to check into it). But now looking superficially through forum, in hindsight, that now seems to have been dead wrong?!:exploding_head: I’m currently at level 29, just now reaching stable of 30 heroes including near handful 5* (such as Hel and Sumitomo…none maxed yet), couple handfuls 4* (such as Rigard, Boldtusk, Caedmon, Scarlett…few maxed, few 3/60), and rest 3* (nearly 10 maxed, others getting there). Seems should be of some use out there. So again handcuffed myself up to this point, as far as acquiring ascension materials more efficiently, by not looking into alliance, for wars, titans and further ascension materials. Guess that’s my next step​:persevere:

So that being said (sorry I often am long winded and get lost in tangents), again, any wisdom on leveling Ranvir vs Wu Kong would be much appreciated. Thanks for the time and efforts…

Keep both and level both, they will be great on titans, events, class trials, wars… you get it :slight_smile:

Level Wu Kong first and Ranvir just after him!


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