🧭 Path of Valor (PoV) [28 day long version] -- General Information & Discussion [MASTER THREAD]


Staff announced that in Version 48.1 that there will be several changes in Path of Valor.
The event durations will be reduced, and lot of new missions will be added so I have deciced to add a new master topic instead of adjusting the previous master topic.

:speaking_head: BETA Updates

There are no new challenges currently being tested in Beta. See Links below for previous Beta Information.
The latest changes are released without Beta testing.

:recycle: Frequency of Path of Valor

Path of Valor runs for 28 days total.

The new PoV will starts immediatelly ater the previous PoV ends.
Uncollected rewards from the previous Path of Valor will automatically be saved and awarded to the player when they next access their Path of Valor menu.

:calendar: Predicted start and end dates

# Start date End date Trainer hero / Aether Element Emblems
1 2022-06-06T07:00:00Z 2022-07-04T07:00:00Z Nature Druid
2 2022-07-04T07:00:00Z 2022-08-01T07:00:00Z
3 2022-08-01T07:00:00Z 2022-08-29T07:00:00Z
4 2022-08-29T07:00:00Z 2022-09-26T07:00:00Z
5 2022-09-26T07:00:00Z 2022-10-24T07:00:00Z
6 2022-10-24T07:00:00Z 2022-11-21T07:00:00Z
7 2022-11-21T07:00:00Z 2022-12-19T07:00:00Z
8 2022-12-19T07:00:00Z 2023-01-16T07:00:00Z

:dizzy: Rewards

Purchasers of Valor Pass get BOTH the Free and Premium Rewards. Non-purchasers get ONLY the Free Rewards.

You earn the rewards by earning Valor Points, then at specific markers you unlock rewards. The more challenges you complete, the more rewards you unlock & can claim.

Level Valor Pass Reward Free Reward
1 Aether I -
2 3x WE Flask 1x WE Flask
3 3x Epic Troop Token -
4 2x :star: Trainer Hero 1x :star: Trainer Hero
5 200 Gems -
6 60x Emblems 30x Emblems
7 20x Meteor Fragments -
8 2x :star::star: Trainer 1x :star: :star: Trainer Hero
9 30x Tornado -
10 5x Aether I 1x Aether I
11 40x Orichalum Nugger -
12 2x Giant Iron Bundle (500K) 1x Giant Food Bundle (500K)
13 5x WE Flask -
14 2x :star::star::star: Trainer 1x :star::star: :star: Trainer Hero
15 3x Epic Hero Token -
16 20x Giant Harpoon 2x Giant Harpoon
17 6x Raid Flask -
18 400 Gems 150 Gems
19 30x Challenge Event Coin -
20 1x Orb of Magic 1x Sturdy Shield
21 1x :star: :star: :star: :star: Trainer Hero -
22 40x Loot Ticket 5x Loot Ticket
23 300x Dunes Coin -
24 6x Large Food Bundlle (500K) 3x Large Iron Bundlle (500K)
25 40x Hurricane -
26 100x Emblems 40x Emblems
27 5x Aether II -
28 1x Mysterious Tonic 1x Poision Darts
29 1x Aether IIII -
30 1x Mega Valor Chest 1x Valor Chest
  • 1x Valor Chest per each further 1000 Valor Points

:fast_forward: Valor Pass

To access the premium rewards, a player must make an a purchase of the Valor Pass. There are now two valor pass options to choose from.


  • Either pass will unlock all the rewards on the Premium side of the Path of Valor rewards.
  • The differences is primarily in the price ($9.99 vs. $29.99 USD).
  • On the higher offer you gain an additional 700 gems, 9k Bonus Valor Points (towards the PoV Rewards), 2 more Epic Hero Token, an “avatar frame” (which lasts only as long as the POV) & an additional avatar.

:money_mouth_face: Valor Pass Pricing in Each Region

=> Please see: Valor Pass Price - Global Currency List 🌍

Note that this thread only compares the pricing of the “cheap” valor pass.

:gift: Valor Chests

New feature added to the rewards structure in PoV9.

==> Please see: NEW Valor Chests Discussion; Added in V37 for PoV9 [Master / Explanation]

:goal_net: Milestone Valor Point Requirements

Valor Points per level
Milestone Valor Points Required
TOTAL 24 475
Average Needed Per Day 875
1 100
2 150
3 200
4 250
5 300
6 350
7 400
8 450
9 500
10 550
11 600
12 650
13 700
14 750
15 800
16 850
17 900
18 950
19 1000
20 1050
21 1095
22 1140
23 1185
24 1230
25 1275
26 1320
27 1365
28 1410
29 1455
30 1500
TOTAL 24 475
Average Needed Per Day 875

Total collectable points for main Valor Challenges: 15 000
Total collectable points for Daily Challenges: 12 600
Total points: 27 600
Surplus points above Milestone 30: 3 125

Special Event Quest will appear during some events, which can give you more extra Valor points / event if you complete them.

:crossed_swords: Challenges

Path of Valor has two kinds of Challenges, Daily, and Valor.

Valor Challenges run for the entire 30 days of Path of Valor, and have tiers. As you complete each tier, the next tier unlocks.

Daily Challenges refresh every 24 hours, and don’t have tiers. Once you complete them, they’re done for the day.

:calendar: Daily Challenges

Raid Related Challenges
Challenge name Icon How to complete
Win Raids kép Win 3 Raids in the Bronze Arena or higher
Power Shards: Raids kép' Combine 5 shields to create a diamond (Power Shard), trigger it and win the Raid Battles.
You need to create 3 diamonds in total.
Reroll in Raids kép Go to Raids and clck on Reroll 5 times during the day.
Win Consecutive Raid Battles kép Win two raids in a row
Win Raids: No Legendaries kép Win 1 Raid with the use of Rare or Epic heroes only.
Rainbow Team: Raids kép Win a raid with heroes from each elements.
Mono Team: Nature kép Win 1 Raid with 5 Nature heroes in your team.
High Combo: Raids Make an at least 5 combo in Raids and win the battle.

Titan Related Challenges
Challenge name Icon How to complete
Elemental Teamup: Titans kép Bring 3 heroes from the same element into a Ttian fight
Rainbow Team: Titans kép Bring heroes from all 5 elements into a Titan fight
Attack a Titan kép Attack the titan 3 times.

Enemies Challenges
Challenge name Icon How to complete
Defeat Dark Enemies kép Defeat 10 enemies of Dark element in Raids or Quest/Map stages.

Map Stages Related Challenges
Challenge name Icon How to complete
Complete Map Stages: Seasons kép Complete at least 1 Map stage in all five seasons
Complete Map Stages: Season I kép Complete 3 Map stages in Season I
Complete Map Stages: Season II kép Complete 3 Map stages in Season I
Complete Map Stages: Hard kép Complete 3 Map stages in Hard difficulty in any seasons (2-5)

Map Or Quest Stages Related Challenges
Challenge name Icon How to complete
Power Shards: Map kép Combine 5 shields to create a diamond (Power Shard), trigger it and win the Map or Quest stage.
You need to create 3 diamonds in total.
Dragon Shieds: Map Combine 4 shields to ceate a dragon, trigger it and be victorious on the map or quest stage.
You need to create 3 dragons in total.
Rainbow Team: Map kép Win 3 quest or map stages with heroes from each elements.
Elemental Teamup: Map kép Bring at least 3 heroes from the same element to a map or quest stage and win.
Mono Team: Map kép Bring 5 heroes from the same element to a map or quest stage and win.
Defeat Bosses kép Deafeat 5 bosses in total on map or quest stages.
No Special Skills kép Complete a Map or Quest stage without using special skills.
Collect Crafting Materials kép Collect 10 Craftng Materials from Map or Quest Stages.
High Combo: Map kép Get a Combo of 5 or more in Map Stages or Quest Stages

Other Daily Challenges
Challenge name Icon How to complete
Collect Iron kép Collect 10.000 Iron from Mines or Watchtower
Collect Iron kép Collect 2 500 Iron by finishing Map stages.
Gather Iron kép Collect 50 000 Iron by finishing Map or Quest stages, raids or mines or from watchtower.
Collect Food kép Collect 5 000 Food by finishing Map stages.
Find Recruits kép Find 30 Recruits by doing Map or Quest stages.
Use Heroes in Training kép Use 2 of the (Specified element) for leveling other heroes
Gain Levels for Troop kép Go to your barracks and feed troops to one of your troops until it gains one level
Use Troops in Training kép Feed two troops to other troop in barracks
Hun Ducks kép Click on 10 ducks flying over the base
Greet a Villager kép Click on one Villager in your base

Daily Challenges from Beta
Challenge name Icon How to complete
Defeat Elite Enemies Pre-existing Defeat 10 Elite Enemies. (Stages marked with Swords, and non boss-enemies with mana bar)
Complete Poision Mist Stages Pre-existing Complete 3 Poision Mist Stage in Season 2 (Example: S2 3/9)
Complete Special Stages: Midgard Pre-existing Complete 3 Special Stages in Midgard on Season 3 (Example: S3 3/10)
Craft Battle Items New in Beta Craft and collect 3 different Battle Items

I will continue to add each of the Daily challenges types here with some tips on how to complete. (Eg: Which are the Poistion Mist stages, etc…)

:calendar: Event Challenges

Event Challenges can be cleared only while their corresponding event is ongoing. They have been added for the following events:

  • Alliance Quests
  • Challenge Events
  • Costume Quest
  • Legends Quest
  • Tower Events

These challenges opens when a special event / quest starts, and ends when the it ends even the event not starts at the same time as usual reset time of the daily challenge.
There are multiple challenges for the events, what you can complete for extra Valor points.

Challenge name Icon How to complete
Compelte Legends Quest Stages kép Complete 5 stages in the Tavern of Legends event.
Defeat Legends Quest Bosses kép Defeat 9 bosses in the Tavern of Legends event
Chalange Event Stage: Rare kép Complete 3 Stage on the challenge event on Rare difficulty.
Chalange Event Stage: Epic kép Chalange Event Stage: Rare
Chalange Event Stage: Legendary kép Chalange Event Stage: Rare
Improve Challenge Event Score kép Improve your score on an alreadt completed challenge event stage.
Receive Tower Event Blessings New In Beta - 250 points Receive 5 Blessings in the Tower Event.
Complete the Tower Event New In Beta - 500 points Complete the Normal diffiiculty in Tower Event

I will add each of the new Event challenges here with some tips on how to complete.

:person_fencing: Valor Challenges

This section will contain all new Valor Challenges.

Due to the event duration change I am expecting a several changes here so I temporary hidden every one of them.

Click one of the below for additional information about the Tiers, Valor Points and Requirements of each Valor Challenge:

Defeat Titans - {x}* or above

Defeat Titan (Star Specific)

Tier Titan Kills Needed Valor points
1 1 kills of 2* or higher +150
2 2 kills of 3* or higher +225
3 3 kills of 4* or higher +375
4 5 kills of 5* or higher +650
5 8 kills of 6* or higher + 1100
Tier 5 (V) is the final tier; Total Kills = 19Kills; Total Valor Points = 2,500

Raid Victories

Raid Victories

Note: is {x} Arena Or Higher

Tier Raid Arena Required Wins Valor Points
1 Bronze 3 +150
2 Silver 5 +225
3 Gold 12 +375
4 Platinum 20 +650
5 Diamond 35 +1100
Tier V (5) is the final stage. Total Raid Victories = 75; Total Valor Points = 2,500.

Summon Heroes or Troops

Summon Heroes or Troops

Tier Summons Req Valor Points
1 1x Heroes / Troops +20
2 3x Heroes / Troops +30
3 5x Heroes / Troops +50
4 7x Heroes / Troops +75
5 10x Heroes / Troops +115
6 15x Heroes / Troops +190
7 20x Heroes / Troops +275
8 25x Heroes / Troops +375
9 30x Heroes / Troops +550
10 35x Heroes / Troops +820
Tier X (10) is the final tier; Total summons = 151; Total Valor Points = 2,500

Gain Experience

Gain Experience

Tier Required EXP Valor Rewards
1 1,000 +125
2 2,500 +175
3 5,000 +300
4 20,000 +450
5 40,000 +600
6 75,000 +850
Tier VI (6) is the final stage; Total Valor Points = 2,500; Total Experience Needed = 143,500 exp

Defeat Enemies

Defeat Enemies

Note: Literally killing ANYTHING counts towards this challenge

Tier Enemies to kill Valor Points
1 Defeat 50 Enemies +150
2 Defeat 125 Enemies +225
3 Defeat 250 Enemies +475
4 Defeat 650 Enemies +650
5 Defeat 1300 Enemies +1100
Tier V (5) is the final tier of “Defeat Enemies”. Total Enemies = 2,075. Total Valor Points = 2,500

Complete Daily Challenges

Complete Daily Challenges

Tier Daily Tasks Valor Points
1 1 Dailies +20
2 2 Dailies +30
3 3 Dailies +50
4 4 Dailies +75
5 5 Dailies +115
6 6 Dailies +190
7 7 Dailies +275
8 10 Dailies +375
9 15 Dailies +550
10 20 Dailies +820
Tier X (10) is the final tier; Total Daily Challenges = ? (of 84 total); Total Valor Points = 2,500

Challenge Charts

:question: Question…?

Got a question not answered in this post? Have a read of @guvnor’s FAQs for the Path of Valor.

If you still haven’t got an answer post it here :slight_smile:

:newspaper: Official Announcements

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as always, a big thank you for all your hard work and help to other players, @PlayForFun !!!


I can bet it will actually be 28-day long and not 30.

Also, “you can buy only one pass”: didn’t they introduce a while back the “upgrade” pass to get the missing rewards of the elite pass if you bought the standard one in the first place?


Happy this is now going to be shorter.

However, I can’t help but think it’s just a money move again - the passes will now be purchased more frequently and your $10 pass now effectively gets you fewer rewards. New pass amount should scale down appropriately too to $6. Like SG would EVER do that though lol.


SG messed up the dates of next POV for me… as at-least 100 troop summons will happen just before PoV starts … :frowning: !


I remember reading that they are designing the 30 day PoV to ensure that rewards don’t reduce but will be available in 30 instead of 50 days now…

Lets see !


Yeah, no overlap with Tower of Magic does suck.


That would be great - then the $10 would make sense.

It’s just transitory, since there is no more gap after the next PoV, every summon portal will be run under PoV and will count for the summoning challenge.

They actually make it start on a Monday for 28 days, which perfectly match the event cycle. It’s just a transitory effect. They just couldn’t include this change with the event cadence update as PoV was already running with the old format.

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I understood all that… just the 100 summons being done a day before or even minutes before… is what miffed me :smile:


Yea, that’s sad but it’s a necessary evil so everything is going on a nice and smooth 28-day cycle :smiley:
I am going to wait for the next magic tower to use my ETT but I am not going to pass on the Solstice summon for my gems. I never do hundreds of summons as a C2P anyway, just gonna burn my gem pile stock on a x30.

I second that, thank you :100:


And here’s to hoping for a new player friendly round of PoV :pray::four_leaf_clover:

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Although it is a beta version, with the changed path of bravery from next Monday
The same goes for the Valor Pass, which will be renewed next Monday.
What’s different about the Valor Pass on the Path of Valor?

We will see next Monday.

I wish PoV would be active now - so the summoning count from the two good portals to summon from, both heroes and trainers, could help us reach the criteria. :pray:

It’s not easy to reach the summoning goal of PoV as F2P, but I understand that it’s not like that for everyone of course :blush:


As expected, the new PoV format is actually 28-day long and not 30.

Also, I believe the offers’ price are the same. They could have tone this down too :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Something is wrong with points…


I still hope that they can put in a small break between two PoVs, even if for 2-3 days… At least I can take a break here and there.

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