Which hero should I retrain (if any?)

I am close to opening HA 10, I have one duplicate and several others I am not currently using,

Joon (dupe)

I also have Tahir (disappointing) Alexandrine (unsure about her usefulness.)

Any thoughts?


I would say, retrain the easier to get and the ones wich are dupes. Joon meet this criteria.


you can only retrain one at a time anyway, and if HA10 returns a dupe or unused hero you can feed that one again

so suggest starting with dupe Joon, and as @FraVit93 says, if you do get one you want to keep, feed the next easiest to get one. Horghall/Marjana. Once you are done with them, feed the next one easiest to get/you are least likely to ever ever use


I agree - trade in the S1s, and hope for the best :four_leaf_clover:


End of thread.

But please don’t even consider disposing of Malosi. Homeboy is unique, relevant and will continue to be useful.


In my honest opinion I would focus on baking off S1 heroes in the first instance.
Especially those without costume…
That said some S1 heroes are much better than others and worth keeping duplicate of …
With that in mind I would keep the duplicate Joon and feed Horghall into HA10…
Good luck


I’ve just pulled Gullinbursti with costume, should l feed him my dupe Joon instead of retraining him?

:astonished: :scream: :exploding_head:Good lord, No! No, no, no, no, no. Do not use 5* heroes as feeders ever. Retrain them in HA10 or keep them for Soul exchange. Using them as a feeder is a waste as it does not give you nearly enough experience. Retraining your dupe Joon in HA10 is the best idea by far.

Whatever you decide, I hope it works out for you

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:

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If you find Tahir disappointing, then you can retrain any of them. Just close your eyes and choose one.

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I could do that I guess

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Considering you’re close to opening Hero Academy 10 and have some heroes to retrain, here are my suggestions:

  1. Malicna: She’s versatile with her status effects, making her a solid choice for retraining.
  2. Malosi: Great for countering special abilities, so consider keeping him.
  3. Marjana: A strong sniper with burn damage, definitely worth keeping.

As for your duplicates:

  • Joon: Keep for wars or multiple team setups.

Regarding Horghall, he’s relatively slow and less versatile, so consider retraining him.

Regarding Tahir and Alexandrine, if you’re unsure about their usefulness, you might want to hold off on retraining them until you have a better understanding of their potential.

Hope this helps you make a decision!

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