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So normally I (or @zephyr1) have been making a specific thread for PoV each time a new one pops up; however most of the discussion on those threads is of a general nature/ can be generalised & often-times repeats itself from one PoV to the next.

So, what I plan to do is, rather than make a new thread every time, is to simply make a general information & discussion thread.

This thread will have most of the same old information & links but just won’t have stuff which is specific to one PoV rather than another.

:speaking_head: BETA Updates

There are no new challenges currently being tested in Beta. See Links below for previous Beta Information.

:recycle: Frequency of Path of Valor

Path of Valor runs for 50 days total.

The new PoV will then start on the Monday after the end of the previous PoV.
E.g. if PoV ends on a Tuesday, the next one will start on the Monday the following week.

:dizzy: Rewards

Purchasers of Valor Pass get BOTH the Free and Premium Rewards. Non-purchasers get ONLY the Free Rewards.

You earn the rewards by earning Valor Points, then at specific markers you unlock rewards. The more challenges you complete, the more rewards you unlock & can claim.

:fast_forward: Valor Pass

To access the premium rewards, a player must make an a purchase of the Valor Pass. There are now (in PoV9) two valor pass options to choose from.


  • Either pass will unlock all the rewards on the Premium side of the Path of Valor rewards.
  • The differences is primarily in the price ($9.99 vs. $29.99 USD).
  • On the higher offer you gain an additional 700 gems, 9k Bonus Valor Points (towards the PoV Rewards), an “avatar frame” (which lasts only as long as the POV) & an additional avatar.

(Click to enlarge; pricing in Australian $ and includes taxes)

:money_mouth_face: Valor Pass Pricing in Each Region

=> Please see: Valor Pass Price - Global Currency List 🌍

Note that this thread only compares the pricing of the “cheap” valor pass.

:gift: Valor Chests

New feature added to the rewards structure in PoV9.

==> Please see: NEW Valor Chests Discussion; Added in V37 for PoV9 [Master / Explanation]

:goal_net: Milestone Valor Point Requirements

=> Please see: Path of Valor Milestone Point Costs

:crossed_swords: Challenges

Path of Valor has two kinds of Challenges, Daily, and Valor.

Valor Challenges run for the entire 50 days of Path of Valor, and have tiers. As you complete each tier, the next tier unlocks.

Daily Challenges refresh every 24 hours, and don’t have tiers. Once you complete them, they’re done for the day.

:calendar: Daily Challenges

I will not be adding this section from PoV8 onwards (takes up too much time for too little value). You can check back on the Daily Challenges on PREVIOUS PoV’s if you need to as there have not been any new additions for quite a while.

Links to previous PoV’s are below.

:person_fencing: Valor Challenges

This section has ALLLLL the previous Valor Challenges we have historically seen; note that each PoV uses some mix of these challenges. Be careful (particularly with the titan one) that you look at the right challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

Click one of the below for additional information about the Tiers, Valor Points and Requirements of each Valor Challenge:

Defeat Titans (General)

Defeat Titan (General)

Tier Titan Kills Needed Valor points
1 5 kills +300
2 6 kills +450
3 7 kills +750
4 8 kills +1300
5 9 kills + 2200
Tier 5 (V) is the final tier; Total Kills = 35 Kills; Total Valor Points = 5,000

Defeat Titans - {x}* or above

Defeat Titan (Star Specific)

Tier Titan Kills Needed Valor points
1 5 kills of 2* or higher +300
2 6 kills of 3* or higher +450
3 7 kills of 4* or higher +750
4 8 kills of 5* or higher +1300
5 9 kills of 6* or higher + 2200
Tier 5 (V) is the final tier; Total Kills = 35 Kills; Total Valor Points = 5,000

Level Up Your Heroes

Level Up Your Heroes

Note: Your hero MUST go up a level. Ascension does NOT count towards this task.

Tier Hero Level-Ups Needed Valor points
1 5x Level-Ups +50
2 10x Level-Ups +75
3 15x Level-Ups +100
4 20x Level-Ups +150
5 25x Level-Ups +225
6 50x Level-Ups +375
7 75x Level-Ups +550
8 100x Level-Ups +750
9 125x Level-Ups +1100
10 150x Level-Ups +1625
Tier X (10) is the final tier; Total Hero Level-Ups = 575 (Total for a 5* = 256; 4* = 216, 3* = 117); Total Valor Points = 5,000

Complete Daily Challenges

Complete Daily Challenges

Tier Daily Tasks Valor Points
1 3 Dailies +50
2 6 Dailies +75
3 7 Dailies +100
4 8 Dailies +150
5 12 Dailies +225
6 15 Dailies +375
7 18 Dailies +550
8 21 Dailies +750
9 27 Dailies +1100
10 30 Dailies +1625

Tier X (10) is the final tier; Total Daily Challenges = 147 (of 150 total); Total Valor Points = 5,000

Raid Victories

Raid Victories

Note: is {x} Arena Or Higher

Tier Raid Arena Required Wins Valor Points
1 Bronze 5 +300
2 Silver 10 +450
3 Gold 20 +750
4 Platinum 40 +1300
5 Diamond 60 +2200
Tier V (5) is the final stage. Total Raid Victories = 135; Total Valor Points = 5,000.

Gain Experience

Gain Experience

Tier Required EXP Valor Rewards
1 2,000 +250
2 5,000 +350
3 10,000 +600
4 25,000 +900
5 65,000 +1200
6 150,000 +1700
Tier VI (6) is the final stage; Total Valor Points = 5,000; Total Experience Needed = 257,000 exp

Summon Heroes or Troops

Summon Heroes or Troops

Tier Summons Req Valor Points
1 5x Heroes / Troops +50
2 10x Heroes / Troops +75
3 15x Heroes / Troops +100
4 20x Heroes / Troops +150
5 25x Heroes / Troops +225
6 30x Heroes / Troops +375
7 35x Heroes / Troops +550
8 40x Heroes / Troops +750
9 45x Heroes / Troops +1100
10 50x Heroes / Troops +1625
Tier X (10) is the final tier; Total summons = 275; Total Valor Points = 5,000

Play Tournament Battles

Tournament Battles

Note: is Play in tournament battle

Tier Description Points
1 Play 5 battles in the Tournament 250
2 Play 10 battles in the Tournament 350
3 Play 15 battles in the Tournament 600
4 Play 20 battles in the Tournament 900
5 Play 25 battles in the Tournament 1200
6 Play 30 battles in the Tournament 1700
Tier 6 (VI) is the final tier; Total Battles = 105 Battles; Total Valor Points = 5,000

Attack in War

Attack in War

Tier Description Points
1 Attack 6 times in Alliance War 375
2 Attack 12 times in Alliance Wars 800
3 Attack 18 times in Alliance Wars 1425
4 Attack 24 times in Alliance Wars 2400
Tier IV (4) is the final stage. Total War Attacks = 60; Total Valor Points = 5,000.

Defeat Heroes

Defeat Heroes

Note: Heroes defeated in either Regular Raids or in Raid Tournament battles both count toward the Defeat Heroes Valor Challenge.

Tier Description Points
1 Defeat 50 Enemy Heroes in Raids 375
2 Defeat 100 Enemy Heroes in Raids 800
3 Defeat 200 Enemy Heroes in Raids 1425
4 Defeat 300 Enemy Heroes in Raids 2400
Tier IV (4) is the final stage. Total Defeated Enemy Heroes = 650; Total Valor Points = 5,000

Defeat Enemies

Defeat Enemies

Note: Literally killing ANYTHING counts towards this challenge

Tier Enemies to kill Valor Points
1 Defeat 100 Enemies +300
2 Defeat 250 Enemies +450
3 Defeat 500 Enemies +750
4 Defeat 1000 Enemies +1300
5 Defeat 2300 Enemies +2200
Tier V (5) is the final tier of “Defeat Enemies”. Total Enemies = 4,150. Total Valor Points = 5,000

:question: Question…?

Got a question not answered in this post? Have a read of @guvnor’s FAQs for the Path of Valor.

If you still haven’t got an answer post it here :slight_smile:

:newspaper: Official Announcements

:link: Related Threads

Previous PoV Discussion Threads:

Beta Threads:


I went into this PoV with the plan to better document the summons from a f2p prospective. This has been discussed before in other PoV threads, but I wanted to put a better measure to it.

In the first week of this PoV I collected 29 grey summons tokens. In the second week I collected 27 grey summons tokens. That averages out to 4 a day. If I continue to average 4 a day, that will cover 200 of the needed summons. I’ll get 50 more from the free daily summons. Then I also will get EHT, ETT, and summons from other events (Ninja, seasons 2+, costumes).

I complete 4 chests a day and ~5 titans a week. F2P are not at much of a disadvantage on this challenge. But less active players will be disadvantaged (as they are in many ways).


You can also collect the grey tokens between two PoV, that are rougly 30 tokens if you fill 4 chests a day. The period between PoV is eight days.
One purpose of PoV is to give incentives to active players, so it works as intended if more relaxed players dont get all possible loot.

Happy gaming

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So one of today’s dailies is to get troop experience. Unfortunately, my barracks is currently being upgraded and won’t be complete for another 3 days. Is there any way I can get arounds this? (And paying the 1000+ gems to skip does not count as a solution). I wouldn’t generally care but missing one mission will likely result in 1 less valour chest by the end of the POV.

So this starts off as post asking for help, but if it is shown that there is nothing I can do (which I suspect to be the case) then it will transform into a complaints post… There really shouldn’t be any missions that are not able to be completed because buildings are not available due to construction.

I would say this example is slightly worse than the “craft x somethings” mission as you can have multiple forges, although they are usually high level items so it is entirely possible you won’t have multiple forges capable of building those items.



Unfortunately, it has been this way from the beginning that if the building is being upgraded and cant do the task no points available.

There have been a few posts about it previously in the main threads but nothing has been changed. I assume they see it as the same as if someone hasn’t reached the needed progression to do S3 levels they cant complete those. Now that the number of missed dailies allowable has reduced though it makes more impact.


The simple answer to this is:

  1. always have your barracks available during POV - you only need to upgrade it once every so often to accommodate your growing troops. There are peeps in my alliance at level 70+ that don’t have a maxed barracks. You can upgrade it between POVs, or you could switch a mine or farm to barracks if you want both builder in action.

  2. other POV missions require troops to be upgraded, so always leave a troop or two close to level up with some spare feeders.

Well, if was another construction and if you don’t mind spend some bucks, you could buy VIP pass and use a 2nd builder, but since it’s exactly your barracks that is upgrading, then there’s nothing to do but wait patiently, the only way is to max your barracks, then you’ll be ready for the next POV

Mine, too. But don’t panic…
Level 50 = 46.750 pts.

You get 30.000 pts from the big tasks and 22.500 pts from the daily tasks (150 each * 3per day * 50 days). So all possible points are 52.500

All possible points = 52.500
minus LVL 50 = 46.750
For further valor chests = 5.750

1000 pts each valor chest makes 750 compensation points = 5 daily tasks you can miss to complete the path and get all chests (and you still complete the big “daily challanges” task)


That is super useful info and makes me slighly less miffed. Thanks!


I was about to say, “*@Homaclese, experience is the best teacher. As such, level your Barracks in between POVs since we are certain that it is required for some daily Valor points. Next time, you’ll fare better.” *

But that is now plainly a silly advice since @CertainHeredity has provided a much better response. Even if you miss that single daily Valor challenge, you can still open 5 Valor chests after milestone 50, much like everyone else who completes all Valor challenges.


Just a quick thought here - if I recall correctly, you need to complete 147/150 of the daily challenges to complete the “Complete Daily Challenges X” valor challenge for 1,625 points. So unfortunately I think it is slightly tighter - you can only afford to miss 3 daily tasks in order to get all chests.


yeah - you are right.

That sucks…


You had only one job…

Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So how tight is this tight? I imagine @Homaclese already panicking as the subsequent daily Valor challenges would require output from the Barracks in the next 3 days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::rofl:


So, there is no chance for us to fill in that extra Valor chest after milestone 50 if we can only have a spare of 450 Valor points since it will only allow us to skip a max 3 daily Valor challenge for the entire duration of the current POV, unless we buy the very expensive Elite Valor Pass? That sucks. This favors very much the paying players. Oh, well…

I know :disappointed:

Now I’m missing my second daily challange because I have no orchicalums… :exploding_head:

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Hahaha. I can only imagine @Homaclese’s frustrations. I am still hunting one more nugget. Jeez!!!

War should be replaced with something like, kill 20 ducks, defeat 30 Fire enemy, collect 20k in food from raids, e.t.c…

I’ve missed one daily this week because I forgot to use a third super healing potion. Furious that I wasted the other two potions for no good reason!

I was annoyed… first I had to spend 700k+ to do the research then I had to use up a world flask to find 3 nuggets that could have been use for tornadoes instead. It better be worth it (it won’t)

Why, oh, why??? 20 characters of why…

Because real men… oh.