Help with my teams please

Now that I am getting several rare and some epic heroes I can use some advice putting together teams for provinces, raids and defense. Want to make solid 3* and some mixed with 4* as well. Here is my current line ups plus my other heroes I am currently leveling up. Just got Grimm this morning. Thanks.

I’d say that’s a pretty good effort with what you currently have.

Grimm will obviously replace Valen and is a really solid 4* - defence Debuff is great for Titans and just generally effective.

Melendor is much more popular than skittlskull and combines the healing and despell skill that Hawkmoon and Tyrum are currently using.

How much are you spending and what level is your TC?

If you are f2p or c2p it’s worth levelling your 3* still. If you are quickly going to (hopefully) spend on more 4 and 5*you might not bother.

I would level Grimm and Melendor then reassess.

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Thanks @JonahTheBard. Not really spending money in the game other than 2nd builder. Just got to SH15 with TC 13,12,10. TC13 for Rare w/%Epic and TC12 Rare only. The other used for feeders. Been slowly getting more into the game so want to build a solid 3* team for raids, quests, challenges, events and titans when I get there. Once there will build a solid 4* team as I make my way to SH20 and TC20.

That’s very sensible - good for wars and special events even after you move on. Of your unleveled 3* - Berden and Balthazar are two of my favourites for their high damage.

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Thanks again @JonahTheBard. I had to cut my posts short earlier as I was running off to work. My basic goal for a solid rainbow team with the heroes I have is
Brienne Valen, Hawkmoon, Balthazar, Bane. If the card shows up Belith will replace Brienne where needed. I read Brienne and Gunnar can be a useful combo. Brienne still needs to max special attacks. 6/8 As far as a defense team I’m thinking
Friar Tuck, Janhangir, Bane, Hawkmoon, Berden

@Coppersky Thank You for your help relocating my post to the proper section of the forum.

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