Help Path of Valor

I have completed the levels for a long time
Win Assaults V
Gain VI Experience
Summon X
It is the first Path of Valor that I do.
Can anyone tell me why these three levels do not change? They have been at that level for more than 7 days and I do not understand the system since others such as the Titans have raised their level, as well as attacking in wars, have I reached the end of these three?

It just means that you have reached the end of that particular challenge within POV(2). You can not progress further in those challenges. There are no more points to gain

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Oh !!..thanks for your help.

This means that I will not reach the end ?

You have lots more days to play POV(2).
There will be the daily challenges to participate in.
And the other challenges will continue to progress giving you the opportunity for more points. You should be able to complete this very easily


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