Troop leveling in PoV

This is some absolute rubbish.

No problem… If you have a barracks sitting around.

If not:

There’s no reason swapping a building needs to require a builder. So that’s the easy fix.

In the meantime I’ll take this opportunity to call SG greedy, as this to me seems to be some incredibly foul ruse to sell some “extra builders” in the form of VIP.

THat be some bulllllllcrap right there.

For shame, SG, for shame.


Then skip it, SG gives you a lot of buffer room to finish, so why even complain?

  1. complaining is kinda my thing

  2. how much buffer room? Certainly I do not know this. I’m sure others do not.

  3. that I can skip this doesn’t invalidate any of what I said. It’s still total bullocks.

  4. what are you, SG’s lawyer? Whose side you on here?


There’s always buffer room. Always!


Sure, but what if I need that for other reasons? Like laziness or other random BS obstacles that SG throws in my way, or I dunno, any other myriad reasons why I might use up that buffer.

Again, Nfi how much buffer room there is.

And I don’t see it as relevant.

No reason to include barracks-ing in POV, and if you’re gonna then get rid of this total rubbish need a builder convert deal. That’s been crap the entire time it exists.


I do have VIP. And both of my builders are busy for the next 2 days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And I knew this would spawn a complaint thread :rofl:


I was shocked it hadn’t already! What all the complainers other than me busy with other complaints or what?!

Don’t worry boys. Brother Duaneski got your back.

And yeah. I feel for you VIPers getting the shaft on this one.

Great news though, I hear there is a buffer!


I do have a Barracks sitting around, but even this one might be a close call, especially if:

  1. You have little to no low leveled troops lying around.
  2. You have little to no Troop Token lying around.
  3. Your hero academy can train troops, but it takes 9 hours for a common, almost one day for an uncommon. Not really helping much are they?
  4. RNGesus ROFLs at your farming attempts and either gave you only hero drops. Ran out of energy? Can’t believe flasking WE to try to get some troop.
  5. Combinations of the above.

It certainly seemed like the combination struck because I just barely finished it and very similar thing happened last time (except it wasn’t two troop related quest like this one).


This issue should be fixed…missing out on 2 daily pov because im upgrading


Similar thread here:


There’s also players that are missing out in daily PoV because they haven’t reached the level of S3 needed, for example. I get its frustrating, but not every scenario can be avoided.


I literally skip every daily quest that says to do s2 or s3 map unless it is s2 during atlantis rising or s3 and i didn’t do the new open maps. I skip all those daily quest that require me to do 3 stages of quest when there isn’t a quest I normally do around.
Why?? Because there is so much buffer it is crazy.

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Hold up. What did c old chlli n want to hide from ghost. No one else wonders this? This is like a murder mystery and I need to figure out what ghost needs to know.


I am same like @Checker skip season 2 and 3 tasks unless it’s something im after season 3 like avatar or special stage mission and unless it’s no AR for season 2 tasks. Skip quests most of the time, skip things like use tornado or some high end battle items without need to use em! Skip troops leveling/usage but easiest if you really want to do it is use 2 1* troops and level 1* troop.

How long have you been playing P&E? There’s always been more points to earn than actual points needed to achieve every tier in POV. Grant it, I still haven’t gotten every reward available, but have missed many daily’s and other achievements, but have been rewarded some very useful thing’s for the level of play I am at. And I have been playing since around March-June(ish) 2018.
As long as you try your best for where you’re at in the game while still achieving your priority’s and goals… who cares??? It’s just a game, just like the 1,000,000’s of other games out there and yet to be.
Let’s just have fun. I try, and have been known to do some complaining myself. So I am just as guilty


Even if I have barrack around, none of the troops I raised is close in levelling, I ended wasted 2× 1* troops to level another 1* troop… which equal to wasting 80 experience point…


Same here… I wonder if the wise man and women who make up these against the flow of the game daily quests have any idea what this game is about… if they do, I’m 100% sure that their goal is to frustrate as many palyers as they can…


You can miss like 16 daily challenges and still get to milestone 50. It is impossible to please all players with POV. People will complain no matter what.

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You can miss, but anything can happen, there might be unpredicted even in the future that would prevent you from opening the game. So it is better to finish it faster. Better safe than sorry.

They also tied the daily challenge toward a valor challenge so the daily become more important than before.


16??? No you can miss 36 and still finish assuming you do everything else (missing 36 lets you finish the daily challenge quest too).