Path of Valor (Valour) (POV) - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions of the Path of Valor

Purpose of this thread is to combine & agglomerate all the Frequently Asked Questions that have popped up in relation to the Path of Valor

Current PoV Discussion Thread Link => 🧭 Sixth Path of Valor (Valour; PoV6) Log and Discussion – Starts Nov 23

:clipboard: List of Questions

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General Questions:

  1. When does the next PoV Start?
  2. How many Valor Points is everything worth?
  3. How many tiers are there to {x} Valor Challenge?
  4. How many points can I miss?
  5. What happens to excess Valor Points?
  6. How Many Points do I need to get {x} milestone/ reward?

Valor Pass Questions:

  1. How much does Valor Pass cost?
  2. Can I claim premium rewards from earlier Tiers if I Buy the Pass Later?
  3. Can I buy the Valor Pass at the End?
  4. Can I buy the Valor Pass AFTER the PoV?
  5. Can I buy additional/ extra/ missing Valor Reward Tiers?

Daily Challenge Questions:

  1. What / Where are Elite Enemies?
  2. Where/ How do I Kill Ducks?
  3. Where can I find {x} Special Stages?
  4. Gain Experience for {x} different heroes?
  5. Troop Daily Challenge?
    16a. Level up Troops?
    16b. Gain Experience for Troops?
  6. Greet a Villager??
  7. Use {x} heroes of the same colour??
  8. Use Specific Element heroes to gain experience?

Valor Challenge Questions:

  1. Valor Challenge Greyed Out / Not getting new Valor Challenge Tier
  2. Complete a Challenge Event Questions
    • What is a challenge event?
    • Does {xyz} count?
    • I finished {xyz} but the counter didn’t increase
  3. Do Costumes count towards “Summon Heroes” Valor Challenge?
  4. Titan Count not the same for me as alliance member?
  5. Level up a Hero…? Different from Daily Challenge…?

:man_shrugging: General Questions :woman_shrugging:

:question: Q1 – When does the next Path of Valor Start? What is the Frequency of Path of Valor?

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Due to the length of each Path of Valor (50 days), the PoV will be starting every SECOND month (i.e. NOT monthly).

The New Path of Valor appears to start on the 4th Monday of every SECOND Month (odd numbered ones)

Next PoV ==> 2021-01-25T08:00:00Z


List of Past Paths of Valor (POVs)

:question: Q2 – How Many Valor Points is each challenge / everything worth?

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Best answer for this is to refer to the CURRENT Path of Valor Log & Discussion Thread (see link above).

In General however:

  • Daily Tasks = 150 pts each (total of 450 per day)
  • Valor Challenge Total = 5,000 pts (the ENTIRE tree)
  • Total available Points = 52,500 pts
    (Total = 6*[Valor Challenge] + [50 days * 3 Dailies per day * 150 pts per daily]

:question: Q3 – How Many Tiers are there in {x} Valor Challenge?

Best answer for this is to refer to the CURRENT Path of Valor Log & Discussion Thread (see link above).

:question: Q4 – How Many Points Can I Miss?

In order to get Tier 50 rewards, you need a total of 46,750 Valor Points.

Given that the total AVAILABLE points is 52,500 (see Q3 above), this gives a leeway of 5,750 points (10.95% error margin)

:question: Q5 – What Happens to Excess Points?

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They disappear :slight_smile: There is no points carry-over from one PoV to the next…
Progress is also not “Saved”.

You start again from Rewards Tier 0 on the next PoV regardless of if you made Rewards Tier 50 or not.

:question: Q6 – How Many Points do I need to get {x} Milestone Rewards?

Have a squeaky Peak of this thread: Path of Valor Milestone Point Costs

:money_mouth_face: Valor Pass Questions :money_mouth_face:

:question: Q7 – How Much Does the Valor Pass Cost?

Have a lookie see here: Valor Pass Price - Global Currency List 🌍

:question: Q8 – Can I claim premium rewards from earlier Reward Tiers if I Buy the Pass Later?

YES. Not much more to say here on this one.

:question: Q9 – Can I Buy the Valor Pass at the end?

YES. You can buy the valor pass ANYTIME in the 50 days that the PoV is Open.

:question: Q10 – Can I Buy the Valor Pass AFTER the PoV?

NO. When the Valor Challenge Timer Runs Out, the Valor Pass ALSO cannot be bought.

:question: Q11 – Can I Buy Valor Reward Milestones/ Tiers/ Points?

NO. There is however a #ideas-feature-requests thread to this effect. Click Here

:white_check_mark: Daily Challenge Questions :white_check_mark:

:question: Q12 – What / Where are elite enemies?

Elite Enemies are found on the “Winged” stages in Season 1. They are the Mobs who “Gain mana” when attacked.

NOTE: Bosses DO NOT count as “Elite Enemies”… They do however count towards the “Defeat bosses” daily challenge.

Read more here: Path of Valor, daily challenge question - Elite Enemies?

Click for Example Pictures

:question: Q13 – Kill Ducks? Where are they? How Often?

Ducks periodically fly through the sky above your base, crossing over the Castle Tower itself. Their presence is given away by a “quacking” sound when you’re on the base screen

You “kill” a duck by tapping/ clicking on them :slight_smile:

:question: Q14 – Where can I find {x} Special Stage?

Special Stages are on either Season 2 or Season 3 maps. They are denoted by a small icon next to the stage number.

See below table for examples of the icons to look for :slight_smile:

Special Rule
First Stage
WE Cost per run
Poison Mist image S2, Province 1, Stage 3 6x WE
Magic Night image S2, Province 4, Stage 2 6x WE
Dense Fog image S2, Province 7, Stage 2 6x WE
Underwater image S2, Province 10, Stage 4 7x WE
Midgard image S3, Province 3, Stage 2 6x WE
Vanaheim image S3, Province 7, Stage 2 6x WE
Jutunheim image S3, Province 11, Stage 2 7x WE
Svartalfheim image S3, Province 15, Stage 2 7x WE

:question: Q15 – Gain Experience for {x} different heroes?

On this one “Gaining Experience” counts towards this challenge. So you do not need to fully level-up the hero, just feed {x} different heroes at least once.

So better put it is “Feed {x} different heroes”

Note: USED to be "level up {x} heroes but was changed to reduce confusion with the Valor Challenge of the same title introduced in V30

:question: Q16 – Troop Daily Challenges?

There are two separate Daily Challenges associated with Troop Levelling/ Feeding
For complaints/ venting go here: Troop leveling in PoV

Note - Used to be “Feed troops {x} times” which only required gaining experience. New daily challenge has since been added

Q16a – “Gain {x} Level/s for Troops”

This challenge requires you to gain the specified number of full levels for a troop/s.

Two things to note:

  1. It can be spread over multiple troops if multiple levels are required.
  2. The cheapest is to simply level up a 1* troop. It costs virtually no food or feeder troops

Q16b – “Use {x} Troops to gain experience”

This one is as simple as feeding the specified number of troops to any other troop/s. You can divvy it up over multiple troops or you can give them all to a single troop.

As above, the cheapest is to simply feed them to an unlevelled 1* troop.

:question: Q17 – Greet a Villager…? HOW??

Quite easy to do this one. Simply tap on one of the villagers wondering around your base! They will wave back at you & Hence complete the greeting!

:question: Q18 – Use {x} heroes of the same colour??

Basically this is an “introduction to colour stacking”

To complete this challenge simply take the requested number of heroes (or more) of the same colour & win/attack whatever it directs you to.

E.g 1 - Attack a Titan 1 time with 3 heroes of the same element in your team.
Translation: Attack any titan at least once with a team which has 3+ heroes of the same colour in it.

E.g. 2 - Win 1 raid with 3 heroes of the saem element in your team.
Translation: Play & Win a raid (or tournament battle) against any opponent with a team which has 3+ heroes of the same colour in it

:question: Q19 – Use Specific Element heroes to gain experience?

Really easy this one. Simply feed the specified number of heroes of the specified element to ANY other hero.

E.g. - Use 2 (two) Nature heroes to gain experience
Translation: Feed 2 green (nature) heroes to another hero.

:timer_clock: Valor Challenge Questions :timer_clock:

:question: Q20 – Valor Challenge is Greyed Out / Not Getting a New Valor Challenge?

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This is likely due to you finishing all the available TIERS to that Valor Challenge.

Each Valor Challenge has a finite number of Tiers. Once you’ve completed all the available tiers, it will grey out & say “Completed” (just like the Daily Challenges do when you’ve finished them).

Have a look at the CURRENT Valor Challenge Discussion Thread (wayyy up top of this thread) to double check.

:question: Q21 – Complete A Challenge Event

What Is A Challenge Event?

Challenge Events are the monthly events which have the 3 difficulty tiers (Rare, Epic & Legendary). These Events appear on the 2nd Wednesday of each Month.

Completing each tier will yield +1 to this Valor Challenge Counter (i.e. +1 for completing Rare, +1 for completing Epic & +1 for completing Legendary).

NOTE: Under the CURRENT PoV structure YOU MUST COMPLETE all 3 tiers at BOTH challenge events in order to reach Tier 50 Rewards

Click for List of Challenge Events
  • Knights of Avalon
  • Pirates of Corellia
  • Riddles of Wonderland
  • Fables of Grimforest
  • Guardians of Teltoc

Does {xyz} Count as a Challenge Event?

Probably not… The only things that COUNT towards the “Complete Challenge Event” Valor Challenge are the 5x Events Listed above…

Click for list of QUESTS which DO NOT count
  • Costume Quest
  • Seasonal Events/Quests
  • Class Emblem Trials
  • Daily Quests (Collect Iron, Food, Recruits, etc…)
  • Rare Quests (Frostmarch, Shrikewood, Farholm Pass, Mount Umber & Shiloh Desert)
  • Tavern of Legends Quest

:question: Q22 – Do Costume Summons Count towards the “Summon Heroes or Troops” Valor Challenge?

Yes… ish. The HERO part of the Costume Summons counts but the COSTUME part does not.

i.e. on a 10x Costume Summon you will get +10 towards the Valor Challenge Counter.

:question: Q23 – My Titan Count is not the same as {x} alliance member!?!

The reason for this is quite simple. The Titan Valor Challenge is linked to the COLLECTION OF LOOT.

The simplest reason that the counts are out is because Person A collected the FIRST titan loot BEFORE PoV started while Person B logged in & collected the titan loot AFTER PoV started (maybe were asleep… idk).

:question: Q24 – Level Up A Hero (Valor Challenge)?

In order to get credit for this you must actually make a hero level go up by at least 1 unit… Not just feed them, the level has to increase.

Things to note with this:

  1. Costume Level-ups also count
  2. Can be ANY hero (1*, 2* or 5* costume etc…)
  3. Ascension does NOT count… just the actual levelling up by feeding trainer/ other heroes.

Bump now that PoV2 is live :smiley:

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Ahhh, “Valour”…

basks in the glow of beautiful correct spelling for once


Yeah I feel you; I’m breaking my phone autocorrect with all this incorrect spelling :stuck_out_tongue:

English is not my mothertongue but aren’t both valor and valour just different but correct spellings?


Are all Valor challenges the same as in PoV 1?
I dont count Daily challenges and Gain experience challenge.

Take some time to read the information @Guvnor has posted at the beginning of this thread.

Not quite :confounded:.

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Valor is the spelling commonly used in the US. Valour more commonly used in the UK. Other places that have English as a main language use one or the other variation. The same with a LOT of words in the (crazy) English language.


Correction, it should be 52,500 not 42,500.
Daily = 150 * 3 * 50 = 22,500
Valor = 5,000 * 6 = 30,000
22,500 + 30,000 = 52,500

PoV I available point is 48,750
PoV II is 52,500, which is great.

Point needed = 46,750.
So can skip point is 5,750.


Thanks, I updated Q3 but missed the second time lol

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Nah its just that the US keep mangling words… Favourite passtimes are to:

  1. Remove the letter “U” from words (e.g. Colour vs Color & Valour vs Valor)
  2. Use a backwards measuring system (yes metric vs. feet)
  3. Replace the letter “s” with the letter “z”

I feel like there’s a joke to be made there somewhere.

*breaking… ducking autocucumber

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Oh really… I thought for sure you meant “thanking”.

The original spelling from Ancient Rome was actually color.The u was added by the French in the Middle Ages and was later adopted into Middle English.So we Americans just took it back to the norm.:wink:

The second is the single most annoying one, there is superior scaling system which is also easy to adopt in daily life but then states’ messing quota couldn’t be met with just the other two i guess.

The 'muricans and brits are both weird.

muricans use a really weird and convoluted measuring system; brits drive on the wrong side of the road.

At least our steering wheels are on the RIGHT side. :rofl: