Out of storage- annoying iron storage pop up

It’s not a bug. But it’s really annoying, especially after level grinding, that each time I finish a level a pop up reminds me that my iron storage is full.
With one builder, once SH reaches level 20, and a TC reaches 20, upgrading the rest of the buildings is slow, so I reach maximum storage almost in no time, and the pop up appears, again and again.
Does it dissapear once all storages are level 20?
I may consider upgrading them before some other useful buildings just to get it out if the pop no longer appear


Yes it goes away.

I wonder if it would go away if you had 3x level 20 and converted a lower level iron storage to the Barracks.

Currently one of my Level 20 mines is converted to Barracks because there is little use for iron in my play style with a max base.


High level items eat quite a lot of iron. I had this problem a lot until I started producing dragon banners, tornadoes and time stops.


Really? Lol I guess I haven’t hit max since I finished upgrading. My OCD makes me craft timestops etc long before I risk “wasting” stuff lol


My problem with 3* / 4* battle items is farming the ingredients.

Several people have suggested using excessive iron to level troop.

My personal hope is Alchemy Lab will let me take a bunch of 2* Wooden Shields, a bunch of iron, and craft a 3* ascension item.


I know that higher items consume iron, but I’m not sure if I will consume all.
And my max level of forge is 10, currently. I am in doubt. Level first my second TC20 or max first one forge… But I need 5* heroes. Any could help. The objects… No so much
I was inclined to do the first, but I’m not sure. I can’t finish many last levels of trials, because I don’t have good heroes, and maybe the best objects could help.

I heartily agree with that suggestion. It’s not even out of cannon - producing armour and swords etc for troops would need iron.

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I’m a neat and tidy person … okay, probably a touch of OCD, but now that all my base is maxed and I can’t find enough mats to constantly craft battle items, it drives me CRAZY to have the iron showing when I can’t collect it.

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Some heroes are good, some suck, most are okay.

Almost all content can be completed with a Level 17 Forge ( 100% mana potion), two rainbow 4* 3.60 teams and one GOOD rainbow 4* 4.70 team ( total of 15x 4* heroes)

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I advise getting training camps to 1x 20, 3x 11 then raising a Forge to 17, since a Legendary training ( RT 20 ) produces a 4* hero every 10 days on average and Extra low cost training ( RT11 ) is the most hero XP per recruit, requires no ingredients ( and little food ) BUT is very very slow so running multiple really helps.

Getting a second training camp to 19 lets you do Legendary and Extra fast ( RT19) at the same time.


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It did for me too, until I completed the last iron mission, now only being full on food drives me CRAZY :wink:

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Level 12 forge won’t delay you much. Bombs are useful and another iron sink.

Personally I only use Bombs for getting emblems ( class quests and challenge events) because Bombs require midnight root.

I do fine in Rare quests and titans using a Level 10 Forge.

Eventually you will want a Level 17 Forge, but 4* heroes from Legendary training ( RT20 ) are reusable and I wish I was running 3x Extra low cost training ( RT11 ) much earlier.

Thanks, Gryphon. I look forward to the day when I no longer need bombs for the rare quests.

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