I have started Hero Academy-10, Have you?

We all know the odds of pulling heroes from various summons portals… many times leaving a BAD experience for not getting desired heroes.

Hero Academy-10 has got a wider bouquet of heroes & all the costumes, thus making it worth giving a shot !

While there are posts / threads talking about the HA-10 odds, does it really matter… HA-10 is FREE & odds of pulling heroes from any summons portal is also the same - abysmal !

Hence, I have started running HA-10 permanently to aim for the costumes (Leo / CKad) & heroes from the events being retired !

Have you started your HA-10 ?!


Quite many are using this source, you can see here as well:



Yes, I did. ~ 40 retrainings, all season 1. No costume, no new hero (even tho I’m still missing Obakan).

Some other players had been lucky. I wasn’t.


Am 7 days from level 10 finishing the up grade of HA then starting to research only the levels will absolutely use to save some time and resources .
As of the last 2+ months my summons via portals has dropped to minimal, one or two at best, if able to accumulate enough tokens . So this will be better than nothing at all .

Or by least one can hope :laughing:

I started it as soon as I did all required upgrades. It’s been running continuously since then.

I’ve got Magni that I haven’t got from other sources in 3 years.
Of non-S1 heroes HA10 gave me:
Boss Wolf


I am aware of this thread and am not interested in that info… abut HA-10 results…

My question is about the current, what are players who haven’t used HA-10 thinking now…

I’m at level 7 HA. I hope to be at HA by Christmas. Just in time for the Xmas heroes to be added to HA 10. Getting to HA10 takes a loooonnnggg time


It does take a while to reach HA10… but it is worth it.

Maxing the food storage & simultaneously taking house to maximum (to get 300 recruits storage) was my challenge as I was racing towards HA-10.

Good luck with Christmas pulls !

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Over the year i have done it, Ive received 2 event heros and 1 costumed season 1. Guardian Kong, Lady Locke, and C. Azlar. For me that alone of having 3 new heros for free is worth it.


No because I have too many things cooking in levels 6 (928 days of queue) and 7 (218 days), so I cannot level up my HA to level 10 (it is stopped at level 7, since in its original version, I had no use for any of the levels above 7).


I am nearly there, Lv 9 upgrade in progress…
Definitely will be running HA10 100% of the time when I get there.

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Not yet - only getting to SH20 in the next few weeks, so maybe 6 months before I get to HA10? Hopefully sooner! :crossed_fingers:t2:


Yep. I run it constantly. In a year, I’ve had two “successful” retrainings (Onatel and Guardian Kong) and got the last S1 heroes I was missing (Magni and Azlar). No costumes yet, but hope springs eternal!

It is definitely worth your time if you want to play free or cheap.


I have run non stop for over a year now and have not had a single pull that wasn’t a S1 hero. It’s actually kind of frustrating and my dupe season 1s just keep building.

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Since completing HA10 with research some 10+ month back…. I simply stuck to making 3* troops (stored iron also) & Trainers heroes for leveling….
Recently, I took stock of some basic reality as per my level in the game…

  • I get more 3* troops via free ETTs from the game than the speed of HA… & more feeder 1*/2* troops from Atlantis.
  • Running HA10 seemed more useful as explained in OP.
  • I still make trainer heroes.
    When needed, I can switch to either 3* troops or quick 2* heroes for speed Leveling.

Priorities change !


Odds % + RnG make things tough at times… which is not much different in regular summons where many times S1 fellows show….

Good luck wishes for a non-S1 hero to show up…

I stopped retraining after 51 session got nothing except repeated s1 heros

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Since they have improved it somewhat since it’s introduction recently I started levelling it fully and may feed it some dupes of fives I’ll never use unless they suddenly nerf them to a useable state. I’m not actually thinking I’ll be doing more than feeding s1 heroes in and getting the same back but I’ll at least have hope.

I have HA all the way up to 10, and am now working on upgrading food storage so I can do the research for Level 10. Since I am a C2P player, even after two years I don’t have a huge amount of S1 or HotM 5* heroes, so I think it will be good for me.

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Good point you shared !

Many players criticise HA10, especially P2P chaps… completely, conveniently & impatiently forgetting that all summons pulls are EQUALLY painfully low % CHANCE, when it comes to getting desired heroes & SUMMONS are mainly a Paid source… :wink: :slight_smile:

Hence, HA-10 is a FREE source that provides a chance to get heroes.

I am a P2P player, who has gone C2P & now have activated HA-10 for the fun & also a chance at FREE heroes !

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