Which hero to level

Ok guys. Just got wu finally from a summons. Got ranvir two weeks ago. Started leveling him. Currently 2/42. Should I just take him to 2/60. And take wu to max first?. Currently have 3 orbs. So I need at least one more for wu.

So we do not know the rest of your roster my thoughts so far:

For maxing ranvir you will need another 4 orbs, 6 darts, Damascus blade and a tome of tactics. Guessing that you will not have them I think Wu is the better choice here. I think he will be more useful at 4-70 compared to ranvir at 3-70 for the same amount of XP/feeders to spend.

But since you already started ranvir get him to 2-60 and you can try him. Both, Wu and ran, are a little bit special to play due to their chance to miss also applies to special skills, so learning to get the right timing for them is the key.


This is my current roster. Yes . The timing is for sure the key to it all . But not having the power with. Hard to know. I do play around with ranvir a bit. But not for anything of real value.

If you have 5 or 6 sets of darts, then go Ranvir. If not then you might be waiting for those darts for a long time, so I would crank Wu. Even if you don’t end up using him as your primary booster on titans, he has good tile damage and is useful in wars. I have two maxed and use them both in wars probably half the time.

I have three Damascus Blades,4 darts,& 3 orbs . Also 2 tomes of tantics. Thanks guys for the advice. Will take ran to 2/60,& wu to 3/60. Then go from there.

I think Wu, just because there is no a hughe difference between them, i’d suggest you to keep those 4* materials for leveling another yellow heroe later… I mean… with Wu you already have the special of taking a lot of damage, so use those mats for another hero with another special… that’s my opinion

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