Hi guys! I need help with team! : ]

Hello guys as at title. I just need to any idea how to make up my team for defense/attack and then quests. I’m newbie and I don’t know what is best characters for those teams. :blush:

Who should i max first? I mean Peters and Melendor booth are green and I have Sabina too so I don’t think Melendor should be my priorty for now :stuck_out_tongue: And the other one: Grimm and Gormek? Do i max them both or just chose Grimm and scarlet? Is Chao better than Hu Tao bcs of his slow mana regen? Thanks for advices GUYS! <3

Your priority right now should be 3* heroes. Maxing them will help you complete more PvE content. They are quick to max and will help you. I would recommend leveling one hero of each color at a time, feeding on color to take advantage of the +20% exp. Once you have two rainbow teams of 3*, you might have the materials to start maxing 4* heroes.

I also recommend you don’t partially level heroes. Gill-Ra and Balthazar are both partially leveled. I would pick one and max it, then start the next. :slight_smile:


Valen muggy namage gilra bane :+1:

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Start with 3* heroes - they’ll help you get the materials needed to take your better heroes to their max level. I recommend 3 teams of 5, then move onto doing the same with 4’s.

Do you want to post the rest of your 3’s? I’d be happy to recommend the best order to level. Namahage is amazing!

Ahh sure there they are:

AND: Not many of them :slight_smile:

I would go: Balthazar/Valen/Bane/Namahage/Muggy

You could do Gill-Ra instead of Balthazar, I just think she is better once you have more options. Balthazar is a great sniper.

Okay sir, what about Gato? He’s fast too and debufer for 3 allies it is any different Him vs Valen? :slight_smile:

Def level hawkmoon and beilth as only 3* healers.
Gato valen gunner
Gilra Tyrum bathazar
Namage janjiur
Muggy carver

RED: Namahage, Hawkmoon
BLUE: Gato, Valen
GREEN: Muggy, Belith
YELLOW: Bane, then Chao unless you find another 3* Yellow.
PURPLE: Baltazar, Tyrum

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Once both leveled they make a great combo! Fire valen then gato nice damage (same opponent) plus there mana the same so both ready to go at the same time! :+1:

Thanks alot guys! Lov ya <3 What about other ones like Ulmer,Greymane or Isshtak? Should I use them as a food to the other ones? :octopus:

Nah keep for the time being do not feed any 3* hero away yet! Ulmer is good he can be a option down the road! :+1:

Could I get some help as well thanks Help for my raid team defense. Who would you choose? What position? Why?

Have a look at this as a starter for ten. But note it doesn’t include some of the new 3* S3 heroes.
And Bauchan is also a really good 3* Red

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It’s really important that you treat this game like a marathon rather than a sprint race. It takes lots of patience.
So build 3 x 3* rainbow teams initially
Then 3 x 4* rainbow teams to max before you start any 5*.
And from your current 4* heroes, I would say Sabina, Peters, Grimm, Scarlett, Chao

Well guys, Thanks once again. Im going with urs advices and almost finished my first 3 stars rainbow team :slight_smile: Since then I got some new heroes :smiley: What you think? I want to do 3x3* rainbow team then switch to 4* heroes. Which one 3* should i max?

and what about best 4* defense team? Thanks alot! <3

I’d use Sabina, Chao, Scarlett, and Grimm. Then Peters if you care more about offense, Kashrek if you care more about defense.

I don’t think Stonecleave or Hu Tao are worth using if you have an alternative. That leaves Chao & Sabina, which are both good.

I really like Gormek, but Grimm’s your only blue 4* and you don’t need to have two pulverizers. Grimm’s also definitely one of the best. :slight_smile: Never used Scarlett, but she’s fast and I hear she does good damage.

Finally for green, I would take Peters. But I’m much more an offense guy than defense. I intentionally keep my arena defense low, which reduces my trophy count. This increases my chances of actually winning when I do a raid. If you discover you can comfortably hold your own in a higher arena, then yes, definitely boost your defensive squad just enough to hold your place there. But I’d recommend keeping it no stronger than necessary to earn the higher-tier loot.

I also care more about offense because that’s what I’m actually using when I’m playing, and that’s more fun for me.

If you do everyone else like I recommend (Sabina), then Kashrek will be wholly unnecessary for your offense squad. But on the other hand, Kashrek’s also among the very best 4* tanks in the game. You have no other real tank, and your defensive squad will sure be feeling the pain without one. You’d really be hitting a somewhat long-term the “offense/defense” switch here.

I wouldn’t do Brynhild. I like her, she looks like a good hero, but Kashrek just outdoes her as a tank. And if you’re going offense, Sabina does her job well enough on her own. She won’t need Brynhild’s help healing.

I recommend Anchor’s tier list to you! It’s not the most close-up view on 4* values, but it’ll offer general ideas and also tell you where heroes shine best when you’re deciding defensive formations.

Also, if you take part in 3* raid tournaments you will want to max some of the slower heroes for the rush tourneys. Jahangar, Ulmer, Oberon for example. Berden is an excellent 3* green sniper.

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