Back From A Break

Haven’t been playing the last couple months, but came back…back to playing daily, actually (Thanks, Extended Lockdown!!) and this is my go-to, team, I guess (I play super casually, I don’t have like, a really intricate team network).

But I don’t have any fully leveled 3* or 4* teams (I know! OMG!). I have a ton, so I was wondering who your favorites are, and why?

What’s your roster look like?


I would finish 1 of each color in 3 stars so you can do tournaments, and finish rare events, get more mats you’ll need for ascending stronger heroes.,after that since you’ve already worked on what you have take your main team as far as mats will let you so you can get stronger. Try to get enough roster space so you can on color feed 10 feeders at a time, better xp that way, go up faster. I did some of the same thing you’ve done , always focus on 5 current projects, don’t work on too many at once.i for your first 5 3 star team I would go with Nordic, Namahenge, Belith, Balthazar, and Poppy, they would make a pretty good all around rainbow team that could get you going in raid tournaments, if you have specific questions I’ll try to help if I can, have a good one

My favourite 4*'s tend to be ones I use with my 5* teams:

Rigard – always loved using this guy, even more so now I have the costume.
Sabina – underrated as a healer
Tiburtus – def down is always useful

Wu Kong – but only for titans
Myst – the only S3 4* I regularly use, but I am missing most of them
Guardian Jackal – elemental def down for titans and mono stacks
Lady Wollerton – yellow healers are in short supply for me

Kiril – I rely a lot on 4* healers, plus he boosts defense AND attack
Grimm – see Tiburtus, my most-used hero until I maxed Isarnia
Sonya – dispell

Caedmon – a dispelling sniper
Melendor – a dispelling healer
Boldtusk – see Lady Wollerton but red
Gormek – another def downer, and a beefy tank for 4* tournaments
Scarlett – huge attack stat for titan tile damage
Guardian Falcon – elemental def down for titans and mono stacks
Wilbur – mainly for titans and tournaments

For raids I tend to favour snipers and healers, with the odd support hero thrown in.

There are others I sometimes use in tournaments such as Little John, Colen, Boril, Skittleskull, Hu Tao …

I don’t have Merlin or Gretel but they can be pretty nasty to fight against.

For 3*, max Kvasir. Those bees … grrrr.

Finish off Grevle as well, he’s excellent, especially in rush tournaments.

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