Rainbow 3* team would you replace any

For sake of this discussion ignore leveling. I’ll max whatever need be. Ok I am working on a 3* rainbow team for special event. I read somewhere this is a good team.

Would you replace any of them with these? Again I’ll macchiato level any heroes.

That is indeed a good rainbow 3* team, and is certainly a good option for making it through Special Events in general.

For the upcoming event in a couple days in particular, Grimforest, some of the monsters and bosses reflect all damage from red — so it’d be worth leveling Belith to swap in for Hawkmoon as healer, so she doesn’t end up damaging or killing herself.

Particularly with two green heroes in the mix, it could also be worth leveling Gato, both to stack blue in the stages with more red monsters/bosses, and for protection against the boss specials. But it’s be fine not to, and there’s no obvious hero he’d take the place of — Balthazar and Bane are excellent snipers, and despite being green, Brienne’s attack buff is a massive benefit for tile damage for the whole team.


That is definitely a good rainbow. Although i agree about leveling Belith to get other options for healing. Eventually you will want 2 complete rainbow 3* teams for use in the Challenge events that happen each month. Each one has a reflect color and although it is possible to complete the levels bringing in that color, it makes things difficult. So, having the option to take that color out and replace with a second that is strong against the reflect color is helpful.
Many like heroes that have fast mana gain.


Excellent. I’ll work on those suggestions. I’m working on my 3* team as well as my main 4* team. I’m struggling getting through 7-20 of Providence 23

I have these to move up

It looks like one of your screenshots may not have loaded, but from what I can see:

Proteus is one of the single most game-changing heroes for everywhere.

Being able to freeze bosses from gaining mana for 3 turns while tossing tiles at them to charge your specials and do damage is huge. Same goes for Raids and War.

I take him nearly everywhere — Raids, War, Season 2 Hard, even holy titans. One of the only places I leave him behind is the Season 2 Magic Night levels, where his effect is limited to 1 turn, and thus not super useful.

But he’d definitely be a very top priority to level.

He’s one of the only heroes in the game that I’d even make the case for power leveling using all feeders, and not just purple. His impact is just massive.

Proteus and Li Xiu are a great combo for the late Season 1 stages too — mana control goes a long way to beating tough bosses.

Apart from Proteus, I see 2xGrimm, who’s one of the best hitters in the game, particularly amongst blue, and well worth maxing one or both of. His defense debuff is huge for titans — once he’s ready, he should join all of your titan teams, except holy, where Cheshire can stand in.

I also see a second Li Xiu, who wouldn’t be as high a priority, but you’d get good use out of for War.

Duplicate Kashhrek aren’t likely to get a ton of use. While he’s fantastic as a tank on defense, he’s not as well suited to offense.

Skittles isn’t bad, and attack debuffing all enemies can be useful — but at Slow speed, the usefulness vs. Scarlett debuffing 2-3 enemies at fast speed will tend to mean Skittles sees little action.


Thank you. I’ll get to work on a Proteus. I had read good things about that one. Like many my main team is what I encountered first I was going the F2P route but starting spending some. Now I have choices but am struggling where to build. Thank you for the advice.


Just choose one of each color at a time and level until either you hit the unfarmable ascension materials wall or until maxed out.
My method to getting my war teams (this was after maxing out my first rainbow 4*) was to bring my 4* heroes up to 3/60 and then moved onto the next. I always same color level/feed. Now that i have 6 total teams and lots of mats saved, I’m going back and maxing my favorites first. In the time it took to bring up all these heroes to their mat wall, i got the chance to test out how they worked and who they worked best with on my war teams.
I agree with Zephyr about Proteus. He is an excellent hero!
This new class trials is also a great place to test out heroes you might not have thought to use or didn’t think were all that great before.


Belith will be a good alternative to Hawkmoon as she clear the buff as well.
Azar for her mana cut.

Chesirecat is just an average for world map. I’ll replace her with Proteus anytime.
And Wilbur for Scarlett.
Wilbur’s defense buff / debuff and damage sharing help big time.

I would use Kailani or Gunnar with Brienne. The bomb combo will help a lot.


You need Tiburtus, Grimm, Gormek , Wilbur for titans
Proteus for war


@Starryeyedgryph Did this work well for you? I’m just now getting to the point you are describing. I’ve got my four-star rainbow team (plus a HotM I totally lucked into) and was thinking about a strategy like this.

Gormek is my main red. I’m sitting on a 3^60 Kelile and have the mats to ascend her, but I’ve been afraid of pulling Boldtusk, Wilbur, or some other clearly superior red and wishing I had my blades back. Your strategy seems to suggest keeping the blades for a while. I will be in the same shape with Sonya and Skittleskull soon (Grimm and Melendor being my mains in those colors). Sonya seems like a good blue, but I would love to have Kiril at some point, and Skittleskull seems not to get much love on the boards, although I have a ton of shields and could probably afford to ascend her anyway. On purple, I have maxed both Sabina and Tiburtus, and have duplicates of both, but was thinking of leveling Ameonna at least to 3^60 instead, even though I’m not sure she’s a great hero, just for variety and to see what she brings to the table. That decision seems in line with your strategy, too.

Interested to hear whether you’d take the same approach again, and if you think it’s the way to go in my case as well. Part of me thought I should just max whoever I can to help my alliance more in war and to do better in class quests, but your strategy also makes sense to me. Thanks for reading.

Yes, I’d take this approach again. I also have 2 rainbow 3* teams maxed as well.
Basically, waiting to fully max my heroes, allowed me to have a more rounded power. I figured it would be more useful to me to have 2 4* at 3/60 than 1 at max and the other at 1/1.
Btw, Skittle gets a bad rap. She’s actually not too bad. Many just don’t care for a slow hero. I’ve battled in a few raids where there was a Wu and a skittle. Wu went off and the Skittle and i was pretty much toast! Her attack all with lowered attack can be brutal.

I’m not savvy on linking other posts here, but @Gryphonknight has a no regrets method of maxing heroes. Basically he says don’t pull the trigger on a hero until you have at least enough mats to max 2.
His method was pretty much my intent behind just leveling heroes until i reached the mat walls and then moving on.

Season 1

I never completed the map until season 2 came out.

I usually farm season 1, province 7, stage 4 or 7 ( 1.7-4 or 1.7-7 ).

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The most important thing is to have multiple rainbow teams to mix and match so you can complete rare quests for 3*, then 4* ascension items and Class quests for 4x then 6x then 8x emblems and color stack against titans.

My Personal Opinion

With your screen shots I would create 2x rainbow 3* 3.50 teams then a rainbow 4* 3.60 team of Sabina, Kashhrek, Grimm, Scarlett and Hu Tao.

Normally I level two rainbow teams at once ( 1* same color for first team and 2* same color for second team - second team is all 8/8 special skill).

Proteus and Wilbur are the only two heroes that I wasted hero XP and skill rolls by off color, 1 day, power leveling.

HOWEVER they are both tricky to use effectively so I did that after leveling the original Wu Kong Cascade squad - the most powerful, and versatile, rainbow 4* 3.60 team in the game - to 4* 3.60 and 3x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams ( twenty heroes total ).

This included the Ramming Pulverizer trio - Grimm, Tiburtus and Gormek - at 4* 3.60 and the 4* 42%+ healers - Rigard, Melendor, Sabina and Kashhrek - at 4* 3.60 .





Thanks, @Starryeyedgryph.

This actually makes a lot of sense to me.

I can see that being a deadly combo. Unfortunately, I don’t have Wu, so I can’t pull it off, but I’ll keep it in mind should I ever be graced with The Monkey King.


Interesting read, @Gryphonknight. Thanks for sharing. As F2P, I’m not sure I have the patience for your “no regrets leveling” method, but it makes a ton of sense. That’s among the reasons I was glad to have pulled Onatel as my first-ever 5-star. I know my chances of pulling a HotM are ridiculously low as F2P, and it seems HotM are almost always better than classic 5-stars (with exceptions, such as Aegir, apparently). In this particular instance, I had looked at the HotM early in January - which I never did before because I knew I had no shot at pulling one - and thought, “Wow! That hero looks awesome. Love that special.” Almost died later in the month when I actually pulled her as a bonus on an Atlantis summon, and I had no doubts that I was maxing her from the time I pulled her.

And @Kerridoc’s point in your original strategy post also holds some weight. Especially for F2P, if you wait until you have double the four-star mats you need, you’d be probably a year or more collecting mats before you ever level a 5-star, which could cost you the ability to, say, finish a challenge event on Legendary and get more rare stuff. Wonderland was the first time I actually finished a Legendary challenge event, but without Onatel controlling the bosses’ mana, I couldn’t have done it, and I still almost didn’t manage. That could be because I am not using my four-star rainbow team to its best advantage or because it doesn’t work as well together as it could, though.

Things are likely to get more complicated now that I will be pulling from a TC20 soon. What if I pull Thorne or Quintus or some of these other 5 stars that very few people seem to like, at least relative to other, more popular classic 5-stars? How long will it be - if ever - before I get a better 5-star option in that color. In those cases, I’m going to try to show the restraint you advocate here.


yellow 5* heroes

Joon is the yellow 5* Hero that makes many HotM look silly ( looking at you Thoth-Amun and Aegir ).
Some players really like yellow 5* Healer Vivica.

Personally, I like Onatel better than Classic yellow 5* heroes Justice and Leonidas.

Click for advice about 5* Heroes, 4* Heroes and Level 17 Forges

However, 4* 4.70 are stronger than 5* 3.70 - this is by design. Personally I would want 4x yellow 4* 3.60 and 2x yellow 4* 4.70 heroes ( total of six yellow heroes ) before leveling a yellow 5* Hero ( the exceptions being Joon, Delilah and Guinevere which I would immediately take to 5* 3.70 ).

5* Heroes

I have been paying since 2017-Sep and I have no 5* 4.1+ heroes, 2x 5* 3.1+ heroes ( Perseus and Joon ) and 4x 5* 2.60 for class quests and war ( 5* 2.60 are stronger than 3* 3.50 heroes ).

Hero XP

The biggest problem is not 4* ascension items, though that sucks. But the Hero XP and food needed for 5* Heroes ( or 4* troops ).


Will keep this in mind. If I had pulled Joon, I might have ignored him, since I’m already all-in with Onatel, but if nothing else, it would make sense to do some leveling on him to shore up my pathetic crew of monks for class challenges.

I get what you are saying about hero XP and food costs here. Would it change your calculus any if you were in my position and your only four-star yellow options were two duplicate Danzaburos? When I pulled Onatel, I was maybe 20 levels from maxing my first Danza, which I did before starting to work on Onatel. Since then, though, my options for yellow feeders would have been to level Onatel, level another Danza, or level more yellow 3-stars (already have a Bane 3^50+5; options would have been a duplicate Bane 3^18, Kelani 1^17, Gan Ju 1^15, and Melia 1^22).

Rudolph is absolutely one of the best 3* so keep him in your queue for a priority red.

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Rudolph and Hisan are two formidable seasonal 3*.

Except maybe Gill-Ra (slow mana is really bad in challenges), all Atlantis 3* are great for challenge teams too.

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I actually have 3x 3* 3.50 Banes for color stacking, war and the upcoming Raid tournaments.

With your roster, I would probably take
1x Bane to 3* 3.50 - already done -,
Onatel to 5* 2.60,
1x Dazaburos to 4* 3.60 - already done -,
Melia to 3* 3.50,
second Bane to 3* 3.50,
third Bane to 3* 3.50 and then if I still did not have a yellow 4* Hero,
take the second Dazaburo to 4* 3.60.

Color stacking, purple boss and yellow 4* 3.60 attack stat

Color stacking is a wonderful thing since it does not depend on special skill, defense stat or HP. Even a dead Dazaburo ( 0 HP ) at 4* 3.60 ( Attack 517, see data ) does more matching/ tile damage than Dawa ( Attack 488 ) and against a purple boss has an effective Attack 1034 which is greater than Elena’s effective Attack 809 ( this is a simplification to illustrate color stacking, color stacking is actually non-linear ).


Dazaburo 4* 1.1 Attack 293
Danzaburo 4* 4.70 Attack 622
( / 220 ) = +1.495 per level
( x 150 ) = 4* 3.60 = 517 approximate attack stat